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Bitcoin Mining Scheme Discovered

Cybercriminals are hijacking Skype accounts in order to create spendable, almost-real Bitcoins.

Bitcoins are a hot commodity for traders, speculators and economists—and now they're fertile territory for virtual mining. A new form of malware discovered by Kaspersky Labs last week turns computers into …


Cybercriminals Hack Into Factory

The Homeland Security Department disclosed a strange incident in which cybercriminals took over a New Jersey factory's building management software in 2012 thanks to a security flaw.

In one of the strangest smart grid hacker attacks ever, cybercriminals managed to penetrate the thermostats of a …


Convicted Hacker, Troll "Weev" Livetweets Prison Sentence

Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer, a prolific hacker and Internet troll, is livetweeting his prison sentence through an email service for inmates.

Andrew Auernheimer, a hacker and internet troll known as "Weev" who is serving a 41-month prison sentence under murky legal circumstances, is currently …

New York City

Gaming Companies Hit By Cyberattack

A new paper claims China-based hackers have been systematically stealing source code and network infrastructure information from MMORPGs since 2010.

China-based hackers have been systematically attacking video gaming companies since at least 2010, a new report claims. Kaspersky Labs says that the …

Hacker Group

Hacker Shows How To Attack An Airplane's Systems—Using A Phone

Weak aircraft security systems seem vulnerable to mobile hacks.

A German security researcher has demonstrated how easy it can be to hack into the digital systems of an airliner in flight using the right coding knowledge and hardware that's not hard to get—including a Samsung smartphone.

Hugo Teso …


Amazing Photos Of Earth From Above, From Canada's Tiny Space Program

A very social media-savvy astronaut from the frozen North recently took over on the International Space Station, and the images he’s beaming back are incredible.

Canadians go to space too, eh?

While American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts may typically get most of the recognition for space …

Asteroid Mining To Become A Two-Horse Race

Another commercial firm is about to enter the race to mine asteroids for profit.

Deep Space Industries is due to reveal its plans to mine asteroids. The announcement will occur later today in Santa Monica's Museum of Flying. Within just two years Deep Space Industries says it will send drones called …

Asteroid Mining

Mars One Has Officially Raised "Millions" To Build The Red Planet's First Human Settlement

The not-for-profit just raised "a few million" in funding. It's nowhere close to the expected $6 billion pricetag, but it's a start.

Mars One, the private not-for-profit that's planning to build the red planet's first human settlement in 2023, has secured several million dollars in funding for its …

Solar System

Strand-1, The Space-Bound Smartphone, Is Nearly Ready For Liftoff

The unmodified Nexus One, which powers the Strand-1 satellite, will be in orbit for six months and will send photos of Earth from space from its 5-megapixel camera.

The countdown to send Strand-1, the smartphone-powered satellite, into space has begun. SSTL, aka Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, …


Historic Apollo Moon Rocket Engines Raised From Deep Ocean

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos finds a bit of space history.

When the giant Saturn V rockets that propelled Neil Armstrong and his colleagues to the Moon had done their brief but fiery job, they were simply left to tumble through the atmosphere. They then fell, discarded, into the Atlantic ocean, where all …

Moon Missions

Watch: An Astronaut's One-Way Trip Into Space

It’s a haunting image, but then again, there are worse ways to spend retirement.

It’s the cruel joke of the universe. The longevity of man simply doesn’t scale to the unfathomable expanses of the cosmos. Our closest neighbor, the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, is 25,000 light years away. Even if you …


Photographing Star Trails From Space, At 17,000 MPH

ISS Astronaut Don Pettit offers a rare view from beyond the heavens.

Is this really Earth we see in these photographs? It can’t be. There’s no blue ocean, golden continents, or clearly delineated socio-political boundaries. It must be some sort of cosmic record player…or maybe just a really great …


Today Humans Began A Journey To The Stars

Ladies and gentlemen: Voyager 1 has left the solar system.

According to a press release from the American Geophysical Union, the Voyager 1 space probe has passed beyond the heliosphere of our solar system. The discovery is being published as a scientific paper, but curiously NASA seems reluctant to …


Space As A Creative Muse

Space Art? No. This is art about earth, as told through space.

In space, every gram of weight, every liter of oxygen, and every movement of the body has massive consequences. Which makes it no place for art, you’d think. But as Free Enterprise: The Art of Citizen Space Exploration, a new show at …


A Rare, Stunning Glimpse Inside The World's Space Programs [Slideshow]

Vincent Fournier's crisp, detached pictures of space facilities straddle the divide between documentary and fantasy.

Vincent Fournier has the dream job of anyone who ever fantasized about being an astronaut (but shrinked away from the zero-G simulator): For the past decade he has traveled to space …


SpaceX Lands Air Force Rocket Launch Deal

Elon Musk's private space company has secured its first contract from the U.S. Air Force. Does this move SpaceX into an innovative new frontier of the 21st-century space race?

SpaceX has somewhat quietly landed a pivotal deal this week: Mission orders from the United States Air Force Space and …

Space Science

Watch This Video Of Robots Harvesting Space Junk

Recycling isn’t just happening on Earth. The military has plans to do a lot with all the hardware we’ve thrown into space.

Like email and the Internet, GPS is one of those seemingly magic technologies—we know somewhere deep down that the directions on our smartphone have to come from somewhere, but …

Solar Power Beamed From Space Inches Toward Reality

There is a lot of sunlight in our atmosphere. But we have no way to get power from it down to Earth, because a miles-long extension cord isn’t practical. But scientists are working hard on other solutions.

High above the atmosphere, virtually limitless power is raining down on the Earth. Dreams of …

Branson On The Impact Of Space Travel

Branson thinks that by being in space, people become more passionate about the planet. And he’s planning on helping out cash-strapped NASA with its research, too.

Earlier this week, Virgin Galactic—the space travel arm of the Virgin Group—debuted the first-ever spaceport in New Mexico. Dubbed …



Mr. Jack Dorsey decided he would buy the coffee himself. We are at Sightglass, a San Francisco beanery and coffee shop owned by two brothers whose vintage roaster fills the cavernous space with a constant and rich aroma. "They were my first of three vendors," …

Jack Dorsey

The Extreme Filmmaking Behind "Chasing Ice"

The crew risked their lives traversing the frozen reaches of the planet to capture melting icebergs in real time.

Walking barefoot through a frozen sea and repelling down an ice cliff to snap a picture—just another day at the office. Those are but two examples of the lengths that the team behind the …


Twitter Creator Jack Dorsey on Plane Crashes, the Ghost of Britney Spears, and the Difficulty of Defining Influence

Dorsey's quotidian existence seen through a collage of pics.

This interview is part of our ongoing series related to The Influence Project.

If you're addicted to crafting the perfect 140 character tweet haiku, you can thank—or curse—Twitter creator Jack Dorsey. The former taxi, courier …

Britney Spears

How Jack Dorsey's Square Is Accidentally Disrupting The Entire Payments Industry

Dorsey and Square COO Keith Rabois talk to Fast Company about their unintentional, design-driven revolution, what it means for the cash register space, the deals space, and the future of buying ... everything.

The new payment system that Square launched today is going to have a profound effect on …

Jack Dorsey

Twitter Founders' Tweets Give Insight Into Twitter's Past

Yesterday, Business Insider released a lengthy report on the "real" history of Twitter. The crux of it is as follows: Noah Glass and Florian Webber are the forgotten founders of Twitter, the report claims; Evan Williams fired Noah Glass at some point for varying reasons; and Williams may have …


Jack Dorsey's Dream Job Is Mayor Of New York

First, Twitter. Then came Square. Next stop Gracie Mansion?

Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey was on 60 Minutes last night, where he spoke again about his New York mayoral ambitions. The tech innovator, who was on the show to talk about his mobile payment system Square, first talked about his political …


At Square, Jack Dorsey and Keith Rabois Are OCD About Design

Having just raised $28 million for their pay-by-iPhone technology, the company's founders are still maniacs for refining their product's design.

"Literally, in three minutes you can be ready to go and accept your first credit card payment," says Keith Rabois, COO of Square, the mobile card swiping …

Jack Dorsey

Twitter's Role in the Iranian Election Protests: Shining a Spotlight

The events unfolding today in Bangkok bring back memories of the crucial role that Twitter played in spreading news about the massive demonstrations that took place during the Iranian elections earlier this year. As Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey points out in this video, the updates helped put the …


Square's "Director of Experience" On Why An In-House Barista Makes Everyone Happy

And other wonderful, whimsical lessons on how to keep employees psyched and productive (terrariums, apparently) from Kyle Zink, the payment company’s own Willy Wonka.

Kyle Zink, "Director of Experience" at Square, wears many hats. Zink started at the payments company in November of 2010, having …


Square Brings Credit Card Swiping to the Mobile Masses, Starting Today

Now that Square is publicly available for iPhone and Android OS, with millions of card readers being shipped free of charge, Jack Dorsey tells Fast Company how his business model will disrupt the way you pay.

Starting today, Square aims to make credit card sales as easy for retailers with an iPhone …


Let Marissa Mayer Do Her Job

In case you've lost track, she's the CEO of Yahoo. Not Working Women Inc.

"People are looking at you as a role model as well, looking at you as an example," Savannah Guthrie told Marissa Mayer on the Today Show. "Has that been difficult to deal with?"

Looking slightly flustered, Mayer repeated a …

Women's News