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The president who cried wolf

For most of his life, Donald Trump has found words to be his friends. He has used them to build his business, dramatize his achievements and embellish his accomplishments. As important, he has used them to explain away his missteps and to paper over his problems. He built a 58-story building in …

Donald Trump

9 questions for Fareed Zakaria

The CNN host on reading Tocqueville and what he got wrong about Trump.<p>This week, Fareed Zakaria, author and host of CNN’s <i>GPS</i>, answers our questions.<p><b>What’s the first piece of media you consume every day?</b><p>I'd love to give say something more surprising but, invariably, it's the New York Times, followed …


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Fareed's Take: Trump's credibility problem

Fareed gives his take on how Trump's habit of using "truthful hyperbole" in business will affect American interests now that he's in the White House.

Donald Trump

On GPS: Conservatives on Trump-Comey drama

As investigations of Trump's Russia ties heat up, commentators David Frum, Bret Stephens & Ron Kessler ask what it will mean for the GOP & the White House.

Donald Trump

Conservatives on Trump's political problems

Commentators David Frum, Bret Stephens and Ron Kessler on what comes next for the White House as impeachment debate surrounds President Trump

Donald Trump

Last Look: Bedtimes stories from China's govt.

On GPS, the Chinese government's latest effort at shoring up support for its One Belt, One Road development plans? Bedtime stories.

One Belt, One Road

What in the World: Citizenship for sale

Fareed breaks down a controversial investor visa program and the surprisingly widespread policy of paying for citizenship around the world.


A science lesson with Neil deGrasse Tyson

On GPS, Neil deGrasse Tyson digs into the science that shaped our universe and why understanding science is important today.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Former CIA boss Hayden on Russia investigation

Former head of the NSA & CIA Michael Hayden tells Fareed why he now has an "open mind" on the need for a special investigation into Trump's ties to Russia.

National Security Agency (NSA)

On GPS: Eve and modern motherhood

Bestselling author Bruce Feiler tells Fareed what lessons the Bible's first mother, Eve, can reveal to 21st century parents.


The Opening of the Liberal Mind

There is no denying the left-leaning political bias on American college campuses. As data from UCLA’s Higher Education Institute show, the professoriate has moved considerably leftward since the late 1980s, especially in the arts and humanities. In New England, where my own university is located, …


Last Look: Food Crisis in Yemen

Fareed takes a look at a growing emergency in Yemen: amidst the civil war, there is a rising risk of famine.

Middle East

Trump can’t stop saying things that aren’t true

President Trump thinks he invented a term “a couple of days ago” that he has been using for months and that economists have for more than a century, and it wasn't even the least accurate thing he said in his latest interview.<p>Now, everyone is understandably laughing at Trump's history of the phrase …

Health Care

The Comey firing reminds us of a bigger danger

I have tried to evaluate Donald Trump’s presidency fairly. I’ve praised him when he has appointed competent people to high office and expressed support for his policies when they seemed serious and sensible (even though this has drawn criticism from some quarters). But there has always been another …

James B. Comey

What in the World: U.S. airlines

After a series of scandals for U.S. air carriers, Fareed digs in to how American airlines became an old-fashioned oligopoly and what that means for consumers.

United States

The Islamic Enlightenment: The Modern Struggle Between Faith and Reason Hardcover – 23 Feb 2017