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The World's 10 Best Vintage Stores

Fashion is the world's second most polluting industry, producing some 80 billion pieces of clothing per year. So what's an eco-conscious shopper to do? While vintage clothing is, quite literally, nothing new, Hollywood fashion royalty like Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie, and Chloë Sevigny continually …

These Are the States With the Best (and Worst) Tippers

Travel<p>By Joe McGauley Published On 09/18/2018<p>@jwmcgauley<p>By Joe McGauley @jwmcgauley Published On 09/18/2018<p>Tossing a buck in the tip jar every time …

Service Industry

Photos: Pet Rescues in the Wake of Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence passes out of the area, the floodwaters from the record rainfall continue to threaten some parts of North and South Carolina, with major rivers expected to reach their peak flood levels in the next few hours or days. For much of the past week, residents have been evacuating or …

North Carolina

How Puerto Rico Became the Newest Tax Haven for the Super Rich

A year after the tragedy of Hurricane Maria, the 51st state has become the favorite playground for extremely wealthy Americans looking to keep their money from the taxman. The only catch? They have to cut all ties to the mainland (wink, wink).<p><b>The party known as Cocktails and Compliance</b>—so called …

Puerto Rico

10 Fashion Rules to Break This Fall

Street Style

Surf’s Up in Japan: Pictures


The Coddling of the American Mind ‘Is Speeding Up’

A conversation with Greg Lukianoff, the co-author of a 2015 Atlantic cover story and new book of the same name, about campus free speech in a tumultuous time<p>Greg Lukianoff was preoccupied with political polarization—not just the divisiveness he observed, but the fallout—and specifically the effects …


The Bodega Signmakers of New York

How these curbside canvases came to be, according to the men who make them.<p>New York City is covered in advertising, but nothing appeals so directly to the carnal desires of its denizens more than the tantalizing imagery adorning the exteriors of its corner markets and bodegas.<p>Within these …


‘Pimples are in’ – the rise of the acne positivity movement

I looked at my friends who didn’t wear makeup and I realised when they had pimples they still looked beautiful<p>It was on a family holiday that Kali Kushner discovered, abruptly, just how others viewed her skin. “At the end of the day I washed off my makeup,” she recalls. “My nephew said: ‘Why is …

Fashion (UK)

Mexico’s Drug Cartels Are Moving Into the Gasoline Industry 

Blood and Oil MEXICO'S DRUG CARTELS AND THE GASOLINE INDUSTRY<p>Mexico’s drug cartels are moving into the gasoline industry — infiltrating the national …

Long-form Journalism

Nuclear bunkers are the new real estate craze

If you've got the money to pay for it, it doesn't matter if it's bizarre or not. You've earned it."<p>Gary Lynch<p>If you don't have the land to put your shelter in, it's like buying a boat without an ocean to sail it on."<p>Ron Hubbard

Real Estate

Living The Stream

How did Ninja become gaming's first crossover star? The Fortnite legend is relentless about one thing: He's always on.<p><b>FOR TYLER BLEVINS,</b> it is the …


The Emmys Quickly Became the Butt of Its Own Joke

When it came to "diversity"—the oft-repeated word of the evening—the awards show spent more time telling and less time showing.<p>On Monday night, <i>Saturday Night Live</i>'s Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson strolled on stage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angles to open the 70th Annual Primetime Emmy …


The quest to put the Talmud online

The Internet of 2010 contained many things, and free of charge. It had the full works of Shakespeare. It had robust English translations of classical Greek philosophy. It had just about every Miley Cyrus lyric.<p>But when Joshua Foer, author of “Moonwalking With Einstein” and creator of the travel …


Kavanaugh Allegations Recall 1991's Supreme Court Scandal, With Key Differences

Professor Christine Blasey Ford came forward on Sunday for the first time telling her story alleging that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually attacked her 35 years ago when the two were both in high school.<p>So how is this different from the sexual harassment allegations made against now …


Watch the Shocking Proposal that Stole the Show at the 2018 Emmys

As he accepted the Emmy for outstanding direction for a variety special, 2018 Oscars director Glenn Weiss proposed to his girlfriend, Jan—with the ring his father used to propose to his mother.<p>As Oscars 2018 director <b>Glenn Weiss</b> took the stage to accept his Emmy on Monday night for outstanding …

Red Carpet

Who Won What and Who Looked Good at the Emmys: Pictures


EXCLUSIVE: Former White House Photographer Pete Souza releases the first pictures taken using Apple's new iPhone XS

© Pete Souza<p>Tourists outside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. with The Washington Monument and U.S. Capitol in the distance<p>© Pete Souza<p>The …

Pete Souza

Forget Instagram, teen influencers are making thousands from online gaming

Consumer<p>When 18-year-old Luke Fergie dropped out of high school, he had no idea what sort of career he’d pursue. All he knew was that he really loved playing “Rules of Survival,” then a relatively new online, multiplayer battle game from NetEase Games.<p>Forward to now, six months later: The Irish …


Your 2018 Emmys Crash Course

A roundup of all The Atlantic’s best stories to get up to speed in time for TV’s biggest awards show<p>The 70th Primetime Emmys are just a day away, and the annual awards show has already made history with a slew of first-time nominations and an EGOT win for John Legend. But before the main event …

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Meet the Transhumanists Turning Themselves Into Cyborgs

“Transhumanism” is a relatively new word for the very old belief that humans can transcend the limitations of our mortal bodies, perhaps even …


The startup world’s cuddly, cutthroat battle to walk your dog

Wag and Rover are cashing in on our obsession with pets — and they’re not without controversy.<p>The signs for Norman first appeared on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in early March.<p>“REWARD. LOST DOG. 4 year old, microchipped, male, tan, Chihuahua. He is not wearing a collar. Missing since …


After Decades of Silence, Soon-Yi Previn Speaks

Soon-Yi Previn.<p>Once, she was seen as a victim, her youth and relative innocence taken advantage of by a powerful, much older man who sucked her into …

New York State

What executives from Facebook, Reddit, and more keep in their desks

Forget Post-its and pencils, these executives swear by souvenirs, good luck charms, and hand fans to keep them inspired to do their best work.<p>You’ve probably heard that a messy desk is a sign of genius, and how great minds like Mark Twain managed to work through his clutter to reach literary …


A Fall Chili Dish for Every Personality

It’s time to drive the coziness factor into full effect. Oversized sweaters, warm blankets, and—most importantly—comfort food are essential staples …

Slow Cookers

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s Battering Ram

What does the press secretary believe in—other than defending the President’s every word?<p>Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, says that she never set out to be “the face of anything.” Most of her thirty-one predecessors came from careers in journalism or communications, but …

Long-form Journalism

Inside the Dramatic, Painful--and Hugely Successful--Return of Reddit's Founders

<i>University of Virginia roomies and best buds Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian launched Reddit in 2005, graduates of Y Combinator's initial class. Their site, a collection of communities of everyone from cupcake lovers to perverts, made them wealthy and famous--Huffman the code-writing maestro and</i> …

San Francisco

He spent 27 years wrongly convicted of murder. He wants to spend the rest encouraging inmates to read

<b>(CNN) —</b> The first book John Bunn fell in love with, curled up in his cell at a maximum-security prison in upstate New York, was Sister Souljah's novel "The Coldest Winter Ever."<p>In the book, a maternal woman advocates for the improvement of her black community in Brooklyn as she watches the people …



I know what it’s like to hide in plain sight. I’ve done it since I was 11 years old. I always knew that telling my story had consequences. The risks …

El Paso