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My President Is Black: Boyce Watkins, Tonetalks, Presidential Debate (Jay-Z 4.44 Album) 10/2/17

Presidential Debate

False Prophets Official Trailer (2017) The Wire Rewired Coming Soon

Movie Trailers

Corel Painter 12 Full Digital Download

Corel Painter 12 for Windows and Mac Digital Download Retails for $425 We can meet any where you feel safe. I also delivery on weekends for a fee …

Before Columbus: How Africans Brought Civilization to America | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

<i>Editor’s note: This article was originally published in 2014.</i><p><i>On Monday [October 13 2014], America’s government offices, businesses, and banks all</i> …

12 Images Of Pharaohs That Prove Ancient Egyptians Were Black

<b>Narmer (Reign: ca. 2650 B.C. — 2632 B.C.</b>)<br>Narmer, also known as Menes, unified Upper and Lower Egypt for the first time and, therefore, founded the …

The Black Presence in the Bible: Uncovering the Hidden Ones

<i>“Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.” -</i><i>Psalm 68:31</i><p>The Bible is a multicultural book. This statement …

Was Jesus black? Was Jesus African Hebrew? What was Jesus's ethnicity? Does it even matter what color skin Jesus had?

Some contemporary groups suggest Jesus was a black or African Hebrew. Is there evidence for this view? Was Jesus black?<p>A straightforward look at the …

The Worlds First Civilizations Were All Black Civilizations

<b>The REAL non-African history of Modern Man, begins when Modern man started his out of Africa (OOA) migrations from Southern Africa some 60,000 years</b> …

JFK's Speech about Secret Societies

Secret Societies

Thomas Jefferson's Warning about Banks

Thomas Jefferson

Stansberry Research

Introducing… A Whole New Way of Managing Your Portfolio<p><i>Stansberry Portfolio Solutions</i> is a brand new way to safeguard and grow your legacy with our …

Leaked Gov Documents w/Dire Consequences! Exposing Plans to Use Lethal Force on Citizens


No TV for Children Under 2, Doctors' Group Urges

In the past few years, a new kind of specialty TV channel has been inserted in regular programming: TV for toddlers. Networks such as BabyTV air …


MCF: CKLN 10 - Rappoport Talk

We are going to launch into this subject, but with a few comments before we start. Mind control is one of those things people don't like to talk …

Are Cartoons Brainwashing Children?

Subliminal Messages Are Everywhere! With Scientific Studies In Description


Cartoon Subliminal Messages - Pt 1 - Sex and the Devil

Warner Music


Future foods: What will we be eating in 20 years' time?

<b>Volatile food prices and a growing population mean we have to rethink what we eat, say food futurologists. So what might we be serving up in 20 years' time?</b><p>It's not immediately obvious what links Nasa, the price of meat and brass bands, but all three are playing a part in shaping what we will eat …

8 Foods That Can Cause High Cholesterol

Borislav Zhuykov/Stocksy; Leander Nardin/Stocksy; Helen Rushbrook/Stocksy<p>Cholesterol-Raising Foods in Your Diet<p>You don't have to be a nutritionist to …


Thank you for your interest in the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association. <br>Our Web sites are currently undergoing …