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5 Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Editing!

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus added to mobile studio scene comparison

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus don't exactly break new ground for mobile photography. As has been the case in the past, Apple has embraced emerging …

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Brilliant Article From Martin Evening on Lightroom vs. Capture One Pro

Posted By Scott Kelby on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 in Develop, Featured, News | 0 comments<p>Martin did a just brilliant job on this eye-opening …

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Your Guide To Buying an SD Card – 7 Helpful Tips

Image by Recklessstudios<p><b>FREE BONUS DOWNLOAD</b>: How about downloading our <i>free</i> Camera Craft Cheat Sheet and ensure you understand your camera and its …


How to Connect With Your Photography Followers Through Instagram Stories

A Post By: Christian Hoiberg<p>Recently Instagram released on of their biggest updates this year, Instagram Stories. It was met with both love and hate …


ON1 Photo Raw | A Closer Look At ON1’s Lightroom & Capture One Competitor

It is generally accepted that when it comes to post processing, it’s an ‘old boys club’, and the members are Adobe’s Lightroom, ACR, Photoshop, and …


Macro Photos of Backlit Autumn Leaves Explode with Color and Texture

In the Autumn of 2015, I decided to try and capture the beauty of autumn leaves in a different way. My idea was to highlight the leaves from beneath …


Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes in Black and White Photography

A Post By: Andrew S. Gibson<p>Black and white photography has been around for nearly 180 years, ever since Louis Daguerre introduced the daguerreotype …


This Post-Apocalyptic Photo Project Was Shot in a Brooklyn Apartment

If you’re the type of photographer who likes shooting entire scenes, you’re probably well-accustomed to the hunt for anything interesting and …

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Kano Camera Kit lets anyone build and program their own camera

Kano, a maker of DIY educational tools, is seeking crowdfunding for a trio of DIY project kits, one of which is its new educational Camera Kit. The …


How to properly use the healing brush tool and why it needs a hard edge

The healing brush tool in photoshop is one of more powerful tools the editing software has to offer. It is often used to clean skin, repair walls, or …

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How I Planned and Shot a Photo of a Lake in the Swiss Alps

Sometimes, when you show an image to somebody, you hear, “Oh man!… How lucky you were to catch that light there!.” And yes, there is always a bit of …


The 5 most exciting cameras announced at Photokina 2016

Photokina, the world’s biggest photography show takes place every two years in the German city of Cologne. There was a plethora of exciting new …

Why Fuji's New Medium Format Camera Is Important

Since the days of film, medium format has been far from reach for many photographers. Even working professionals can have trouble justifying the high …

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How to Enhance a Sunrise Image in Lightroom

If you try to create an HDR image in Lightroom, you may be scratching your head at the rather unexpected look of what you’re getting initially. You …


How to Style Your Food Photography Composition to the Camera

Due to the precision of each and every little decision, food photography is often considered one of the most challenging forms of photography. While …

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Tips for Understanding the Lightroom Adjustments Panel

A Post By: Simon Ringsmuth<p>Lightroom can be an intimidating program. Even longtime users sometimes find themselves confused at all the options or …

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10 Tips For Taking Milky Way Photos in the Desert

<i>Sebastian Tontsch is a German photographer based in Dubai. Read on for his top astrophotography tips in desert environments.</i><p><b>INTRODUCTION</b><br>My Milky Way …


How to Use Shutter Speed to Control Water in Timelapse Photography

When working on a timelapse, you make a lot of decisions. You have to consider shutter speed, aperture, ISO, time of day, and various other …


Photokina 2016 interview: Ricoh aims for visual revolution

'Visual Revolution' is the concept that links Ricoh’s Theta 360 degree camera to its Pentax K-1 DSLR and the arrival of competition only serves to …

DJI Announces the Mavic, A True Competitor to the GoPro Karma

In the past week or so we have seen a lot of big things happening in the drone industry. It seems that there is almost a battle for portability, …


Tom Hanks Crashed this Couple’s Wedding Photo Shoot in Central Park

As a wedding photographer, nothing beats a good old fashioned celebrity cameo. Cue Tom Hanks, walking right into NYC photographer Meg Miller‘s frame …

This Hillary Clinton Photo is a Snapshot of the Selfie Generation

Upon first glance, this photo appears to show presidential candidate Hillary Clinton being ignored by a crowd of people pointing their phones at …

7 Tips for Capturing More Powerful Fine Art Landscape Photography

Capturing powerful landscape photographs, images that might be considered “Fine Art,” is no easy task. Here are 7 tips that have helped me to capture …