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Cooking is personal. Our food choices, access to certain ingredients, and personal and communal food histories all coalesce to impact what food we make and what we enjoy. Our tastes also evolve over time as we get more or less interested in cooking, try new foods, and the demands on our time and attention evolve. So this week's collection is personal. It's a moment in time, a snapshot of the foods in 2022 that I love to make. Whether I have time to cook them or not is a different conversation.

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Personal Favorite Recipes
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    We rarely cook meat or fish at home, making the majority of our home cooking at least vegetarian. That's just how we prefer to eat at home, though we're generally pretty flexible eaters.

    Vegetarian Ramen

    Vegetarian Ramen

    Fabulous ramen is easier to make at home than you'd think. This is my go-to recipe for creamy, complex, spicy ramen at home.

    Millet Roux–Mushroom Gumbo

    Millet Roux–Mushroom Gumbo

    I grew up eating and loving my dad's gumbo, which he typically made with seafood. Later in life I have been loving and adapting a mushroom version as our home cooking has evolved to be more plant-centric.


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