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New Google feature allows you to save and sort photos from Image Search

Google announced today that mobile users can now create collections when searching for images using Google Image Search.<p>The feature allows you to “star” an image to save, and then place it in a created folder.<p>To create a folder, just tap the pencil icon and give it a name.<p>When you need to review …

Try This Technique Next Time You Cook Pizza

Nothing is better than pizza. Nothing. It’s the holy grail of all the dishes, and it solves most of life’s problems. It will always be there for you in those tough times of need. Plus, you can put vegetables on it, so that makes it healthy, right? Right. So, if we love pizza this much, why don’t we …

Cast Iron Skillet

10 Steps to a Happier Life, Backed By Research

I went through a number of great books on happiness and pulled together ten research-based tips that can help build a happier life:<p>1) Cut the small …


7 Toxic People to Avoid When Starting a Business

Opinions expressed by <i>Entrepreneur</i> contributors are their own.<p>Starting a business is one of the most challenging things you can do. And one of the hardest parts is that most people won't understand why you're working so hard, especially when you're not making much money to start.<p>They also won't …


How Not to Name Your Startup, and What You Can Learn from My Mistake | Inc.com

Just over a year ago our team made a last minute pivot from a prior venture onto a new idea -- an anonymous matchmaking platform for passive job seekers -- those already employed but open to exploring the right opportunities.<p>Almost instantly, it was clear that people loved the name as much as the …

Wall Street

15 Incredible Words with No Direct English Translation

A collection of foreign words which can only be translated into English through an elongated explanation

21 Interesting Apps To Train Your Brain

From better memory to improved focus, and less stress to productivity, we found 21 interesting apps to help you train your brain.

This one-minute morning routine can improve your productivity all day long

Just finding time to eat can be difficult, even though eating breakfast has been correlated with increased energy and productivity, better overall health, and a better mood.<p>But there's an easier, less time-consuming way to start the day off right, and it only takes a minute: Make your bed.<p>When your …

Time Management

20 Ways to Find Joy in Every Day

Want to feel a little lighter, shine a little brighter and watch your mood go sky-high? That incomparable state that's one part inner peace, one part …


How to boost collaboration at work: Sit at round tables

Pre-school teachers have been right all along: sitting in a circle is the best way to encourage sharing, even among 30- or 50-year old professionals.<p>The round table approach may work to foster collaboration for corporate boards, at workplace meetings or at restaurants, new research from two …