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How To Photoshop Faster | Simple Tips To Speed Up Your Photoshop Workflow

Photoshop is just one of those programs once learned is hard to do without, but perhaps a bit harder to get started. Without question there are huge …


Quick Tip: How to Fix Shiny Skin in Photoshop and Lightroom

Here’s a quick retouching tip that almost every portrait photographer will end up using at least once: how to quickly and easily fix shiny or oily …


The Most Popular Cameras, Lenses, & Settings On The Internet| ExploreCams

You’ve probably never heard of it, though I suspect in the coming months or weeks ExploreCams will cross through many photographers’ periphery at …


Canon Patents Insane 40-800mm f/4.5-5.6 Lens for Full Frame Cameras

Here’s another one for the “probably never going to get made but WOW” file. A month and a half after Canon patented a massive 1000mm f/5.6 DO lens …


4 Prime Lenses For the Discerning Portrait Photographer

Portraits, by and large, are one of the most popular – at least in the general public – genres that a photographer could specialize in. There are …

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Nikon and Canon put to the ultimate durability test in this hydraulic press

Durability tests are usually good fun to watch. Some make you marvel at the science that goes into the testing and measuring to see just what kind of …


Rant: Street Photographers are Posting Too Many Terrible Photos Online

This post will probably sound harsh to some, but I think it’s needed as street photography has a problem. It may be because of a so-called …


Tips for Successful Star Trails Photography

A Post By: Amir Ehrlich<p>Star trail photography – not so difficult with the correct planning and appropriate gear<p>In this short article I will show you, …


National Geographic details how it searches for altered photographs

The cover photo for National Geographic’s February 1982 issue featured a camel train in front of the Pyramids at Giza. Soon after publishing the …


How to Edit Corporate Headshots in Lightroom

A Post By: Tim Sullivan<p>Although even lighting, and perfect exposure are your biggest allies when it comes to making people look their best in …


How to Create Raindrops of Light with Steel Wool

GoPro just released this 4-minute video tutorial titled “Creating Fire Rain: A Steel Wool Experiment.” It’s a look at how you can create raindrops of …


Nikon D500 vs D750 Hands-on Comparison

Main Features:<p><b>Nikon D500</b><p>20.9MP DX format CMOS sensor<br>EXPEED 5 image processor<br>3.2 inch (2539k) Tilting Touchscreen LCD<br>4K UHD Video Recording at 30 …


Basic Timelapse Photography Tutorial

There’s more than one way to make a timelapse sequence. One way is to shoot with a video camera and speed up the video during post-processing. While …


Working With Speedlights in Daylight

With the recent flooding of the market with battery-powered monolights, it might seem as if the humble speedlight will only ever be found on top of …


How to Use Portrait Angles More Creatively: A Visual Guide

A Post By: Meredith Clark<p>When it comes to creating a successful portrait, there are a lot of moving parts! We talk often about finding the light, …

Portrait Photography

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I love black and white photography. Perhaps its the newspaper journalist in me… but I just adore a beautiful grayscale image that pops off the page. …


3 Tips on How to Turn Exposure Into Actual Money

I get it. You can’t pay the bills by photographing clients for free, or in most cases for exposure. There are definitely ways of turning exposure …


Aviation Photography – What’s the Secret?

Waco QFC<br>captured by D750 / 24-70VR Lens<p>No matter the genre, photographers are always hungry, wanting to get to the “top” of that genre and usually …


How to Create Beautiful Light Painting Images With an Illuminated Hoop

A Post By: Andrew S. Gibson<p>Early last year I collaborated with a friend who is a professional circus performer and hula hooper to create the unique …

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DSLR or Mirrorless Camera Pros and Cons

If you’re in the market to buy a new camera, your first step will be deciding between a DSLR and a mirrorless camera. The choice is a common problem …

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Spec List [CR1]

The first spec list in a while from an unknown source has appeared for next months Canon EOS 5D Mark IV announcement. Most of it is probably a safe …


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Tips on Shooting with a Phone vs. DSLRs for Instagram

It’s a Wednesday night and you’ve just relaxed your tired feet on your ottoman at home after a long day. You peruse through your many social media …


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