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Finally! An Understandable Guide to Common Wine Terms

Bon Viveur Magazine

Bon Viveur Magazine

7 Pizza and Wine Pairings

The Perfect Wine Pairing For Your Favorite Sushi [Infographic]

Bon Viveur Magazine

Bon Viveur Magazine

Cabernet Sauvignon vs. Merlot :: Do You Know the Difference?

What to Consider When Starting Your Wine Cellar

Bon Viveur Magazine

7 Pizza and Wine Pairings<p>Pizza and wine pairing chart. Has there ever been a better pairing? This helpful guide to the best pizza and wine pairings …

A Quest For Simplicity Ends With The Perfect Retirement Home

Not all quests belong in the fantasy world. Some are as real as they can get. For architects, each project is a new quest, a new challenge and an …


A GP's guide to stocking your medicine cabinet

Most of us have allowed our bathroom cupboards to become cluttered with useless and out-of-date drugs and devices. Here’s what you should have to hand<p>A&E is full to bursting, GPs are stretched to breaking point – there has never been a better time to treat ourselves. But, when you are unwell, the …


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Port Dundas 1988 (Closed Distillery) 25 year old- Lowland - For sale<p>Littlemill 22 years old 1992 Cadenhead - 558 bottles - For sale<p>at<p>15:56 No …

Good Whisky, Bad Times

This blend for this 21-year-old single malt has been handpicked…<p>For Ardbeg, the mid-1990s was the best of times and it was the worst of times. …

Nick Offerman Silently Sips Single Malt Scotch Whisky Alone to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Nick Offerman silently sips Lagavulin‘s single malt Scotch whisky alone for an hour while counting down the end of 2016 and welcoming the beginning …

7 Whiskey Trends To Watch In 2017

What trends will drive whiskey in 2017? The brown-spirits boom shows little sign of decline, so this year will likely be defined by further …

Learn How to Easily Read a Whiskey Label

Whether you are new to the whiskey category (and if so, welcome!) or whether you know your single malts from your bourbon, it’s always important to …


The 25 Best Oscar Beauty Moments of All Time, from Grace Kelly to Emma Stone

While much of the focus at the Academy Awards is on who won (and what they wore)--the most memorable looks of all time wouldn't have gone down in history without the right hair and makeup. From Grace Kelly's up-do to Michelle Williams's scarlet red lips and Halle Berry's ultra pixie cut, here's …

Halle Berry

Europe's 11 best luxury ski chalets | CNN Travel


California's new pot economy valued at $7 billion

The future of California's legal<p>marijuanaindustry is being shaped in a warren of cubicles tucked inside a retired basketball arena, where a garden of paper cannabis leaves sprouts on file cabinets and a burlap sack advertising "USA Home Grown" dangles from a wall.<p>Here, in the outskirts of …


Trump’s Yuge Week One

What really mattered, and what didn’t.<p>President Donald Trump’s first seven days in office were historic, chaotic, often astonishing and sometimes unsettling. With a flurry of provocative executive orders, surreal events, unapologetic falsehoods and did-he-really-say-that tweets, Trump continued to …

Donald Trump

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris: Pictures

Lady Gaga