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5 Books to Help You Raise Happy, Thoughtful Tweens and Teens

“Kids don’t come with an instruction manual” is an old adage I heard a lot when I first became a mom. But based on the vast number of parenting books …

6 Architectural Museums Worth Traveling the World For Photos

It’s no easy feat creating a museum about architecture. After all, how can you possibly fit a discipline that brokers in buildings into one single building? It turns out there are quite a few ways, actually, each seemingly more inventive than the next. When news hit this summer that Tokyo’s new …


The 7 Best Glamping Spots for Fall

Fancy camping is the way to go—no bugs, no backaches, but the same spectacular views. So pack your luggage and leave your sleeping bags at home. These seven glamping go-tos merge indoor luxury with the great outdoors.


这位苹果和 Google 共同的教父去世了,我们为你盘点了这些陨落了的硅谷巨人 | 极客公园

2011 年 10 月 5 日,<b>苹果公司共同创始人、董事长史蒂夫•乔布斯</b>去世,终年 56 岁。作为硅谷的象征性人物,乔布斯的离去也引发了全世界的一片哀悼。乔帮主的功绩不用我们再多加赘述,只是希望苹果能重现在他带领下的辉煌。<p>2011 年 10 月 12 日,<b>美国著名计算器专家、C 语言发明人之一丹尼斯</b> …




Don't Let Your Talons Go To Waste... [eXPLoReD]

蔡依林 Jolin Tsai - 第三人稱 The Third Person And I (華納official 高畫質HD官方完整版MV)


Apple Pay或将与支付宝“联姻” | 雷锋网

Megan Fox is Reportedly Losing Hair Over Ninja Turtles

Red is apparently not the starlet's color.<p>There's already been a lot of hubbub surrounding some of the changes made for Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles …


1  毋庸置疑,毛泽东将永在人类历史上最伟大的军事家和政治家之列。事实上,毛泽东是几千年不世出的旷世天才。20世纪的中国历史(无论其正面或者负面)是毛泽东所一手所铸成的。而那一个世纪的世界历史,如果没有毛泽东,也必是完全不同的另一面貌。<p>在人类历史上,毛泽东是一位旷世绝伦无与类比的人物。毛泽东唤醒了整个东方人类和新兴世界。毛泽东雄姿英发,文韬武略,倜傥风流,胆识过人。以毛泽东出身之卑微,早年所受教育之狭蹙,社会背景之孤陋,以及所掌握资源之匮乏——而竟能白手起家,自力更生,缔造出一个雄伟的新生之国!这在近古千年的历史上,以至黑铁时代以来3000年、青铜时代以来5000年,智人诞生以来四百万年的历史 …

Ten of the world's best city hikes

Stretch your legs over hours or days, without leaving some of the world’s biggest cities. This article is adapted from Lonely Planet's <i>1000 Ultimate Adventures.</i><p>Tijuca Forest, Rio de Janeiro<p>Aerial shot of Rio de Janeiro surrounded by the Tijuca Forest. Image by Paddy Eckersley / Digital Vision / …

With Wednesday night's win in Dallas, the Rockets accomplished something they hadn't done in nearly 25 years. Story, highlights, photos and more at

Today's Miami Heat parade & celebration coverage begins at 10am/et on NBA TV & 11am/et on

It's OK! With me

Feelings are everywhere , Let's share it out! load loey #WeChat

Ray Allen’s epic three demands one epic headline. Tweet yours with #AXEFaceHeadlines, and we'll call out the best:

Could we see Megan Fox in the new Transformers movie?

Someone at Paramount may be in trouble.<p>On Paramount’s Instagram page, a photo of a Lamborghini from the <i>Transformers 4</i> movie was posted and …

The 20 Best TV Sitcoms Of All Time

To decide which is the best of all time, we whittled the choices down to 20, then asked you, the readers, to vote on which you liked best.<p>Here they are in the order of the least to most votes received, the best sitcoms ever created.

The one thing that makes a company last forever

All companies hit rough patches from time to time. But only a few manage to survive decade after decade—some of them in a form that bears no resemblance to the original organization. Nokia began in 1865 as a riverside paper mill along the Tammerkoski Rapids in southwestern Finland. In the late …



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Trainer: MJ had food poisoning

Michael Jordan's former personal trainer, Tim Grover, said it was food poisoning, not the flu, that affected the former Chicago Bulls star during …