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Airy South African Home Frames Gorgeous Views of Mountain and Sea

Located near the base of Lion’s Head mountain in Cape Town sits the OVD 919 house. It’s a massive 10,000 square foot estate designed by the renowned architecture firm SAOTA. Despite its large size, the focus of the copper-roofed home is not only the structure itself, but the gorgeous sky and sea …

South Africa

How to Write a Resume That Stands Out

The resume: there are so many conflicting recommendations out there. Should you keep it to one page? Do you put a summary up top? Do you include personal interests and volunteer gigs? This may be your best chance to make a good first impression, so you’ve got to get it right.

What the Experts Say


New NSA documents reveal plans to deliver malware through the Google Play store

The NSA developed a plan to deliver malware through Google and Samsung app stores, according to newly published documents obtained by Edward Snowden and published by The Intercept. The documents details a program called IRRITANT HORN, which delivers malware by intercepting web traffic to and from …


Obama Unveils Plan to Reverse Alarming Decline of Honeybees

The White House released three goals for saving honeybees and other pollinators, which are crucial to the nation's economy. But money isn't enough, one expert says.

The White House announced a new plan for halting the precipitous decline in honeybees and other pollinators on Tuesday, winning praise …


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A Brief Visual History of Weapons

From the axe, which originated in 1,000,000 B.C., to today's killer drones, mankind's use of weapons has been varied and incredibly inventive. Weapons have changed history and aided in the rise and fall of civilizations. For example, gunpowder, a Chinese invention, led to the development of cannons …

Middle Ages

New Invention - Easiest Drawers Ever!

Black Man Calls 911 In South Carolina To Report Home Invasion, Gets Shot By Deputy

The shooting, which may have paralyzed the man, occurred in the same county where a white police officer was charged with murder for shooting an unarmed black man a month ago.

A black man in South Carolina who called 911 Thursday to report an armed home invasion was mistakenly shot by a Sheriff’s …

South Carolina

If George Costanza Quotes Were Motivational Posters

“It’s not a lie if you believe it.”

George Costanza

How Terrorist Bounties Are Calculated

$25 million. That’s how much, prior to Osama bin Laden’s death in 2011, a hypothetical informant could have gotten for information leading to the …


Obama administration bans some military-style assault gear from local police departments - The Washington Post

CAMDEN, N.J. -- The Obama administration announced Monday it will ban federal transfers of certain types of military-style gear to local police departments, as the president seeks to respond to a spate of incidents that has frayed trust in communities across the country.

The banned items are tracked …


The Navy's Giant New Electric Railgun

Anders Breivik’s Inexplicable Crime - The New Yorker

Norway is a small country. It is also relatively homogeneous and egalitarian. This means that the distance from top to bottom is short, and that …


Most European men descended from just three ancestors

Almost two out of three modern European men (64 per cent) were descended from just three Bronze Age males

Most European men descend from just three Bronze Age dominant forefathers who began a ‘population explosion’ several thousand years ago.

A research team from the University of Leicester looked at …


Billionaire Offers Global Impact Tips, And Some Will Surprise You

Ranked #369 on the Forbes list of billionaires, Shari Arison is passionate about doing good business–and she means good.

Her bestselling book Activate Your Goodness shared her take on the impact of doing good on people. Her new book, The Doing Good Model, provides a thoughtful look at 13 values that …


How pandas may be eating their way to extinction

A giant panda may look like a vegetarian on the outside, but it definitely looks like a carnivore on the inside.

A genetic analysis of 121 samples of panda poop finds that the community of microbes living inside these animals’ guts is optimized to digest meat. This is despite the fact that giant …

Healthy Eating

How many iPhones can Tesla's home battery recharge during a blizzard?

Tesla’s Powerwall home battery is already a hit, and the device could prove to be quite useful in a variety of instances, including keeping the …


What happens if you threaten Obama on his new @POTUS Twitter account?

Almost immediately after President Obama created a personal Twitter account, @POTUS—his old one, @BarackObama, was mostly used by staffers—Twitter …

Teddy Bear

No, Apple Isn’t Working on a TV

The tech giant is said to have shelved plans to build a television.

Apple still isn’t ready to sell a television.

The consumer electronics giant quietly put aside its plans to build a TV after years of research, according to a Wall Street Journal report Monday. The company tried to develop a unique …


Ultimate Cereal Eating Machine

Investing In A More Sustainable Future That Includes A Lot Of Farmed Fish

A $10 million fund called Aqua-Spark is betting on small and medium companies that can make the fish farming business a lot more palatable for the planet.

Seafood—even the stuff labeled as "sustainable"—doesn't necessarily come from fish swimming wild and free in the oceans. Aquaculture, the …

This Power Plant In Australia Is The First Ever To Send Energy From Waves Into The Grid

Waves are reliable and powerful. But only now is the world beginning to look at their true potential as a source for renewable energy.

Looking off the coast of Garden Island in Western Australia, all you'll see is the ocean. But under the waves, the world's first grid-connected power plant is …

Etsy I.P.O. Tests Pledge to Balance Social Mission and Profit

The online craft bazaar Etsy made its debut on the Nasdaq stock market Thursday, signaling the birth of an unusual public corporation — and not just because its employees carry around compost on bicycles, or because its regulatory filings are peppered with phrases like, “We keep it real, …


Inside Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh's radical management experiment that prompted 14% of employees to quit

On March 24, Zappos' 1,500 or so employees got a memo from CEO Tony Hsieh.

"This is a long email," it began. "Please take 30 minutes to read through the email in its entirety."

It concerned the retailer's transition to "Holacracy," a manager-free operating structure that is composed, in theory, of …


Things are so bad in Russia that one-fifth of the country can barely afford to buy food

Consumer confidence in Russia just sank below levels seen during the financial crisis, with almost one-fifth (18%) of Russians earning only enough to buy food and other basic necessities.

The Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index dropped by seven points in the first quarter of 2015 to 72 points, as the …


Deep in the ocean, the world's first known warm-blooded fish

Scientists have found the first known example of a fish with warm blood.

The large circular fish is called an opah, or sometimes a moonfish, and researchers have determined that it can keep its internal temperature 5 degrees Celsius warmer than its environment.

"We were shocked," said Heidi Dewar, a …


15 Fascinating Cell Phone Related Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

1) The Name: “Cellular phones,” or more common today “cell phones,” get their name from the fact that areas served by towers are divided up into …


This 10 Minute TED Talk by Bill Gates Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Presenting


How do you give a great presentation? Here are 10 tips from Bill Gates in action.

With a net worth of $80 billion, Bill Gates happens to be the richest man on the planet. More than that, though, many are drawn to Gates and his ideas due to his everyday demeanor and down-to-earth presentation …

Bill Gates

The Truth About How Student Loans Affect A Graduate's Life

As outstanding student debt in the U.S. has ballooned — $1.2 trillion and counting — and rates of home-buying, marrying and child-bearing among young adults have gone in the opposite direction, many observers have pointed to the former as reason for the latter. The burden of student debt is too …


FBI: Security researcher claimed to hack, control plane in flight

Remember the security researcher who was pulled from a United flight and had his equipment taken (before its frequent flier miles-paying bug hunt) for tweeting about hacking into the plane via its entertainment system? In an application for a search warrant, FBI agents said he previously told them …