10 Quinoa Recipes You Need To Try

Quinoa, which has loads of healthy sugars, complex carbs, healthy fats, and high protein content, is an excellent substitute for rice and oatmeal if you want a starchier and fluffier grain. Plus, it’s also easy on your wallet. Its high protein content and nutty flavor is a perfect way to start the day. However, these meals can be eaten any time of day: Lunch, dinner, or even post workout meals. And as always, I added a few for my plant-based warriors! Boom.

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10 Quinoa Recipes You Need To Try
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    The Fit Cook Spices

    As a start, whether you’re advanced or a beginner, I recommend trying the 6-pack first. Not only do you save money with a bundle, but also these spices are complementary, so they are intended to be mixed together. Perhaps not all at once – unless you’re feeling adventurous – but pairing 2 or 3 together to create endless enhanced flavor combinations! So, you can “mix it up” in your diet and in your recipes!

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