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Video Share - Travel Photography Hacks and Gear Tips

Video Share – Travel Photography Hacks and Gear Tips

A Post By: Darlene Hildebrandt

In these two videos travel photographers Brendan van Son shares …

Travel Photography

Timelapse Showing High End Retouching using Affinity Photo

Ever since Affinity Photo was announced we were wondering how it will match up to Photoshop. Dracorubio took it for a round and was ok with it, …

Adobe Photoshop

Shooting Better Food Images With One Light

Food photography isn’t tough to do, but good quality food photography can be incredibly tough. It’s all about timing, composition, colors and …

Shutter Speed

The Importance of Lighting in Food Photography

One of the challenges in photography is making enough to keep eating. Eating is good, and when you’re in the business it’s important to stay current …

Food Photography

Wedding Photography Equipment

“bride” captured by Yıldırım Danışman (Click Image to See More From Yıldırım Danışman)

I was shooting an ‘out of area’ wedding last week (to me that …


The Future of Photography Websites – Understanding and Adapting to Trends

Right off the bat, this is not an article about what background colors to use, what plugins to install, or other shallow web design fashion trends. …

Web Design

LensRentals Uncovers Major Issue With Canon T6s/i Sensors

Lensrentals.com has published a new report over on their blog, detailing what appears to be a pretty serious sensor issue affecting some Canon T6s and …


The Awe-Inspiring Self

It’s no mystery we love photographs of small people in vast landscapes. It takes a landscape photograph to another level by forcing the photographer …

Liquid Art High Speed Macro Photography

There are different approaches to take when photographing drops of liquid, some more technical than others. When artist, Markus Reugels, came across …


Why You Shouldn’t Ignore The Video Mode on Your Camera

There has been a certain reluctance amongst some photographers to accept the fact that video is here to stay on stills cameras. It’s understandable, …


Olympus Built a 3D Stacked Image Sensor That Can Shoot 10000FPS

Olympus researchers have created an innovative new “3D stacked” CMOS image sensor that has both global-shutter and high-speed capturing modes. It is …


How to Use Your Camera's Self-Timer Instead of a Remote Shutter Release - Tuts+ Photo & Video Article

Self Timer to the Rescue!

When I tried to buy a remote for my D800 I was staggered that a genuine Nikon one would cost me over £100. I could buy a …


That ‘Most Used Cameras’ Stat Sharing Sites Like Promoting is Full of Holes

“There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”
– Mark TwainI react one of two ways when a “shocking” statistic or graph about the photo industry is …

This Clever DIY Platform Lets You Take Pictures Over Fences

Hobbyist photographer and motor racing fan Carlo Bingen was at a race at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium yesterday when he cane across …


5 Reasons a Pro Photographer Sometimes Regrets Going Pro

Following your dream is not always easy. Actually, it’s never easy.To be frank, I think the only way you can achieve a dream goal is to leave …


The Sony A7r II Seems to Boast a 59 Megapixel Sensor

A few days ago we shared a photo that seems to have been taken with the Sony A7r II and uploaded to the Zeiss Lenses’s Flickr account.

The photo’s …


5 Layer Mask Tips You May Not Know

As photographers, we use some pretty complex software. These programs allow us to create stunning images that, let’s be honest, would be very …

Adobe Photoshop

Creative Composition in Digital Photography

The difference between a good photographer and a great photographer is creative composition. Knowing the what, where, and how of composition will put …

Digital Photography

How to layer multiple filters for perfect long exposures

In this long exposure photography tutorial we’ll show you step-by-step how to use one filter to balance your exposure, then use another filter to


Albiez s'endort


Girasoli al tramonto

Into the Red Grounds

3 Easy Parabolic Softbox Lighting Techniques - KissFoto Episode 10

Learning how to light your subjects with one light is easy. Learning how to light a subject in a variety of ways using one light and one modifier …

Soft Box

A Time-Lapse of the World’s Largest Salt Flat, Where the Earth Reflects the Sky

Time-lapse photographer Enrique Pacheco shot this beautiful time-lapse at Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the world’s largest salt flat. The …

Time-lapse Photography

Balance in Photography

Balance is one of the least-discussed principles of good composition, but it is perhaps the most important. Photographers, consciously or not, make …

Panoramic Photography

Travel Photography Tips – Photographing the Coast

A Post By: Kav Dadfar

Tranquil beaches and sheer cliffs offer some of the best opportunities for stunning travel photography, and it’s no surprise …

Travel Photography

How to Use Photoshop Curves to Make Your Photos Pop

Photoshop Curves is one of the most powerful tools for tonal adjustments, whether you want to brighten, darken, add contrast, or shift colors. Yet …

Adobe Photoshop

The Longest Canon Prime Lens EVER MADE is Up for Sale on B&H for $180K… Used

That 600mm birding lens you bought last month just NOT cutting it? Need more reach? Like WAY more reach? You’re in luck! For the cost of a sizable …

12 Tips for Mastering the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

A Post By: Jim Hamel

You will not often find the stairs of Opera Garnier in Paris free of people, so you will need to put the Clone Stamp tool to work …

Adobe Photoshop