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Meet The Quay Brothers, Christopher Nolan’s Favorite Filmmakers And The Subjects Of His New Documentary

Stephen and Timothy Quay are identical twins who finish each other’s sentences and make eerie stop-motion films out of dolls and ephemera they find at flea markets. While their work remains both literally and figuratively obscure to many, their uncanny puppetry and hand-hewn style have trickled …


Steve Carell Will Replace Bruce Willis In A Woody Allen Movie, Which Sounds Like A Hollywood Mad Lib

Earlier this week, Bruce Willis announced that he was leaving the ensemble cast of Woody Allen’s new film due to a conflict with his upcoming appearance in the Broadway adaption of Stephen King’s Misery. Today, the day has been saved (or at least the production schedule of the film has been saved), …


Watch A Clueless Reporter Awkwardly Interview Bill Murray, Chevy Chase And The Cast Of ‘Caddyshack’

Owen Wilson was on the Nerdist podcast this week, and the interview was fine, if unexceptional (Mike Ryan’s print interview was actually more engaging). However, during the course of the conversation, the topic turned to Caddyshack, which was when Chris Hardwick brought up the subject of the above …

Bill Murray

‘Grandma’ Stars Lily Tomlin As A Sassy Grandma In A Sundance Conventional Dramedy

Kudos for Paul Weitz for recognizing that a foul-mouthed Lily Tomlin vehicle is definitely something that should exist. On that we’re in total agreement. I just wish it would exist better. In Grandma, Tomlin plays a tell-it-like-it-is, take-no-prisoners tough old broad, an aging sixties feminist poet …

Lily Tomlin

‘Hannibal’ Star Mads Mikkelsen In Talks To Join Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

Just in time for this season’s final episode of Hannibal to air, Variety is reporting that series star Mads Mikkelsen is in early talks to play a villain role in Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie. Attention should be paid to the word “early” as no offer has — as of yet — been made to the actor.

With NBC’s …

Mads Mikkelsen

Now Jared Leto Is Method Acting So Hard His Costars Don’t Even Recognize Him

The only thing funnier to me than Jared Leto’s method acting is how hard WB is trying to sell Jared Leto’s method acting on Suicide Squad (which doesn’t open for another year). We’ve already heard about him giving a rat to Margot Robbie (who’s playing Harley Quinn) and a “dead hog” to the cast and …

Jared Leto

Eddie Redmayne Is A Brave, Beautiful Lady In The New ‘Danish Girl’ Poster

Eddie Redmayne famously stuck it to me by winning best actor last year for playing Stephen Hawking in a role that, according to acting legend, may have permanently altered his spine. Just in time for awards season, Redmayne will be back in The Danish Girl, from The King’s Speech director Tom Hooper. …

Eddie Redmayne

Anne Hathaway’s Baby Shower Will Be Interrupted By Killer Alien Meteors In ‘The Shower’

Baby Showers have always seemed slightly terrifying to me, and now they’re set to become even more horrific, thanks to upcoming sci-fi horror-comedy, The Shower.

The Shower, which is set to star Anne Hathaway, is being described as This is the End or Attack the Block meets Bridesmaids. Hey, we already …

Anne Hathaway

Frotcast 262: We Are Your Friends, Suge Knight, And Dread Zeppelin With Jason Dove

Listen on the player above, or download as an mp3 here (right-click, save as).

This week on the Frotcast, we talk about We Are Your Friends (my review), which is not only a movie coming out this week, but the Frotcast’s new motto. We’re joined by video game champion/comedian/podcaster/documentarian …

Suge Knight

It’s The Trailer For ‘Ronda ArouseMe: Grounded And Pounded,’ The Ronda Rousey Porn Parody

When asked about her body, Ronda Rousey famously said, “If people say that my body looks masculine, or something like that. I’m just like, ‘Listen, just because my body was developed for a purpose other than f*cking millionaires doesn’t mean it’s masculine.’ I think it’s femininely bad-ass as f*ck …

Ronda Rousey

Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer Are Writing A Screenplay Together

Getty Image

Everyone flipped out when two of the internet’s most discussed blondes, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence, were hanging out this summer, looking like they were having a much better time than any other celebrity squad. Well, it turns out that this newfound friendship has grown into a …

Amy Schumer

Did Bruce Willis Get Fired From Woody Allen’s Latest Movie? (Probably)

Yesterday, Deadline scoop bot Mike Fleming reported that Bruce Willis was dropping out of a (still-untitled) Woody Allen film that’s currently shooting in Beverly Hills, supposedly leaving due to a scheduling conflict with Willis’ role in a Broadway adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery. Actors and …


‘Beetlejuice’ Could Have Starred Sam Kinison And ‘Day-O’ Was Almost Cut

For a quirky little comedy about ghosts, Beetlejuice has done quite well establishing itself as a timeless classic. Not only was it one of director Tim Burton’s seminal early works, it also features excellent performances from Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, and more. Made on a modest …


Tim Burton’s Short Films And Early Work

Warner Bros.

From the very beginning, it was obvious that there was something darkly different about Tim Burton. The boy from Burbank, Calif. — who turns 57 this week — grew up inhaling morbid curiosities from the likes of Vincent Price, Ray Harryhausen, and Edgar Allen Poe. His sphere of influence …


This Week In Posters Is Back, Now With Zac Efron

This Week In Posters has been in extended hiatus, but enough people whined, whinged, and bitched about its absence to convince me to bring it back. See? I do listen to you! Don’t ever let your boss, mom, or conscience tell you you aren’t important, FilmDrunk reader.

An added benefit is that our new …

Zac Efron

Weekend Box Office: ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Repeats As ‘Hitman’ And ‘American Ultra’ Open Soft

Enterprising movie studios seem content to try and try again when it comes to video-game adaptations, no matter how many times they fail. This week brought us Hitman: Agent 47, a reboot/sequel of 2007’s Hitman. It grossed just $8.2 million, well below expectations (around $11 million), the budget …