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Kodak Ektra - The Smart Phone Made for Photographers!

Photographers will be excited about the recent announcement by Kodak of the Ektra – a smartphone designed specifically with the needs of …


Slow Mo Game Changer: The Chronos 1.4 Shoots 21,650fps for Just $2,500

We first spotted the Chronos 1.4 homebrew high-speed camera back in September. Now, we get our first real look at this powerful labor of engineering …


Parody Film Pokes Fun at Photo-Crazed Wedding Guests

Wedding photographers these days often find themselves competing with guests who spend the whole ceremony shooting photos with smartphones, DSLRs, …


PLUG: A Battery Pack That Puts Two AC Wall Outlets in Your Camera Bag

After the success of its Portable Power Outlet, ChargeTech is taking portable battery packs to the next level with its latest product. Called PLUG, …


This 10Kx4K Panoramic Timelapse Was Shot with 2 DSLRs at the Same Time

Shooting a panoramic timelapse sounds simple enough: just sync two cameras and start shooting, right? Not quite. In fact, the photographer who shot …


More Than An Image: Three Short Films About the Power of Photography

“More Than An Image” is a new series of 3 short films about 3 photographers. Produced by Wex Photographic in the UK, the videos discuss the power of …


Touching the Void III

The Colour Of My Dreams


Milky way in Rhodes

Milky Way

20 of the Most Beautiful Microscopic Photos in the World

If you thought it was impossible to take a stunning photo of cow dung, get prepared to be proven wrong. Cow dung, espresso coffee crystals, centipede …


18 Months of Fog Chasing for One 90 Second 4K Timelapse

Grey summer days in San Francisco might be a bummer from sea level, but a quick drive and hike away, atop Mount Tamalpais, those are the days when …

Time-lapse Photography

Quick Tip: A Cleaner Way to Sharpen Your Photos in Photoshop

When you sharpen a photograph, what you’re doing is adding contrast to the edges in an image, but unfortunately, that often leads to black and white …


10 Very Useful Tutorials on Lightroom for Landscape Photographers

For many landscape photographers, Adobe’s Lightroom is an essential part of their workflow. Indeed, it remains the industry standard in post …


Are You Using the Right Camera?

October 24 marks my second anniversary. It is the day I put away all of my Nikon gear and became a Fuji “shooter”.<p>No one was more surprised than me. …


Perspective in Photography

In this article I will try to explain how perspective works in a 2D photograph with some tips, myths and example photos.<p>“night bus” captured by David …


Five Things They Never Told You About Becoming a Photographer

I don’t know about you, but I never planned to become a photographer. It kind of happened by accident. I have always considered myself more of an …


Kodak Ektra is a Smartphone Designed for Photographers

Kodak today announced a new smartphone called the Ektra that’s designed for photographers. The phone features imaging and editing capabilities that …


Essential Tips for Photographing Birds in Flight

There are few things in nature as common as seeing a bird in flight, yet there are few things in wildlife photography that are as difficult as …


From Heaven to Earth



Fall in Love

Beginner's Guide to Composites in Photoshop

In this featured video by Serge Ramelli, Kelvin Pimont gives you an introduction to creating composite images in Photoshop. What is a composite …


The Complete Photography Bundle 2016 - What's really in it for you?

The Complete Photography Bundle 2016 – What’s really in it for you?<p>The Complete Photography Bundle 2016 at 5DayDeal.com is in its final stages, and …


How To Create A Dynamic Cityscape in Photoshop

Cityscapes at night are a subject that is fascinating and challenging at the same time. How do you tame all those lights? How do you bring out all …


How to Paint a Photograph - Light Painting at its Best

One of the most creative photography techniques I have ever come across is light painting. No, I don’t mean those images where are take a torch and …


How to Use Double Masking for Natural HDR Blending in Photoshop

5DayDeal Review: The Candid Portrait by Andrew S. Gibson - farbspiel photography

Street photography may be one of the toughest genres in photography. You never really know what you get and when you get it. You need to be ready at …


5DayDeal Review: 10 Steps to Finding Your Voice eBook by Karen Hutton - farbspiel photography

Sliders, knobs, brushes, techniques, settings and workflow… you won’t find any of that in this book. Does that make it any less worth reading? …