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Freeland: NAFTA talks need "win-win-win" mindset

On GPS, Canada's Foreign Minister Freeland warns that a winner-take-all attitude in NAFTA negotiations won't work.


Trump may repeat a tragic history

<b>(CNN) —</b> In two crucial arenas, North Korea and Iran, Trump has dramatically raised the risks for the United States, and for no good reason. Determined to seem tougher than his predecessor, he has set out maximalist positions on both countries. He wants a totally denuclearized North Korea and an …

North Korea

Trump may repeat a tragic history

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s comprehensive documentary series on the Vietnam War is filled with the stories and voices of ordinary soldiers on all sides of the conflict. But the most tragic aspect of the tale, for me, was hearing President Lyndon B. Johnson on tape, before full U.S. engagement, …

Foreign Policy

Fareed's Take: Trump, the "Chaos President"

Fareed gives his take on President Trump's "unpredictable and incoherent" foreign policy approach, after he decertified the Iran nuclear deal.

Foreign Policy

Clinton on Russia's influence in 2016 election

On GPS, does Putin have a grudge against Hillary Clinton? She says Russian interference was mostly aimed at sowing division & weakening democracy in the US.


Clinton: Nixing Iran deal "very dangerous"

Hillary Clinton tells Fareed that Trump's threat to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal ruins U.S. credibility and "plays right into Iranian hands."


Friedman: What if Vegas shooter was Muslim?

Tom Friedman tells Fareed that while Americans are quick to politicize terrorism by Muslims, "nothing is happening" in the aftermath of the Vegas massacre.

Las Vegas Shooting

Trump Alienates America’s Allies and Hands Iran a Victory

For months, President Trump has made no secret of his desire to tear up one of the Obama administration’s top national security achievements: the nuclear accord with Iran, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or J.C.P.O.A.<p>Mr. Trump repeatedly bashed the agreement during last …


Hillary Clinton interviewed by Fareed Zakaria for Sunday, Oct. 15 at 10:00am Eastern and Pacific

October 13th, 2017<p><b>Hillary Clinton</b>, former U.S. Secretary of State (2009-2013) and 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee, joined CNN’s <b>Fareed Zakaria</b> for a wide-ranging interview set to air on Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017 at 10:00am Eastern and Pacific.<p>The interview covered the subjects of Iran, North Korea, …

Hillary Clinton

China is winning the future. Here’s how.

This week, the front page of the New York Times described the Trump administration’s repeal of the Clean Power Plan, the Obama administration’s attempt to slash carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants. “The war on coal is over,” declared Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott …

Clean Power Plan

Clinton on Weinstein scandal: "I was just sick"

Hillary Clinton tells Fareed that the sexual assaults Harvey Weinstein is accused of are "intolerable in every way," and pledges to give his political donations to charity.


The Remains of the Day Paperback – Unabridged, September 12, 1990

On GPS: Why gun control in U.S. won't work

Statistician Leah Libresco believed gun control policies would save American lives -- until she ran the numbers.

Gun Control

Despite shootings, why such lax U.S. gun laws?

On GPS, David Frum says the U.S. has lax gun laws because most people believe firearms make them safer, and it's not politic to tell them they are wrong.

United States

Talking about mental health after mass shootings is a cop-out

“He was a sick man, a demented man,” said President Trump, trying to explain the latest mass shooting in the United States. We hear this view expressed routinely, after every new incident. But it is a dodge, a distortion of the facts and a cop-out as to the necessary response.<p>There is no evidence …

Gun Control