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Android's factory reset is a security problem. Here's how to fix it

How do you sell a phone without giving away the data on it? If you've used a phone even briefly, it's filled with all kinds of sensitive data, including passwords and login tokens alongside personal texts and photos, all of which need to be erased before you can safely put the phone up for sale. …


ISPs really don’t want to follow new customer data privacy rules

The broadband industry's fight against net neutrality rules is also targeting new privacy regulations that Internet service providers really don't …


The NSA is preparing to turn off mass surveillance programs

After a late Senate vote after midnight on Friday, the NSA is starting to take moves to shut down its bulk surveillance programs. With the legal foundation of those programs, the Patriot Act, set to expire at the end of the month, lawmakers have been working to agree on which parts of the mass …

Mass Surveillance

This man came from Rome to show Americans why the death penalty is wrong

Today, 105 countries around the world have abolished the death penalty by law and 43 more have approved public or de facto moratoria against it. Among them are Gabon and Mongolia, Cambodia and Russia, Albania and Kyrgyzstan. In Cuba, death row is currently empty.

Worldwide, only a few dozens …

Death Penalty

After Senate vote, NSA prepares to shut down phone tracking program

Hours after the Senate balked at reauthorizing the bulk collection of U.S. telephone records, the National Security Agency began shutting down a controversial program Saturday that senior intelligence and law enforcement officials say is vital to track terrorists in the United States.

The Senate had …

National Security Agency

Your clothes are killing us

We buy too many clothes, and we pay too little for them.

That's the message of "The True Cost," a new documentary on the perils of the fashion industry, which is being released next week.

The film is a sweeping, heartbreaking and damning survey of the clothing economy. It covers malformed children of …


Five Trillion Pieces Of Plastic Are Floating In An Ocean Near You [Interactive]

And even more lurks below the surface

In December, a consortium of 12 research institutions published some of the first numbers on global ocean plastic pollution. By their calculation, almost 300,000 tons of plastic swirl near the surface of our seas today--equivalent to the weight of about 1,500 …


Of course the NSA planned to exploit Android apps, that’s what it does

The Intercept and CBC News report that back in 2012, the US National Security Agency (NSA) along with allies from the so-called ‘Five Eyes’ alliance (which also includes Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia) developed a plan to hijack data links in the Google Play and Samsung app stores:

As …


Adult dating site hack exposes sexual secrets of millions

More than 3.5 million people's sexual preferences, fetishes and secrets have been exposed after dating site Adult FriendFinder was hacked.

Already, some of the adult website's customers are being identified by name.

Adult FriendFinder asks customers to detail their interests and, based on those …


How Nazi secret police files could stop terror attacks

The Nazi secret police were among the first to use geoprofiling to locate resistance fighters based on leaflets they distributed. Now scientists believe similar methods could track terror cells.

Nazi secret police files detailing the hunt for resistance fighters in Berlin during World War 2 could be …


New NSA documents reveal plans to deliver malware through the Google Play store

The NSA developed a plan to deliver malware through Google and Samsung app stores, according to newly published documents obtained by Edward Snowden and published by The Intercept. The documents details a program called IRRITANT HORN, which delivers malware by intercepting web traffic to and from …


A Brief Visual History of Weapons

From the axe, which originated in 1,000,000 B.C., to today's killer drones, mankind's use of weapons has been varied and incredibly inventive. Weapons have changed history and aided in the rise and fall of civilizations. For example, gunpowder, a Chinese invention, led to the development of cannons …

Middle Ages

Black Man Calls 911 In South Carolina To Report Home Invasion, Gets Shot By Deputy

The shooting, which may have paralyzed the man, occurred in the same county where a white police officer was charged with murder for shooting an unarmed black man a month ago.

A black man in South Carolina who called 911 Thursday to report an armed home invasion was mistakenly shot by a Sheriff’s …

South Carolina

How Terrorist Bounties Are Calculated

$25 million. That’s how much, prior to Osama bin Laden’s death in 2011, a hypothetical informant could have gotten for information leading to the …


Obama administration bans some military-style assault gear from local police departments - The Washington Post

CAMDEN, N.J. -- The Obama administration announced Monday it will ban federal transfers of certain types of military-style gear to local police departments, as the president seeks to respond to a spate of incidents that has frayed trust in communities across the country.

The banned items are tracked …


The Navy's Giant New Electric Railgun

The Inexplicable

The InexplicableInside the mind of a mass killer.Before he massacred seventy-seven people, Anders Behring Breivik said that he was going to make his …


What happens if you threaten Obama on his new @POTUS Twitter account?

Almost immediately after President Obama created a personal Twitter account, @POTUS—his old one, @BarackObama, was mostly used by staffers—Twitter …

Teddy Bear

Things are so bad in Russia that one-fifth of the country can barely afford to buy food

Consumer confidence in Russia just sank below levels seen during the financial crisis, with almost one-fifth (18%) of Russians earning only enough to buy food and other basic necessities.

The Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index dropped by seven points in the first quarter of 2015 to 72 points, as the …


FBI: Security researcher claimed to hack, control plane in flight

Remember the security researcher who was pulled from a United flight and had his equipment taken (before its frequent flier miles-paying bug hunt) for tweeting about hacking into the plane via its entertainment system? In an application for a search warrant, FBI agents said he previously told them …


How to steal cash from an ATM using just an iPod nano and a piece of plastic

There’s a new and depressingly simple way to steal cash from ATMs and rob other people’s bank accounts, Business Insider informs us. Apparently, …


Sins of the Aral Sea

For millennia the Aral Sea reigned as one of the planet’s largest inland bodies of water, straddling what is now Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Today its decline serves as a cautionary tale.

“This is what the end of the world looks like,” says Yusup Kamalov, sweeping his hand toward the scrub-covered …


Doing well by doing good: The high price of working in war zones - The Washington Post

In 1998, an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ and his wife from the war-wrecked region of Bosnia-Herzegovina began a humble international humanitarian effort out of a modest office in downtown Washington.

After the United States launched the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the …


Leader of Mali military coup trained in U.S. - The Washington Post

The leader of a military coup in the West African country of Mali received military training in the United States on “several” occasions, a U.S. defense official said Friday.

Capt. Amadou Haya Sanogo, who led a renegade military faction that on Thursday deposed Mali’s democratically elected …


How to Take Over a Small Country in 10 Easy Steps

Mercenaries are back! After a three-century hiatus, sensible people are once again realizing that renting an army is cheaper than owning one: the …

Boko Haram

Why the world's most powerful countries are on a fighter jet spending spree

Spreading global conflicts and superpower politics are pushing several nations to upgrade their fleets ahead of schedule

In an average year, the global fighter jet industry does well to ink two or three blockbuster deals, the kind in which military groups decide to upgrade their fleet by ordering a …

Military Aircraft

Almost everything we think we know about Osama bin Laden’s death is a lie, reports Sy Hersh

Osama bin Laden’s death at the hands of US Navy SEALs was nothing at all like the official accounts given by the United States government and military, according to a controversial article in the London Review of Books by veteran investigative journalist Seymour M. Hersh:

Rather than hiding in …

Osama Bin Laden

Slain Mississippi officer 'loved being a cop,' family friend says

Police in Hattiesburg, Miss., arrested four people Sunday in connection with the shooting deaths of two police officers who were gunned down during what began as a routine traffic stop, authorities said.

Update: Killing of two Mississippi officers a grim reminder of job's dangers

Marvin Banks, 29, …


Colorado Mom Sentenced To 38 Years For Killing Wrongly Accused Man With Baseball Bat

Englewood Police

A Colorado woman was sentenced Friday to 38 years in prison for beating a man to death with a baseball bat.

Forsythia Owen, 32, was convicted of second-degree murder in the September 2013 death of Denzel Rainey, 42.

Owen told Englewood Police that she attacked Rainey with a Louisville …