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Iraq exists only as an idea, not a nation - The Washington Post

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter did misspeak last week with remarks that caused a firestorm in both Washington and Baghdad. He explained the Islamic State’s takeover of Ramadi by saying Iraqi forces “showed no will to fight.” He just forgot to complete the sentence by adding the words, “for …

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Fareed Zakaria on American innovation beyond STEM

Fareed Zakaria

Last Look: Homicide Map - CNN Video


On GPS: Should the U.S. try to repair Syria? - CNN Video

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Liberal Arts and Our Future

There is a wonderful quotation that begins journalist Fareed Zakaria's new book, In Defense of a Liberal Education, from E. O. Wilson, a world-renowned American biologist.

"We are drowning in information while starving for wisdom," Wilson declares. "The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, …

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What in the World: Free college tuition for all? - CNN Video

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Inequality, Inclusive Growth and Fiscal Policy in Asia

Developing Asia’s sustained rapid growth has improved general living standards and lifted hundreds of millions of Asians out of poverty within a …


5-24-15 Charles Murray on CNN

Charles Murray

Fareed's Take: Britain steps away from the world stage - CNN Video

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GPS Web Extra: Will a Miliband lead Labour again? - CNN Video


Bremmer on China: The world's other superpower? - CNN Video


Britain resigns as a world power - The Washington Post


On Monday, the Right Honorable David Cameron, prime minister of Great Britain, gave his first major speech after being reelected to his high office — once held by Pitt, Gladstone, Disraeli, Lloyd George, Churchill and Thatcher. Confronting a world of challenges — including Greece’s possible …

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Can we defeat the Islamic State? - The Washington Post

Here we go again. The United States has declared war on another terrorist group. President Obama’s speech Wednesday night outlined a tough, measured strategy to confront the Islamic State — which is a threat to the region and beyond. But let’s make sure in executing this strategy that we learn …

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If you thought income inequality was bad, get a load of wealth inequality - The Washington Post

When we think about and discuss economic inequality in this country, we usually focus on income inequality: The CEO who makes 300 times more than his workers, or the fact that the top 20 percent of earners rake in over 50 percent of the total earnings in any given year.

But there's another type of …


Myhrvold's innovative vaccine storage - CNN Video


Amtrak Crash and America’s Declining Construction Spending

Investigators into the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia are focusing on excess speed, but there is a related issue: the overall condition of Amtrak and the nation’s infrastructure. One of the reasons that American trains should not travel 100 miles an hour in many places is that the state of our rail …


Where Does the World Stand in Reaching Sustainable Energy Objectives?

Global energy efficiency between 2010 and 2012:

Progress in reducing global primary energy intensity was substantial, though still only two-thirds of


What in the World: Global lesson on elections - CNN Video


Fareed's Take: The global impact of U.S. trade - CNN Video


Here's Why Nothing Prepares You For The 21st Century Like A Liberal Arts Education

Fareed Zakaria’s book, In Defense of a Liberal Education, argues that it is a broad focus on a range of subjects, rather than on career or vocational skills that will prepare young people for the future. He reminds readers that the “liberal” in “liberal arts” has to do with freedom and …

Last Look: The rise of Seattle - CNN Video


In Defence of a Liberal Education - 05 - 2015 - Events - Public events

LSE public lecture

Date: Monday 18 May 2015
Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building
Fareed Zakaria
Professor …