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Pilot Takes Amazing Photos From His Cockpit, And They Will Take Your Breath Away

Meet Santiago Borja Lopez - a Quito, Ecuador-based pilot who works for Ecuador Airlines. Whenever the pilot is off-duty, he pulls out his camera to …


Best budget and high-end phablets money can buy in 2015

A little over a year ago, we went for a do-over with one of our polls from 2011. The idea behind the repeat survey was to showcase just how much our …

Best New Apps: Darkroom

Curves adjustments, DIY filters, and infinite editing history make this simple photo app shine<p>A number of us here at <i>The Verge</i> are big fans of VSCO cam, myself included. But I'm never completely satisfied with the mobile photo editing experience it offers, so I'm always on the lookout for something …

‘Humans of New York’ blog raises over $350K to send inner-city kids to Harvard

<i>WATCH ABOVE: The creator of the “Humans of New York” blog has managed to raise $350,000 on Indiegogo to send a group of underprivileged students to</i> …

Basel, Switzerland

Cranes flying south #2

Amazon now offers Prime subscribers free unlimited space for their photos


Stormscapes2 is a beautifully orchestrated timelapse video of storms, thunderbolts and starry skies

Time-lapse Photography

Need a 20x superzoom lens for your next video production? Canon’s new 50-1000mm cine zoom has you covered


Canon patent shows zoom lens with variable liquid element


12 devices that shaped the history of Android and its major releases

Officially launched by Google earlier this month, 5.0 Lollipop is the eleventh major version of Android - and, as expected, it’s making its debut on …

Turn a smartphone into a 3D camera with this lens accessory

About a year ago, we first reported about the Kúla Deeper, an accessory that attaches to your DSLR’s lens and turns it into a 3D camera. The device …

Leica T (Typ 701) review

There are more affordable and even better options than the Leica T, but you aren't buying just any ordinary camera.<p>There are more affordable and even …

New imaging technology claims to be 12 times as color-sensitive as conventional sensors


Citizen sent a photographer around the globe to capture multiple sunsets in a single day


A GoPro gave its life so you could watch this way-too-close volcano footage

Volcanic eruptions surely are one of the most fascinating natural phenomena. Considering that they can destroy entire cities and even affect the …

Your next smartphone could sport a zoom lens thanks to DynaOptics’ new technology

Zoom Lenses

Epson’s high-end film scanners V800 and V850 get updated with LED illumination


4K video enters the world of action cams with the new GoPro Hero4 Black Edition


Amateur camera hacker aims to put Sony A7 guts into Leica M3 body


With LX100, Panasonic squeezes the power of Four Thirds into the shell of a compact

At the Photokina show in Cologne, Germany, Panasonic announced a slew of new products that got enthusiasts all around the world excited. One of the …

Leica’s stately X Typ 113 might be the dream compact you’ve been waiting for

At Photokina 2014 in Cologne, Germany, Leica introduced a slew of new products including a digital Leica M that comes without a display, an analog …

Samsung’s NX1 is a 4K-shooting beast that puts the mirrorless competition to shame

Just ahead of Photokina, Samsung announced its new flagship mirrorless camera, the NX1 (see our original news report here). While we have already a …

Panasonic’s Lumix CM1 smartphone-4K camera hybrid launches in U.S. for $1K

At Photokina 2014 in Cologne, Germany, Panasonic has announced – much to the surprise of almost everyone – a new “connected camera” called the CM1. …

Fujifilm’s new X100T premium compact camera makes manual focusing a breeze

Fujifilm created quite a stir when it first introduced its X100 premium compact camera at Photokina 2010, almost exactly four years ago. Now, just …

Finding Vivian Maier’s heir: could a copyright claim put the distribution of her work on hold?

Street Photography

The new king of portrait lenses? Zeiss announces the Otus 85mm f/1.4


SLR Magic announces a new 10mm T2.1 Cine lens for Micro Four Thids