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Was founded in 1991


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9GAG is your best source of fun. Share anything you find interesting, get real responses from people all …

Tire shop praises Jane-Finch after leaving business unlocked


The owners of a family-run tire shop are praising the Jane-Finch community after the front door of their business was accidentally left open …



Human beings are social creatures. We are social not just in the trivial sense that we like company, and not just in the obvious sense that we each …




Oldest Human Fossil Discovered In Ethiopia

This 2.8 million-year-old jawbone may be the oldest human fossil in existence, according to two papers published simultaneously in Science.


39 Commonly Misused Words and How to Use Them Correctly

Easy to get wrong. Fortunately, not that hard to get right

This post is in partnership with Inc., which offers useful advice, resources and insights to entrepreneurs and business owners. The article below was originally published at Inc.com.

Where the mechanics of writing are concerned, I’m far from …


Inventor of K-Cups regrets the idea

The inventor of K-Cups regrets that he ever invented them.

"I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it," John Sylvan told The Atlantic in an interview.

Why? Because the K-Cups are bad for the environment -- they are disposable and not recyclable.

Sylvan originally envisioned the cup-like pouches that …


A single year on Pluto is longer than the whole history of the US

Here's a fairly astounding fact: The entire history of the United States has unfolded in the time it's taken Pluto to orbit the Sun once.(NASA/New …


A quarter of all smartphones sold in China are iPhones

One out of every four smartphones sold in urban China was an iPhone during the three months ending January 2015, according to sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. The impressive stats only serve to underline what we’ve been pointing out for upwards of the past year: that China is well on its …


Samsung’s latest iPhone clone doesn’t stop at hardware

It’s easy to see how Samsung ripped off the iPhone with the Galaxy S6’s hardware. The metallic frame with chamfered edges, antenna bands, and very familiar port positioning is blatantly taken from the iPhone 6.

But Samsung hasn’t just copied the way the iPhone looks physically. It’s also replicated …


Apple and Google 'FREAK attack' leaves millions of users vulnerable to hackers

Technology giants hurrying to fix a longstanding security flaw caused by US companies being forced to sell weakened encryption software to overseas customers

Millions of people may have been left vulnerable to hackers while surfing the web on Apple and Google devices, thanks to a newly discovered …


Warren Buffett To Al Sharpton, The 1% Makes 19% Of All Income, Pays 49% Of All Taxes

There is still considerable discussion about the 1% and whether they take more than they contribute to society. Yet Congress’s Joint Tax Committee says the top 1% pays 49% of all income taxes. That says a lot, yet many believe it should be more. Some of the 1% even think so. The best example is …

Warren Buffett

Why you really do get that from your father

We may look like our mothers but our genes have more in common with the paternal line, study finds

It is good news for put-upon husbands who fear their wife will turn out like their mother-in-law: scientists say that, genetically, we are more like our fathers.

A study has found that although we might …


Rotate This Travelers' Clock To Switch Time Zones Effortlessly

Korean designers' clock ensures you'll never lose a minute to time zone adjustment.

If you're a frequent traveler who has an analog time piece fetish, this clock by Korean design studio Elevenplus will be your new best friend. The cylindrical World Clock can ingeniously show what time it is in all …


Finally, a Gif to Teach You How a Gun Silencer Works

The science of noise supression

The repetitive power of the gif makes it a perfect way to learn how simple machines work. We saw that with these awesome gifs that break down the mechanics of engines and handguns, and we see it again here with the silencer.

SilencerCo posted this big infographic on …


Fit for a Pharaoh: Egypt Plans Its First New Pyramid in 4,500 years

One of the most iconic architectural typologies in history is set to be resurrected in Cairo!

Four and half millennia after the Pyramids of Giza were completed on the outskirts of the city, the Ministry of Housing has unveiled a proposal for a tower, Zayed Crystal Spark, to anchor the planned …


How Much Of Your Income Should You Save?

There’s no question more fundamental to personal finance than how much money we should save. Our savings rate is the cornerstone of virtually every other decision about money we make. It affects everything from buying a home to saving for emergencies to retirement.

Yet the guidance on this important …


Edward Snowden ready to return to U.S., lawyer says

Updated 3/3/15 4:08 PM EST

Edward Snowden is ready to go home to the United States.

“Snowden is ready to return to the States, but on the condition that he is given a guarantee of a legal and impartial trial,” his Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, said at a news conference Tuesday, as quoted by …

Edward Snowden

The 10 Best Things From March 2015

Some things are just ... better

This article was originally published in the March 2015 issue of Popular Science, under the title "Obsessed."

Space Station

Apple Unveils Most Stunning Photos Shot with an iPhone 6

Just how amazing can a picture be that's shot on an iPhone 6? Get ready to find out. Apple is rolling out a new global advertising campaign that shows off the incredible photos and videos that are taken on an iPhone 6 every day. Billboards around the world, 70 cities in 24 countries, will feature …


Buffalo's $1 homes aren't as cheap as they seem

Paying $1 for a house may seem too good to be true -- and, in many cases, it is.

In Buffalo, New York, the city is selling vacant properties for a buck to those willing to fix them up and live in them for a few years.

Buffalo's Urban Homesteading Program, which has been around for almost four decades …


U.S. federal agents raid suspected ‘maternity hotels’ in California

Federal agents raided about 20 Southern California locations on Tuesday suspected of involvement in “maternity tourism” schemes offering travel and lodging services to pregnant foreign women seeking to give birth in the United States, U.S. immigration officials said.

Authorities say the so-called …


Apple may be about to hurt Google's search business

Google's search deal with Apple — which makes Google the default search engine on Apple's mobile devices — is up for renewal this year.

Because Apple and Google do not get along, Google investors are worried Apple will dump Google as the default, thus hammering Google's mobile ad revenue.

Analysts at …


Genomes document ancient mass migration to Europe

DNA analysis has revealed evidence for a massive migration into the heartland of Europe 4,500 years ago.

Data from the genomes of 69 ancient individuals suggest that herders moved en masse from the continent's eastern periphery into Central Europe.

These migrants may be responsible for the expansion …



Vintage is such a hot design theme these days. And just because a look is old, doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive. With this spectacular deal, you’ll get 300+ vintage-style logos, labels and badges to create your next masterpiece! This Mega Bundle, from DesignDistrict, is culled from 18 unique sets, includes .PSD, .EPS and .AI vector files, and is fully customizable. Best of all, you can get the whole shebang for just $10! That’s pretty much the price of lunch. So just brown bag it one day …

Samsung Galaxy S6 phones emphasize design, ditch many popular features

A sleek glass and metal body, no removable battery or waterproof capabilities, fixed storage space and a new mobile payment service.

No, not the iPhone. It's the newest Samsung smartphone.

The South Korean electronics giant introduced its redesigned smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, at …


HIV strain came from gorillas, study finds

Western lowland gorillas in southern Cameroon appear to be the source for the second-most-lethal category of the immunodeficiency virus that crossed into humans, a new study suggests.

The category, called HIV-1 group O, has not been nearly as dangerous to humans as group M, which has infected more …


What Happens When You Strap a Camera to a Sea Turtle's Shell

Using a camera strapped to the creature, scientists reveal for the first time the intricacies of how the sea giant hunts.

Submerged in murky seawater, a grey leatherback turtle homes in on its spineless prey, a pink jellyfish drifting through the dark green abyss. The giant turtle glides toward the …


Ferrofluid makes the lava lamp cool again

A new desk lamp is taking over from the lava lamp -- by replacing the boring old wax lava with interactive magnetic fluid.

Magnetism is one of the …

Lava Lamp

Here's how rich you'd be if you had bet $1,000 on Warren Buffett way back when

This weekend, Warren Buffett released his 50th annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Over that half-century, Buffett took the failing textile company and turned it into a legendary conglomerate.

Using historical price data for Berkshire Hathaway class A shares from a retrospective …

Warren Buffett