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Photography|How to have your perfect pose with every picture

Dlist Photography[/caption]<br>As a plus size woman, I must admit I never wanted to be in front of the camera until I met photographer Elaine Dacres, …

How GQ Are You? The 4 Best-Dressed Readers of the Week

How GQ Are You? is the place to go to show us how you do style. Check out the four best-dressed guys from HGQRU? this week, get inspired, and hit us with your most stylish moments right here for a chance to be featured on

Networking In Your Career


How To Pull Off Floral Prints

Lateral Crawl

"The lateral crawl challenges your entire core to stabilize against flexion and extension, giving you a solid foundation to lift heavier weights later on," he says. Plus, it lights up your shoulders and arms, boosts your coordination, and gets your blood pumping. "It helps prime your body for peak …


CBS chief says network could go all-Internet if Aereo wins

Les Moonves ratchets up the rhetoric around Aereo's Supreme Court case, building on past comments about moving programming to cable. CBS, he says now, could go "over the top."<p>CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves said Tuesday that his company's namesake broadcast network could go "over the top," or be …


2015 Ford Mustang leaked in Autoweek

We would have to imagine that Ford knew it couldn't keep its 2015 Mustang under wraps for too long, and with only days to go before the pony car's official unveiling, the dam seems to be cracking. <i></i> member Screamin 40th just posted some images taken of the sixth-gen Mustang …

TOTD: McLaren vs. Ferrari – Who Builds Better Street Cars?

Slotting between the McLaren 12C and P1 hybrid supercar, the recently revealed 2015 McLaren 650S brings the British Formula 1 team’s street car count up to three. McLaren is targeting the Ferrari 458 Speciale with the new 650S that stems from the 12C. With the standard 458 Italia and LaFerrari in …

The Coolest Toys of NYC Toy Fair 2014

Transformers 30th Anniversary, smartphone-controlled paper planes, and Guardians of the Galaxywe scoured the American International Toy Fair for the best items coming out this year. Better start making your Christmas list now.

Power Rangers

This Electric Sled Is A Miniature Winter Tank

Much better than a trash can lid<p>Introducing Québécois inventor Yvon Martel's most recent creation: this... thing. It's an electric sled/wagon/snow-chainsaw, and based on the video accompanying it, it works surprisingly well.<p>Called the MTT-136 (for My Track Technology, and, I can only presume, the …

Ronda Rousey Fitness Tips

That mix has its drawbacks. Rousey claims she’s been pigeonholed as a dumb blonde all her life. “Men just assumed I was an idiot,” she says. “I like being complimented on how smart I am. So if you point out something I’ve done that’s intelligent or riff off something smart I’ve said, that’s a …

Ronda Rousey

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