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(The Very Old Debate of) Image Manipulation

Ignacio Palacios is best known internationally for his travel and landscape work. He has been continuously traveling around the world since 1998 but


Getting Started with Abstract Macro Photography - Digital Photography School

A Post By: Barry J Brady

Editor’s Note: This is part a series on macro photography this week. Look for a new one each day. The next newsletter will

Macro Photography

Ask Me About How I Shot This Automotive Advertising Campaign

Last year I had an exciting opportunity to shoot what I am told is the first combined Jaguar and Land Rover USA ad campaign now that they are both …


These Photography Links Will Keep You Busy for a Long Time

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I am a fine arts photographer that specializes in HDR techniques. Please feel free to visit our Limited …

A First Look at Android's Standalone Photos App

Google is reportedly set to launch a standalone Photos service separate from Google+ in the very near future, and one of the things we’ll be seeing …


How to Shoot Vintage Photos on a Budget

Shooting period pieces that look and feel like they’re really from another era can take a bit of work; you need to find the right old-timey …

Historical Photography

What it Takes to Go Pro - Lessons from 10 Professional Photographers

What it Takes to Go Pro – Lessons from 10 Professional Photographers

A Post By: Kelly Kingman

The decision to go pro with your photography business is …


'Real Moments Deserve Real Photographers'

Here’s a new 1-minute commercial that’s one part poignant and one part humor, going to great lengths to preach the simple message that real moments …


Autofocus Microadjustment: Ensuring Consistently Sharp Images

Modern lenses are small miracles. They don’t defy the laws of physics, but they sure come close. Are you getting all you can out of your lens, though?


10 competitions to keep your photography inspired

Winner of the Take a View, Landscape Photographer of the Year, Mark Littlejohn

Entering photography competitions is a great way to maintain a level of …


10 things every landscape photographers should know about their craft

A good landscape photograph doesn’t just capture what you saw when you took the shot. It brings back a whole host memories and the emotions that you …


5 Must Know Keyboard Shortcuts for Lightroom

How to Survive as a Photographer in Today's Industry

There was a time in which anyone who could light a photo well was of value, but those people are of no value anymore, says artist rep Maren Levinson. …


Shooting Simple Product Photos with Printer Paper and a Window

Indian photographer Kunal Daswani created this short and sweet beginner’s tutorial on how you can easily shoot a product photo using natural window …

Shutter Speed

How to Protect Your Camera in Extreme Weather

A Post By: Anne McKinnell

If you love to photograph nature, you surely know how unpredictable, and often hostile the elements can be. While we may get …


How to Color Grade Video in Photoshop

Seeing in Depth of Field: A Simple Understanding of Aperture

Photography can be simply defined as: painting with light.When you are painting with light, you are creating a story in a split second. That’s what …


Fujifilm X-T10 Hands-on Review

Photography Then & Now - 90s vs Now


How Getting the Foreground Right Can Make Your Outdoor Photographs Pop

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Jason Row is a British born travel photographer now living in Ukraine. His images have been licensed to …

Blue Hour

Should I Get A Degree In Photography? | Ted Forbes

It’s the latter half of May, and what that signals for a tremendous number of people is graduation season. Who couldn’t love graduation season? From …


Lightning Quick Photo Edit: See a Landscape Photo Transformed in Just 5 Minutes

If you think editing a beautiful landscape image in Camera RAW and Photoshop ought to take 30 minutes or an hour or longer, landscape photographer …


Fashion Photography - Tips for Making Something out of Nothing

Fashion Photography – Tips for Making Something out of Nothing

A Post By: Courtney Dailey

Recently, I found myself in a conversation with a mentoring …

Fashion Photography

Build this DIY ‘Itsy Bitsy Camera Slider’ for Free!

Many sliders on the market are made of the Igus DryLin system and thanks to the free samples available from the company, you can build a 10-inch …


Meet Milk Splash Photography Master Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz (NSFW)

It’s here! After two popular teasers, our interview with milk splash photography master and viral Internet sensation Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz of Aurum …

12 Steps to Successfully Promote your Photography on Instagram

If you’re reading this and are interested in digital photography, chances are you’re a user of Instagram, the current goliath of social media in …


Tips on Photographing Hand-Held with Telephoto Lenses

With the introduction of lenses like the Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 VC, more people than ever before are using long telephoto zoom lenses. Sometimes …


Here's a Trick for Adjusting Past +/- 100 in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

In this post, I’ll share a trick I use to get some adjustments “beyond” +100 or -100 in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

In the screenshot above, I …