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Trump embraces a post-American world

President Trump’s speech to the United Nations was well delivered. But it was a strange mishmash of topics and tones, in parts celebrating realpolitik but then also asserting the importance of freedom and democracy. There was, however, one overriding theme — the embrace of nationalism. And in …

United States

On GPS: The case for government

In the aftermath of hurricanes like Harvey and Irma, Fareed looks at the need for increased government activism and involvement.


A climate scientist on hurricanes

Fareed asks climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe how climate change has affected extreme weather like hurricanes and what can be done to mitigate it.

Climate Change

Unaccustomed Earth (Vintage Contemporaries) Paperback – April 7, 2009

North Korean defectors, resettled in the US, torn as tensions escalate

<b>(CNN) —</b> As North Korea continues to boast of its military power with missile launches and bomb tests, resettled defectors from the totalitarian nation are torn: Some hope for an end to the vocal hostilities between North Korea and the United States, while others wish the tense rhetoric would result …

North Korea

deGrasse Tyson defends climate change science

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says lawmakers and the media cherry pick scientific papers to reinforce political ideals on climate change and says it's irresponsible to create public policy while ignoring the scientific community's consensus.


On GPS: How climate change affects weather

Climate scientist, Katharine Hayhoe, tells Fareed how climate change exacerbates naturally-occurring weather patterns.

Climate Change

Stop being afraid of more government. It’s exactly what we need.

Seeing the devastating effects of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and of wildfires out West, one cannot help but think about the crucial role that government plays in our lives. But while we accept, even celebrate, the role of government in the wake of such disasters, we are largely blind to the need …


Trump locks America into its forever war

There is surely no greater sign of the bankruptcy of U.S. foreign policy than its Afghanistan policy. After more than 15 years of war and the deployment of hundreds of thousands of troops, a new president entered the Oval Office poised to fundamentally change that policy. Within months he …

7 questions about North Korea - STATE - CNN Politics

North Korea

Applebaum: Europe has no role in the NK fight

Anne Applebaum tells Fareed that without a unified foreign policy, Europe is helpless to put pressure on North Korea.

North Korea

Kim Jong Un — smart and strategic?

London<p>I am sometimes asked what world figure I most want to interview. For me, the answer is obvious: Kim Jong Un. The general impression around the globe continues to be that the North Korean leader is crazy, provocative and unpredictable, but I think that he might well be strategic, smart and …

North Korea

Blount: The White House is "on the wrong side"

Roy Blount Jr. tells Fareed why Trump's attitude towards white nationalists makes today "scarier" in some ways than the tension in the civil rights movement.

The White House

Does Barcelona attack signify new terror wave?

Will attacks like the one in Barcelona be the new norm? On GPS, Peter Bergen explains what the decline of ISIS means for terrorism in the West.


Lilla: Our country is drifting apart

Mark Lilla, author of "The Once and Future Liberal," tells Fareed why the political parties' retreat into identity politics is bad for the country.


Fareed Zakaria on the most important lesson of the Trump presidency

“If this becomes the new norm, then we’re starting to look like Latin America 40 years ago.”<p>Twenty years ago, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria noticed a disturbing trend: The governments of ostensibly democratic countries like Pakistan and the Philippines were rolling back press freedoms and the independence …