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How Many Images Should I Take for HDR?

Editor: Want to learn more about HDR? Check out this free online class.One of the most common question about HDR photography seems to be ‘how many …

HDR Photography

Why Every Photographer Should Use a Manual Focus Lens

Your camera is smart. It has processors that are able to run algorithms, for near instantaneous adjustments to compensate for lighting conditions and …


A layman’s guide to focus points

What focus points and why are they important? If you’re new to photography you might understandably have a few questions about some of the technology …


Get My New Personal Workflow Videos as a Bonus

The final link that you use to go the the 5DayDeal website and purchase is important. Over the next couple of weeks you will see many people …


UV Filters - Do They Really Protect Your Lens?

Wanna see lots of glass being shattered… expensive glass? Yeah, me too! But for all you gear preservation activists on the other hand, this is not …


Mirrorless vs DSLR - What's Right for You?

We’re seeing more and more videos from people who switched from a DSLR to a Mirrorless camera. That’s all fine, interesting and sometimes emotional, …


The Future of Photography

After reading Stephen Mayes’ essay on the end of photography (Time, 8/25/15) I couldn’t help but respond. To begin with, his main proposition is that …


Everything Photographers Need To Know About Color Space & How It Can Impact Your Prints

Roy G Biv–quick show of hands if you’re familiar with the term. Even if it doesn’t ring a bell at first glance, once you realize you’re looking at a …

Color Space

12 Essential Tips for Your Wide-Angle Photography

Wide-angle lenses - you use them to cram more stuff into your photos. Now wait... If that's what you know about this type of lens, you're missing the …


Tips on How to Shoot Amazing Interior Photography

SimplifyThis is the first tip I would like to give you. If you view the interior in front of you, take notice in what needs to be there and what …


Best camera settings for astrophotography

Take a shot in the dark… but make sure you’ve set up your camera first. Our series of pre-shot checklists comes to a close with a look at the best


How to Use the New Panoramic and HDR tools in Lightroom CC

The long awaited Lightroom 6, known as Lightroom CC to those using it on a subscription basis was an evolutionary rather than revolutionary upgrade. …


How to Securely Store Your Digital Photos

I’d like to thank planetMitch for allowing this post on his informative website. It’s my go-to site for information about cameras and photo


7 Tips to Help When You’re Stuck with Only a Prime Lens

As a photographer you must have flip-flopped back and forth between prime and zoom lenses. “Should I choose a prime today, or a zoom for its …

Depth of Field

5 Tips From Lindsay Adler To Help Your Subject Relax

Getting human subjects to feel comfortable and to emote in front of the camera is always a challenge. We deal with a variety of personalties which …

Light Painting Photography In Bullet Time

Upon his return from a 3-month excursion filming in China, photographer Richard Kendall decided it was time to get back into the studio and start …


9 Helpful Apps for Photographers

Hopefully I’m not the only photographer in the world that tends to get quite excited when I discover a new app, or software that could definitely be …


8 reasons why every photographer should have a blog

One of the best things about being a photographer in 2015 is the ease with which you can share images, and also share your experiences and insights. …


Turning Day Into Night – A Comprehensive Photoshop Guide

Last week my good friend and awesome photographer Yvette Leur asked if I could edit one of her images she shot. It was a lovely shot of a woman …


5 Things to Consider When Choosing a DSLR Lens

One of the main benefits of owning a DSLR camera is the ability to utilize a wide variety of different lenses. Most professional photographers will …


Incredible Photography Bundle Sale in September

If you have been visiting this website for some time now and if you have not lived under a rock for the last two years, you know what this is all …


Lightroom Secret Revealed – The Scrubby Pin Trick

In this tutorial, I will show you how to fade a local adjustment in and out in Lightroom without the need for a plugin. The software gives you the …


6 Ways to Stay Motivated and Inspired with Your Photography

Pedro Quintela is a history teacher, talented photographer, and one of the most motivational people on 500px. His latest piece of sage advice,


Learn The Principles of Light with Lindsay Adler

Photographer Lindsay Adler is teaching a CreativeLive course this month on the basics of portrait photography. The 5-minute video above is a …


5 Ways to Avoid Problems and Conquer Summer Photography

I’m a big fan of summer. In fact, I dislike winter greatly, and my favorite season is spring. But summer is probably number two on my favorite season …


3 Tips on How to Best Reach Your Target Audience as a Photographer

Being able to reach people easily with your marketing message is one of the most important aspects of marketing any type of business. In this …


How To Capture Candid Moments | Photography 101

Candid MomentsIn this video and article, I want to talk about capturing the moment. What I mean by “capturing the moment” is capturing those finite …


Quiz: Do You Understand Light?

Think you understand light? Find out in our quiz.
The Importance of Understanding LightWithout light, there is no photography. In this course you'll …

Shutter Speed