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9 Ways to Acquire Social Capital Using FEE's New Sticker App

Use these stickers of your favorite liberty heroes in your next SMS exchange.

Foundation for Economic Education

Harry Potter and the Economic Segregation of Muggles

<i>Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone</i> (or Philosopher's Stone, if you're British) became the most popular thing of all time 20 years ago this year – …

J K Rowling

I Don't Want Anyone Forced to Bake Me a Cake

The ACLU's reasoning implies that, once you start selling a product or service, you automatically lose your right to freely and voluntarily interact …

Libertarian Party

Do Schools Teach Kids to Hate Reading?

Only 34% of eighth graders are able to read at a proficient level. Which means that nearly 2 out of 3 students leave the school system without …


Why I'm Betting on the Future of Bitcoin

I owed several thousand dollars to a friend. A wire transfer would have cost us both $45 and a lot of information. Payment systems like Zelle, Venmo, …


Silicon Valley Exists Thanks to Tax Cuts

We often hear that government created the internet. It's funny what a myth that is, that government had anything to do with creating the …

Silicon Valley

Growing Tomatoes Might Get Your Home Raided by the Police

The Harte family had their home raided when their tomato plants were mistakenly identified as marijuana by county officials. Now, after five years of …


Bully-Proofing Won't Work Until We Give Kids More Freedom

Imagine if you were constantly harassed, humiliated, and even physically attacked at your workplace. You could talk to your boss or someone in HR to …


Walter Williams on Bastiat

FEE now has Frederic Bastiat's <i>The Law</i> available as an epub book!


The Brooding Baron of 20th-Century Fascism

Benito Mussolini as well as many Nazi party officials – even the Fuhrer himself – were taken in by the monocle-wearing Baron Giulio Cesare Andrea …


5-Year-Old Fined $200 for Selling Lemonade

"My daughter burst into tears, repeating again and again 'have I done a bad thing'?" I can’t imagine a worse introduction to entrepreneurship than …


Is UBI Better Than Welfare?

A viewer recently asked us what we thought of Universal Basic Income. Antony likes the idea of it, provided it's done well, but doesn't think it …

Basic Income

The Epic Boom and Bust of the Ostrich Feather Market

When the Titanic sank in 1912, the most valuable cargo on board was a shipment of feathers that was insured for $2.3 million in today’s money. In …


5 Things You Need to Know about the Upcoming Election in Germany

On September 24, the Germans will head to the polls to elect a new <i>Bundestag</i> (the German parliament). Here are the five things you need to know about …

Martin Schulz

7 Keystone Habits to Maximize Your Mornings

Would you like to adopt better habits? The most efficient way of doing so is to first focus on what author Charles Duhigg calls “keystone habits,” …


The Bitcoin Book to Get Mom on Board

I get the sense that <i>How Money Got Free</i> was picked up by its publisher for its ability to appeal to mom. Crypto needs mom.


Public Servants Are Neither Angels Nor Devils

At the heart of public choice is the assumption that people in all different institutional settings are fundamentally the same; their motivations – …


Zara Billionaire's "Cheap" Philanthropy: $360 Million for Cancer Treatment

Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex (think: Spanish fashion retailer, Zara), recently came under fire when his foundation made a $360 million donation …


Why the SEC Is Terrified of Cryptocurrency

Nothing scares the government more than something it can’t control, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed this week that it is …


What Skateboarders Can Teach Us about Education

In the mid-1980s, there was an explosion of talent and tricks in skateboarding. Almost overnight, mediocre skateboarders became really good and good …


The Second Amendment Belongs to Us All, Not Just the Police

As the law now stands, police are not only rarely prosecuted when they violate the Fourth and Second Amendment rights of innocent homeowners by …


Nancy MacLean's Postmodern Rhetorical Strategy

Critics of Nancy MacLean point out the free-wheeling, fact-free, and conspiracy-tinged narrative that she has constructed. They argue that logically …


Atomic Blonde Is a Serious Anti-Communist Historical Drama

I really have to hand it to the marketing team of "Atomic Blonde," the smash hit thriller starring the mighty and immensely talented Charlize Theron. …

Atomic Blonde

Conservative Policies Don't Match Conservative Values

At the core of conservative political philosophy is a devotion to individual rights, minimal government interference, and the stability that comes …

Foundation for Economic Education

Ron Swanson's Lesson in Property Rights

<i>Parks and Recreations'</i> Ron Swanson once explained taxes to a 9-year old girl by eating 40% of her lunch. As she left, he gave her a landmine to …


We Only Resent Inequality When It's Rigged

People want fairness rather than equality. What's more important than full equality is upward mobility, or average income overall, and how well the …


Milton Friedman Was Right to Call Them “Government Schools”

For Friedman and his current school choice followers, freedom from a government-controlled, compulsory institution is a fully democratic expression …


Creepy Canadian App Gives Citizens Points for Making Government-Approved Choices

In order to use the app, users are giving Carrot Insights and the federal government permission to “access and collect information from your mobile …


Jeff Sessions Wants to Double Down on the Drug War

In 2014, law enforcement raked in more than $5 billion in seized assets, more than the total loss from all burglaries during the same year. Amidst …