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17 Inventive DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

Whatever you’re looking for – unique, ingenious, stylish, quirky – this list of 17 do-it-yourself hacks will help you improve your home from …


Innovative 3D Printed Creations Paving the Way for a Better Future

As time progresses, so do advancements in technology. Today, we live in a high-tech world filled with constantly evolving mobile devices, a variety of handheld gadgets, and apps for just about everything, but we’re only at the beginning of a big boom in the 3D printing industry. 3D printers may not …

3D Printing

Elephants rarely get cancer, now scientists think they know why

You've heard that elephants never forget, but did you know they almost never get cancer either?

It turns out that just 4.8% of known elephant deaths are related to cancer. For humans, cancer-related deaths are much higher -- between 11% and 25%, scientists say.

The elephant's low cancer rate is …


Bottle to String

An engineer in Russia shows off a neat gadget that lets him convert plastic drink bottles into string usable for lashing and heat-shrinking. His …

Bergdorf Goodman Magazine Fall 2015

Bergdorf Goodman Magazine Fall 2015

The Department of Defense plans to unveil its Iron Man-style TALOS suit in 2018

Taking a page directly out of Marvel’s Iron Man franchise, the United States Department of Defense announced it’s just two years away from debuting …


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Is a Ban on Physical Cash Coming Soon?

The Central Banks hate physical cash. So much so they there will likely try to ban it in the near future. You see, almost all of the “wealth” in the …


Huge Announcement From SpaceX Coming Soon, Possibly Regarding A Future Mars Mission

Space Photo credit: Maybe it's water on Mars? Oh, we already did that. SpaceX.In just over a decade, SpaceX has established itself as one of the most …


US, Turkey: Most Russian strikes do not target 'IS,' al Qaeda in Syria

The US and Turkey have said that Russian strikes in Syria have mainly targeted moderate rebel groups, not "Islamic State" fighters. Meanwhile, the Syrian regime launched its first ground offensive with Russian help. The US State Department says Russia, apart from wanting to prop up Bashar …


Adobe’s amazing prototype camera app can remove tourists from your holiday photos

An amazing new prototype demo from Adobe at its MAX conference in San Francisco showed a camera app that can intelligently remove tourists and other obstructions from photos.

The camera application can be put into ‘Monument Mode’, which runs an algorithm over the captured image to remove objects and …

Travel Photography

5 Steps To A Magnificently Groomed Beard

If you’re a bearded man then you more than likely have received the same line of questioning when someone you don’t know notices your beard; “how …


“Just Googling it” is bad for your brain

Having the world at our fingertips around the clock takes a lot of the pressure off our minds to remember basic facts. But the ability to find answers on search engines like Google is also killing our memories, a recent report (pdf) by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab shows.

When asked a question, …

The Brain

Spiral of violence between Israelis and Palestinians spreads

(CNN) — Thespike in violence between Palestinians and Israelis shows no signs of abating,with three stabbing attacksreported Thursday.

Two Israelis were assaulted within about an hour of each other Thursday, authorities said.

In Tel Aviv, a female Israeli soldier was stabbed with a screwdriver, …

Middle East

Oil price slump turns Saudi surplus into huge deficit, IMF report shows

The full extent of the impact of slumping crude prices on Saudi Arabia’s public finances has been highlighted by the International Monetary Fund in a new report telling oil exporters to be braced for a prolonged period of disruption to their budgets.

The fund’s half-yearly fiscal monitor report …

Crude Oil Prices

Why airplane makers keep trying to patent horrifying seating arrangements

European plane maker Airbus filed a patent for a seating design that would literally stack passengers on top of each other. If it ever makes it to market, the layout could turn planes into a complex game of human Tetris.

The whole thing basically sounds something thought up by The Onion. And in …


Most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

And over 20% of Americans don’t even have a savings account.

And over 20% don’t even have a savings account

Americans are living right on the edge — at least when it comes to financial planning.

Approximately 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts and 21% don’t even have a …

Personal Finance

The 18 countries with the lowest tax rates in the world

When looking at where to locate themselves, international businesses pay a lot of attention to the tax rates in different countries. Governments also often compete to one-up each other on their business taxes.

The World Economic Forum's recent global competitiveness report uses "total tax rate" as …


Stop Calling My Daughter’s Death a Car Accident

When we say “accident,” we are saying deaths on our cities' streets are inevitable.The post Stop Calling My Daughter’s Death a Car Accident appeared …


Watch As An Autonomous Truck Zooms Down The Autobahn

Look, Ma, no hands!

When driving on Germany's notorious ultra-fast Autobahn, you generally hope that the other drivers have their hands firmly on the wheel. But last Friday, there was at least one giant freight truck on the Autobahn whose driver took a more hands-off approach, allowing the truck …


9 Authentic Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Shark Tank

Over the past few years, you could say that Shark Tank has become one of the best sources of education for entrepreneurship. If you were to watch …


This Singaporean banker quit his job to spend 5 years learning to make shoes 'the real way'

SINGAPORE — A bespoke shoe made in the old tradition can take two to three weeks of constant labour by an experienced shoemaker.

In Asia, where more and more products are going the way of mass manufacturing, a handmade shoe is rare and less appreciated by a people who aren't as exposed to them, says …


Best Minimalist Wallets of 2015

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to reflect new selections for 2015. Additional Contribution by Nick Caruso.

Call them what you want — card …

George Costanza

Porsche chooses Apple CarPlay because Google reportedly asks for too much data

Both Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto can turn regular vehicles into connected cars, but according to Porsche, one has a distinct advantage over the other. Motor Trend reports that the German car manufacturer went with Apple's infotainment system over Google's in its new 911 Carrera and 911 …


How American Apparel Went Bankrupt

American Apparel, once a juggernaut in the fashion industry, is now bankrupt, a precipitous fall for a company that was once worth $1 billion.

The …

American Apparel

9 features you probably didn't know exist in WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the app Facebook bought for $19 billion (£12 billion), is used by more than 900 million people around the world and has become one of the best ways to connect with people in different countries or have group conversations.

Unlike with text messaging, WhatsApp uses a data connection, which …


TOW Missile vs T-72 Tank In Slow Motion

A TOW 2B Missile Pops the Top Off a Russian Tank Like a Bottle of Beer

TOW (Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wirelessly-guided​) missiles have been in the field ​for decades now, used by over 45 of the world's militaries, with at least 15,000 in service. But in recent years, as Raytheon has continued to develop its weapon system, new variants have made it even more …


Science explains why hipsters grow beards

Men might be growing beards to appear more attractive to women and more dominant to other men, a study on monkeys suggests

Scientists think they may have solved one of the great mysteries of the age. Why are so many of today's men growing beards?

The answer, according to The University of Western …

Facial Hair

Watch as Aston Martin's $2.3-million hypercar meets the awesome bomber it was named after

Aston Martin

The Aston Martin Vulcan is simply one of the best looking cars money can buy right now. Aston introduced the Vulcan earlier this year at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Immediately, the $2.3 million hypercar became the talk of the town. The Vulcan's intoxicating combination of style, …

Aston Martin