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Zakaria: How Saudi Arabia played Donald Trump

<b>(CNN) —</b> The United States has now signed up for Saudi Arabia's foreign policy — a relentless series of battles against Shiites and their allies throughout the Middle East. That will enmesh Washington in a never-ending sectarian struggle, fuel regional instability and complicate its ties with …

Middle East

Poem at Manchester vigil: "This is the Place"

Poet Tony Walsh delivers a poem, "This is the Place," at a vigil for victims of the terror attack at a concert in Manchester, England.


GPS Web Extra: Gettleman on facing risk at work

What's the most dangerous thing that the NYT East Africa bureau chief has faced? Jeffrey Gettleman tells Fareed how he manages risks inherent in his work.


GPS Web Extra: Was Trump's trip a success?

Anne-Marie Slaughter, Richard Haass, Ian Bremmer and Matthew Kroenig share their thoughts on President Trump's whirlwind first international trip.


Gettleman on Africa: "The gap is closing"

The New York Times' East Africa bureau chief tells Fareed that an ever more interconnected economy means "Africa will become less of an other."


How Saudi Arabia played Donald Trump

This week’s bombing in Manchester, England, was another gruesome reminder that the threat from radical Islamist terrorism is ongoing. And President Trump’s journey to the Middle East illustrated yet again how the country central to the spread of this terrorism, Saudi Arabia, has managed to evade …

Middle East

Fareed Zakaria Gives Bucknell University's 2017 Commencement Address

9 questions for Fareed Zakaria

The CNN host on reading Tocqueville and what he got wrong about Trump.<p>This week, Fareed Zakaria, author and host of CNN’s <i>GPS</i>, answers our questions.<p><b>What’s the first piece of media you consume every day?</b><p>I'd love to give say something more surprising but, invariably, it's the New York Times, followed …


Trump, Obama notes left at Yad Vashem, Israel's memorial for the Holocaust. This makes me sad.

The president who cried wolf

For most of his life, Donald Trump has found words to be his friends. He has used them to build his business, dramatize his achievements and embellish his accomplishments. As important, he has used them to explain away his missteps and to paper over his problems. He built a 58-story building in …

Donald Trump

Fareed's Take: Trump's credibility problem

Fareed gives his take on how Trump's habit of using "truthful hyperbole" in business will affect American interests now that he's in the White House.


On GPS: Conservatives on Trump-Comey drama

As investigations of Trump's Russia ties heat up, commentators David Frum, Bret Stephens & Ron Kessler ask what it will mean for the GOP & the White House.


Conservatives on Trump's political problems

Commentators David Frum, Bret Stephens and Ron Kessler on what comes next for the White House as impeachment debate surrounds President Trump

Donald Trump

Fareed's Global Briefing

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Last Look: Bedtimes stories from China's govt.

On GPS, the Chinese government's latest effort at shoring up support for its One Belt, One Road development plans? Bedtime stories.

One Belt, One Road

What in the World: Citizenship for sale

Fareed breaks down a controversial investor visa program and the surprisingly widespread policy of paying for citizenship around the world.


A science lesson with Neil deGrasse Tyson

On GPS, Neil deGrasse Tyson digs into the science that shaped our universe and why understanding science is important today.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Former CIA boss Hayden on Russia investigation

Former head of the NSA & CIA Michael Hayden tells Fareed why he now has an "open mind" on the need for a special investigation into Trump's ties to Russia.


On GPS: Eve and modern motherhood

Bestselling author Bruce Feiler tells Fareed what lessons the Bible's first mother, Eve, can reveal to 21st century parents.