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The Tunnel That Could Break New York

How politics, and Donald Trump, turned America’s most important repair job into a $30 billion grudge match.<p><b>President Donald Trump was in an unusually</b> bipartisan mood on September 7, when he convened a White House meeting about a massive project to build a rail tunnel under the Hudson River. He was …

Urban Design

“Not the C.E.O.-Type of Thinker He Needed”: Sumner, Shari, and the Greek Tragedy Set in a Delaware Court

At the heart of the battle for the future of Viacom and CBS is, naturally, a thorny, roller-coaster father-daughter dynamic.<p>A decade ago, when he was still somewhat spry, Sumner Redstone had an existential crisis. The shocking collapse of Lehman Brothers was still reverberating through the capital …

Media Industry

She needed a sperm donor. So she started a podcast.

When Molly Hawkey froze her eggs after her 37th birthday, she figured it would buy her just enough time to meet the man she’d want to father her children. But almost three years and several dead-end relationships later, she’s not so sure that her ideal partner exists. If he does, she’s tired of …


The Simpsons Wouldn't Exist Without Yellow Submarine

How the Beatles classic changed the future of animation.<p>In the summer of 1967, Joe D’Angelo, a young business manager at King Features was given a million dollars and told to figure out how to finance a feature-length film with the most popular band in the world. The movie needed to be finished in …


Aly Raisman takes the floor

<i>This story appears in the Heroes Issue of ESPN The Magazine. Subscribe today!</i><p>The first thing you notice when you walk backstage is how many people …

USA Gymnastics

George Soros Bet Big on Liberal Democracy. Now He Fears He Is Losing.

<b>O</b>n a clammy Tuesday morning in Paris at the end of May, George Soros, the world’s second-most-vilified New York billionaire (but worth many billions more than the other one), addressed the European Council on Foreign Relations, an organization he helped found a decade ago. Described by the woman …

George Soros

Dead bodies, wild dogs, squatters in government-owned Detroit houses

At one end of Alpine Street, near Joy Road on Detroit's west side, Georgeia Elder and a friend live in a leaky trailer, their yard cluttered with a boat and a Cadillac Escalade with four ladders on the roof, a shopping cart and a lawn mower, a folding chair and a metal headboard. A pit bull, Lady, …


12 Beautiful Biking Destinations You’ll Want to Add to Your Bucket List

For the most part, bike rides are often quite beautiful. Whether you’re biking through rolling hills or a cute little countryside town, or even some …

Jackson Hole

The generation that grew up on Stephen King is taking him back

The author is going through a cinematic renaissance, thanks to directors who grew up as fans.<p>Stephen King is one of mainstream fiction’s great …


The Most Iconic Movie Cars of All Time

You can't separate these movies from the cars that starred in them.<p>Some movies have cars in them. Other times, the car is just as important as the lead actor. Here are some of the most iconic movie cars of all time, according to you.

Classic Cars

From obscurity to political stardom: How viral videos are reshaping elections

Before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s jolting primary win over one of the most powerful House Democrats made her a fixture on cable news and the toast of progressives nationwide, there was the shoestring-budget video that got the base buzzing.<p>By election night last month, more than 1 million people had …

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Rescued Thai Soccer Team Goes Home: Pictures

Photograph or Painting? These Landscapes Are Both

As a student at the School of Fine Arts in Caen, France, Guillaume Hebert studied painting. He later transitioned into photography, but rather than …

The Arts

How Maria Butina, accused Russian spy, worked her way into top US circles

She did not behave in what I considered an entirely professional manner. She had an extra button or three unbuttoned Julianne Versnel<p>The Las Vegas hotel ballroom was crowded, but the Russian redhead caught Donald Trump’s eye. “Yes, ma’am,” he said, inviting a question.<p>It was July 2015, and Maria …


One day at a time: Brexit the Theresa May way

To detractors, she is a “sphinx without a riddle.” To supporters she is resilient and determined. One thing is uncontested: as top ministers resign from her government and Brexit looms closer, Theresa May has one of the toughest jobs in Europe.

Great Britain

How the Obamas managed to become invisible in Washington

When Barack and Michelle Obama announced they were staying in Washington after eight years in the White House, there was a palpable buzz.<p>The conventional move for a post-presidency life is back home: a return to roots, a presidential library and distinguished service. No modern president has …

Michelle Obama

Successful bosses run their most effective meetings exactly like this

Once upon a time, I worked for a woman who was known as a star meeting facilitator. CEOs would call left and right, asking her to organize strategy …


Alt-Right Troll To Father Killer: The Unraveling Of Lane Davis

<b>Nearly everyone on Samish Island</b> knew Chuck Davis, a bighearted retiree who lived in the handsome gray shingle house with the best view of Samish …

Coast Salish

The secret to loving your life

Sometimes life sucks. Bad. Really bad. And you feel like you want a refund.<p>But, of course, we need to accept that Life Avenue is going to have its …


Forget Suits. Show the Tattoo. Female Candidates Are Breaking the Rules.

The guys at the union hall have just swapped out the first keg when Abby Finkenauer, Democratic candidate for Congress, arrives and immediately reveals the kind of vulnerability that campaign consultants have long told women to avoid.<p>She starts by discussing her $20,000 in student loan debt, then …


Lorena Bobbitt’s American Dream

Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt made tabloid headlines 25 years ago as a marital nightmare turned castration punch line. Though their paths have diverged—advocacy work for her; Frankenpenis for him—their enmeshed stories speak to ultra-current issues of gender politics and celebrity culture.<p>The case …

Fake News

The winding, heated, and absurdly technical oral history of the ginger emoji

It's complicated.<p>In November 2014, a tech-industry consortium announced a new set of emoji that would diversify the physical appearance of the pictograms.<p>"I checked and saw that redheads were just not on there," says Emma Kelly, editor and founder of the site Ginger Parrot. "I wondered, has no one …

Skin Care

'This is just the beginning': Using DNA and genealogy to crack years-old cold cases

For three decades, authorities in Fort Wayne, Indiana, had the DNA of the man who murdered 8-year-old April Tinsley in April 1988, but could not find him.<p>Police pleaded for leads, and chased them. They brought in FBI profilers, enlisted state and federal agents and went on “America’s Most Wanted.” …


Why are yawns contagious? We asked a scientist

The average adult yawns 20 times per day. And when you feel a yawn coming on, it can be nearly impossible to suppress. But why does being around …


Ecuador Builds Pyramid Of Roses In Attempt To Set A World Record

Half a million roses have been placed in the shape of a flat-topped pyramid in Tabacundo, Ecuador, in an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.<p>Currently, the world record for largest flower arrangement is held by the Dubai Miracle Garden in United Arab Emirates, which created a …

Cut Flowers

The Dazzlingly Colorful Atlases That Brought the Night Sky Within Reach

Detailed maps of the heavens weren’t just for scholars.<p>If you lived in London in 1822, you might have found solace in imagination. With skies dark …


Sound Matters: A History Of Legendary Recording Studios

When <b>The Beatles</b> were photographed in August 1969, striding over a <b>zebra crossing</b> in St John’s Wood, London, for the cover shot of <b>their album Abbey …

Universal Music

Perfect Picnic Recipes for the Ultimate Day at the Beach

Beach towel, check. Umbrella and sunscreen, check. Stack of magazines, check. Collapsible wine glasses, picnic basket, and environmentally friendly …

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Great Saltee Island Bird Sanctuary in Pictures