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作者:白宁超<p>2015年9月29日11:10:02<p><b>摘要</b>:当前数据挖掘技术使用最为广泛的莫过于文本挖掘领域,包括领域本体构建、短文本实体抽取以及代码的语义级构件方法研究。常用的数据挖掘功能包括分类、聚类、预测和关联四大模型。本文针对四大模型之一的分类进行讨论。分类算法包括回归、决策树、支持向量机、贝叶斯 …

New Tool Analyzes a Video's Sound for Better Search Results

How do you find videos on the Internet? You type in some words. The trouble is that videos aren't words. They're moving pictures. Or rather, they're …

Unclouded vision

<b>Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction.</b> By Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner. <i>Crown; 352 pages; $28. Random House; £14.99.</i><p>WEAPONS of mass …

Big Data Analytics Infrastructure

It’s too late to give machines ethics – they’re already beyond our control

Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and now Demis Hassabis of Google’s DeepMind have all warned of the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI), urging that we put ethical controls in place before it’s too late.<p>But they have all mistaken the threat: the AI we have let loose is already evolving for its own …

Stephen Hawking

With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility

“You should presume that someday, we will be able to make machines that can reason, think and do things better than we can,” Google co-founder Sergey …

The Key Market Drivers for the Building Internet of Things Business

Combining and analyzing this data in new and innovative ways can help reduce costs, improve visibility of market opportunities and assist with supply …

Internet of Things

How sports teams are using big data to increase ROI

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Analytics and Big Data: The Skeptics Versus the Enthusiasts - International Institute for Analytics

Linux下部署solrCloud - 小黑客 - 博客园

1. 准备工作<p>这里我只是把我的师兄教我的关于Solrcloud搭建的过程,以及需要注意的地方文档化了。感谢他教会了我很多。<p>1.机子IP<p>三台安装linux系统的机子的IP地址为:<p><p><p><p>2.软件版本<p>使用的tomcat的版本是:apa …

jieba.NET与Lucene.Net的集成 - Anders Cui

【摘要】搜索是分词的一个重要应用,本文参考Lucene.Net.Analysis.PanGu,实现了jieba.NET分词和Lucene.Net的简单集成,望有所帮助。 阅读全文