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Dalio: China has a lot of potential - CNN Video



Let’s talk about bridges, not burrito bowls

The discussion of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy has, so far, thoroughly explored her video announcement, restaurant choices, clothes, health, ethics …

Hillary Clinton

What I'm reading: The new Saudi foreign policy

“Today, the Middle East is once more dividing against itself, and this time, those divisions are underwritten by sectarian identities. A new …

What I'm reading: Probing the heart of French malaise

“The trauma of the 25 years of total war that followed the French Revolution caused France’s birthrates to shrink and its power in the 19th century …

What I'm reading: Putin's hard sell

“There’s another reason Putin’s act strengthens the case for a deal: It shows that, deal or no deal, the international sanctions against Iran cannot …

What I'm reading: There is no ‘good’ Shia militia in Iraq

“It’s always been in Iran’s interests to promote the narrative that all Shia militias are working on its behalf, and American officials looking at the …

What I'm reading: 'Dynasties' in The Economist

“The secret to healthy family power is competition,” The Economist writes. “In an open system of free markets, governed by the rule of law and held …

On GPS: What are China's intentions? - CNN Video


On GPS: Paulson on the U.S.-China relationship - CNN Video


Starving for Wisdom

“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom.”

That epigram from E.O. Wilson captures the dilemma of our era. Yet the solution of some folks is to disdain wisdom.

“Is it a vital interest of the state to have more anthropologists?” Rick Scott, the Florida governor, once asked. A leader …


Sachs: Act now on climate change - CNN Video


Last Look: A well-guarded rhino - CNN Video


On GPS: Paulson on the U.S. economy - CNN Video


What in the World: Turkey's transition into an illiberal democracy - CNN Video


Fareed's Take: What happened to the pivot to Asia? - CNN Video


We Need The Liberal Arts More Than Ever In Today's Digital World, Fareed Zakaria Says

A liberal arts education is the best preparation for many careers, especially in the U.S., given today's global technology-driven economy, CNN host Fareed Zakaria says.

"The future of a country like the U.S. rests on our ability to master how technology interacts with how humans live, work and …

Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria Shares 4 Key Ways to Become an Incredible Leader


There is only one educational path for the best leaders and, surprisingly, it's not an engineering degree. Zakaria shares the secret.

In Fareed Zakaria's new book In Defense of a Liberal Education (W.W. Norton and Company, 2015), he makes it clear that while a liberal arts degree may not …

Fareed Zakaria

David Brooks on his top GOP presidential candidate picks - CNN Video

David Brooks

Summers: The 2016 presidential campaign should focus on middle class - CNN Video

Middle Class