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On GPS: N. Korea's nuclear threats - CNN Video

North Korea

Trump could be the best thing that’s happened to China in a long time

Donald Trump has perhaps attacked no country as consistently as China. During his campaign, he thundered that China was “raping” the United States, “killing” us on trade and artificially depressing its currency to make its goods cheap. Since being elected, he has spoken to the leader of Taiwan and …


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Fareed's Take: A Russia briefing for Trump - CNN Video

Neil deGrasse Tyson calls for audacious science

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson tells Fareed why investing in big science projects like the mission to Mars can create "innovation nations.


On GPS: Is 2017 the end of Pax Americana? - CNN Video


Baker on Israel, settlements, two-state solution - CNN Video


We know what Russia did. But what we really need to understand is why.

I’m glad that Donald Trump will finally get a briefing on the unanimous conclusion of America’s intelligence agencies that the Russian government was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. But he should also request and receive a political …


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America’s democracy has become illiberal

Two decades ago, I wrote an essay in Foreign Affairs that described an unusual and worrying trend: the rise of illiberal democracy. Around the world, dictators were being deposed and elections were proliferating. But in many of the places where ballots were being counted, the rule of law, respect …


NASA Administrator Remembers NASA Scientist, Astronaut Piers Sellers

The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden on Piers Sellers, who passed away Friday in Houston of pancreatic cancer:

North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy

In 2005, in the midst of a career of traveling around the world to help set up elections in some of the most challenging places on earth – …


Stephen Cohen on recent U.S.-Russia tensions - CNN Video


Vladimir Putin wants a new world order. Why would Donald Trump help him?

Put his campaign rhetoric, tweets and appointments all together, and we’re getting a sense of U.S. foreign policy under Donald Trump. The president-elect has consistently signaled that he wants to be accommodating toward Russia and get tough on China. But that sees the world almost backward. China …


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