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Man Killed by NSA Police Had Lengthy Record

Court documents show that a cross-dressing man killed during a violent encounter at the National Security Agency had a history of theft and assault, …

National Security Agency

British Airways confirms thousands of frequent-flyer accounts hacked

British Airways is the latest high-profile company to fall victim to a large-scale hack. The company confirmed on Sunday that a security breach affected tens of thousands of its users' frequent-flyer accounts.

The UK-based airline told Mashable that users' personal data, such as travel history and …


Tax on bank deposits in federal budget

by Phillip Coorey, Lisa Murray and James Eyers

The federal government is planning a tax on bank deposits at the May budget in a move that will raise …


Opinion: The 'Islamic State' genie is out of the bottle | World | DW.DE | 27.03.2015

The Arab League will discuss a unified force to intervene against Islamic State. But that alone would not be enough to contain the spread of the …


Thousands of Uber accounts are allegedly being sold on the dark web

Thousands of Uber users account credentials could have been compromised, and are up for sale from unscrupulous sellers. At least two separate vendors on dark web marketplace AlphaBay are hawking active Uber accounts, Motherboard reports. Once purchased, these accounts let buyers order up rides using …

New York

German pilot told partner 'everyone will know my name'

The co-pilot suspected of deliberately crashing a passenger plane in the French Alps told his girlfriend he was in psychiatric treatment, and that he was planning to do something that everyone would remember.

The German mewspaper Bild published an interview on Saturday with a woman who said she had …


Radio Shack’s bankruptcy sale could include your private data

It looks like that cheap cassette adaptor I bought for my first iPhone and that universal remote for all my TV gadgets at RadioShack in the last ten years may come back to haunt me.

If you’re like me and you’ve shopped at RadioShack within the last several years, your personal information may be …


Ars Technica has obtained Oakland's entire license plate reader database

Through a public records request, Ars Technica's Cyrus Farivar has obtained the Oakland police department's entire license plate reader database, just under 4.7 million scans taken over more than three years. The database is available to police without a warrant, and thus was accessible through …


'Nazi Hideout' in Argentina Discovered by Archaeologists

Archaeologists say they've discovered what they believe to be a Nazi hideout in the middle of an Argentinian jungle.

Six researchers from the …


Twitch Resets All User Passwords After Suffering Data Breach

Twitch, the immensely popular livestreaming service for gamers that was acquired last year by Amazon in a nearly $1 billion deal, confirmed today that it has suffered a security breach that may have resulted in unauthorized access to a number of user accounts. The company is now forcing all of its …

Data Breach

Islamic State calls on backers to kill 100 U.S. military personnel

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Islamic State has posted online what it says are the names, U.S. addresses and photos of 100 American military service members, and called upon its "brothers residing in America" to kill them.

The Pentagon said after the information was posted on the Internet that it was …

Islamic State (ISIS)

Judge orders release of U.S. military detainee abuse photos

The U.S. must release photographs showing abuse of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan, a federal judge has ruled in a long-running clash over letting the world see potentially disturbing images of how the military treated prisoners.

U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein's ruling Friday gives the …

Middle East

Britain is now seizing teenagers’ passports to prevent them from fighting in Syria

The UK has taken the unusual step of preventing two teenagers from East London from leaving the country—for fear they will travel to Syria to join ISIL. The girls, aged 15 and 16, had their passports seized and were made wards of the court—a rarely-used ancient feudal right that gives judges the …

Middle East

Government Report Blasts IRS Security, Former Employees Still Access Taxpayer Data

The IRS is failing to secure its massive computer systems, leaving private taxpayer data vulnerable to fraudsters and hackers, a new report from the Government Accountability Office reveals. The report evaluates IRS security and cites significant deficiencies in its financial reporting systems. It …


One Year After Russia Annexed Crimea, Locals Prefer Moscow To Kiev

The U.S and European Union may want to save Crimeans from themselves. But the Crimeans are happy right where they are.

One year after the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula in the Black Sea, poll after poll shows that the locals there — be they Ukrainians, ethnic Russians or Tartars are all in …


Target will pay hack victims $10 million

Target will pay customers who suffered from a 2013 data breach up to $10,000 each in damages.

On Thursday, a federal judge in St. Paul, Minnesota approved a $10 million offer by Target to settle a class action lawsuit, according to an attorney representing those who were hacked.

But don't get …

Data Breach

Why Cults Work: The Power Games of the Islamic State and the Lord’s Resistance Army

Graeme Wood’s article “What does ISIS really want?” has become the most discussed foreign policy article of the year. Yet the piece’s power lies …


Video released of Dallas police shooting mentally ill black man dead at home

Video footage has emerged of Dallas police shooting dead a mentally ill black man holding a screwdriver six seconds after encountering him at his home.

According to a legal filing, Jason Harrison’s mother, Shirley Marshall, called emergency services on the morning of 14 June 2014, telling the …


Screens May Be Terrible for You, and Now We Know Why

For more than 3 billion years, the cyclical light of sun, moon, and stars governed life on Earth. Then along came electric light. Our bodies and …

Circadian Rhythms

C.I.A. Funds Found Their Way Into Al Qaeda Coffers

WASHINGTON — In the spring of 2010, Afghan officials struck a deal to free an Afghan diplomat held hostage by Al Qaeda. But the price was steep — $5 million — and senior security officials were scrambling to come up with the money.

They first turned to a secret fund that the Central Intelligence …

South Asia

Mysterious spy cameras collecting data at post offices

DENVER — Within an hour of FOX31 Denver discovering a hidden camera, which was positioned to capture and record the license plates and facial …


The Wet Wipes Box Says Flush, but the New York City Sewer System Says Don’t

With its sewer system under siege, tallying millions of dollars in equipment damage across its underground maze, New York City is confronting a menace that has gummed the gears of plumbing networks around the world: the common wet wipe.

In recent years, the intersection of evolving hygienic …


Could Drones Pose A Threat To Airplanes?

Drones vs. birds vs. planes

We already know what happens when a bird hits a drone, and we know what can happen when birds hit airliners, but what about a drone colliding with a commercial jet? Published last December, a study theorized that small drones--those weighing about the same as birds--posed …


China Shows Off Its Deadly New Cruise Missiles

DH-10 for a speedy 1100-pound delivery

A DH-10 land attack cruise missile (LACM) launches out of its canister, heading for parts unknown. Weighing about 1-1.5 tons (about the same size as the American Tomahawk cruise missile), it can be launched from land on a three missile transport erector launch …


U.S. admiral raises alarm over Russian threat

The ability of the U.S. and Canadian military to defend North America could be jeopardized by stepped up Russian military activity, according to the commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

Adm. William Gortney told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday that Russia is …


Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson stabbed in head by younger brother

Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson (a.k.a. "Number Seven" to fans of the metal band) and his brother were admitted to an Iowa hospital on Wednesday, the Clive Police Department confirmed, after Thomson sustained a knife wound on the back of his head.

Both Mick and his younger brother Andrew suffered …


H7N9 bird flu has the makings of a pandemic virus, scientists warn

Scientists in China have identified an influenza virus that they say has the potential to spread around the world, sickening and killing people whose immune systems have never faced a threat like it.

The H7N9 flu emerged in humans in eastern China in February 2013, sickening 133 people and killing …


What’s The Worst Possible Password?

Short answer: Password1 is pretty bad

Last fall, hackers leaked 10 million email passwords on a Russian Bitcoin forum. Bogdan Calin, the chief technology officer for Web security firm Acunetix, sifted through the data and found almost 50,000 Gmail accounts with the same password: 123456. In fact, …


Trustees of SAE chapter apologize for 'horrible cancer'

A racist chant from the University of Oklahoma's now-disbanded Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity is part of a "horrible cancer" that entered the chapter three to four years ago, local alumni advisers said Wednesday.

The board of trustees for SAE at the university said its members are "sincerely …

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