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Frequency Separation for Dummies in Photoshop

You may have heard of this technique called frequency separation where you magically separate the details in your image from the colors and tones to …


How Converting My DSLR to Infrared Made Me Fall In Love with Trees

My name is Luka Gorjup, and I’m a 29-year-old photographer who was born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia — you know, that tiny beautiful country in …


Adobe is Working on Automatic Distraction Removal Technology

Adobe’s Content Aware Fill makes it easy to remove distracting elements in photos using Photoshop, but soon you may not have to. Computer vision …


Which Canon DSLR should you buy? Download our free buyer’s guide

Which Canon DSLR is best for your needs? Our colleagues at the Canon magazine PhotoPlus have tested every Canon EOS camera available, and they know …


10 Photography Techniques You Might Be Overusing


What is it? Darkening (or, less frequently, lightening) the corners and edges of an image to emphasize the subject matter in the middle of …

HDR Photography

How to Quickly use the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom to Clean Up Your Photos

While not an exciting post processing action, using the spot removal tool is a necessary step in cleaning your photograph. From dust on the sensor to …

Nature Photography

The Point and Shoot Camera is Good Enough for Professional Work

Building on a piece that Managing Editor Julius Motal wrote recently is the idea that the point and shoot market is slowly dying out. Yes, it indeed …


How to Create Artificial Sunlight Through Trees with an Off-Camera Flash

For many of us who inhabit cloudier climes, getting the look of a sunny day, whilst the weather is stubbornly overcast can be a challenging problem. …

Costa Brava

Photographers, Help Us Raise $300,000+ for Charity

How would you like to help raise $300,000+ for charity and get a great photography education deal on top of that? This is your chance to give something …


10 Composition Tips for Better Photography

Check out this short video that highlights 10 composition tips with example photos to make your photography more intentional and interesting.

A 10 Step Personal Development Strategy for Photographers

In this article I want to lay some foundations, on which I will build in future articles. I am not talking here about image development, but your …


5 times your camera meter will be wrong

Camera metering systems are pretty amazing and I’m usually very happy for the evaluative metering systems in my cameras to figure out the exposure …


On the estuary

Shutter Speed

Splendid Autumn

Green land

How Many Images Should I Take for HDR?

Editor: Want to learn more about HDR? Check out this free online class.One of the most common question about HDR photography seems to be ‘how many …

HDR Photography

Why Every Photographer Should Use a Manual Focus Lens

Your camera is smart. It has processors that are able to run algorithms, for near instantaneous adjustments to compensate for lighting conditions and …


A layman’s guide to focus points

What focus points and why are they important? If you’re new to photography you might understandably have a few questions about some of the technology …


A tree covered with clouds


Sunset dreamer

Another scenery

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Aurora Bow over Vanajavesi

Get My New Personal Workflow Videos as a Bonus

The final link that you use to go the the 5DayDeal website and purchase is important. Over the next couple of weeks you will see many people …


UV Filters - Do They Really Protect Your Lens?

Wanna see lots of glass being shattered… expensive glass? Yeah, me too! But for all you gear preservation activists on the other hand, this is not …


Mirrorless vs DSLR - What's Right for You?

We’re seeing more and more videos from people who switched from a DSLR to a Mirrorless camera. That’s all fine, interesting and sometimes emotional, …


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