Busch Beer is partnering with NASCAR to give away a million dollars to one lucky fan

Emily Rella

Want to win a million bucks? Want there to be beer involved when it happens? Of course you do.

Thanks to a new partnership with Busch Beer and NASCAR, both of these things are completely possible — And all you have to do is enroll in the beer company's loyalty program.

America's favorite beer brands of 2017

<strong>1. Coors</strong>
<strong>2. Corona</strong>
<strong>3. Yeungling -<em> Tied</em></strong>
<strong>3. Samuel Adams - <em>Tied</em></strong>
<strong>4. Michelob&nbsp;</strong>
<strong>5. Budweiser</strong>
<strong>6. Dos Equis</strong>
<strong>7. Busch&nbsp;</strong>
<strong>8. Heineken</strong>
<strong>9. Stella Artois - <em>Tied</em></strong>
<strong>9. Miller - <em>Tied</em></strong>
<strong>10. Pabst&nbsp;</strong>