Pasta. Pasta! PASTA!

Hello to all, especially to the pasta lovers like me! Here are 8 of my family-friendly, satisfying, and healthy pasta dishes. I've found ways to enhance and elevate the health and taste of some of the most common dishes. I even switched out traditional Alfredo sauce for a non-dairy alternative! Knowing how you’re enjoying my recipes as well as how it helps you to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals easier is very important to me. Have a great pasta day!

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Pasta. Pasta! PASTA!
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    $2 Food Bank Smoked Turkey Pasta

    $2 Food Bank Smoked Turkey Pasta

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    Low-Carb Chicken Pasta -

    Low-Carb Chicken Pasta -

    Let’s face it – “low carb” days (where you are not eating many carbohydrates) can be not so fun… BUT you can still eat BIG while enjoying a …

    The Fit Cook Spice Blend

    As a start, whether you’re advanced or a beginner, I recommend trying the 6-pack first. Not only do you save money with a bundle, but also these spices are complementary, so they are intended to be mixed together. Perhaps not all at once – unless you’re feeling adventurous – but pairing 2 or 3 together to create endless enhanced flavor combinations! So, you can “mix it up” in your diet and in your recipes!

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