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Fashion or Passion

An Elegant Hello To Everyone! The aim of this page is to create a fashion platform with a wide range of appeal for everyone. This platform includes a large scale from the preferences of casual wear, to the fashion icons of the world that guide the international fashion market sector. Fashion identifies and defines the consumption trends of the society. It is also expressed as a temporary innovation that affects social life with aesthetic concerns. Fashion is the general expression of the consumption trends of a society, it includes social choices that are active for a specific period. Famous fashion icons, huge textile stores, millions of storefronts, and the familiar faces of the parties, reputable people who attract attention with the taste and style of the world of steer the fashion. So, we must say, the sense of fashion plays a very effective and considerable role in the social area. Fashion is also very remarkable with its adventure in history. In the past, the queen and king’s dressing style was an example to the people of that country. Wearing clothes also changed with respect to hierarchy and race. Nobility, mastership, and slavery, servants and ladies…And in such kinds of distinctions in the country; everyone reflected the group which they belonged to through the clothes choice. The dressing is the first thing that comes to mind in fashion, but fashion is not limited to clothes. Fashionable collections lead you from the style of home decor to the jewelry, from the hats to the music you listen to and from the places you go and even to the behavior act… The leading brand names, curators and market strategies in sales sector direct the fashion styles… Of course, there are other factors that give way to fashion; media, printed documents (magazines, newspapers, famous and popular people’s preferences in the magazines and social media) and sparkling showcases of famous and popular stores. For a product to sell well, it must first be fashionable and up-to-date. The more up-to-date and trendy a product is, the more sales it makes so the more fashionable a product is, the more attractive it is. I do not think fashion as a tool of capitalism, although this system works like this; On the contrary, I feel myself very close to the fashion because it presents us a large, different and aesthetic space like a selection catalog. The purpose of dressing is not to cover our bodies; like it was in the old times; now the dressing is a way to reflect one’s own choices, spirit, mode and style to the other side. When we keep quiet our choices talks. Fashion does not make people simple and routinized; on the contrary, it offers them a very wide and current spectrum. As far as the fashion is concerned; preferences talks; just your choice is as effective from the perfume you use from a jewelry you put on. It shows an attitude towards others. Even the smallest detail you choose will show your taste and sense of aesthetics. Do not use anything that you do not love and do not feel you own Do not forget that everything that does not belong to you, including behavior looks artificial and fake self-evidently. Be so integrate with everything on you (and in your mind); that do not have any question in your mind when you leave the house, just go to show your gusto with every piece on you. Because you are exclusive and unique.