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The Wizard

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How To Create Light Wraps In Photoshop - Light Spills For Better Composites

Retouching Workflow for Portrait, Fashion and Beauty with Photoshop and Capture One

How to Use the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport to Obtain Perfect Color

There are two ways you can approach color reproduction in photography. The first is to try and reproduce the colors of the subject as accurately as …

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Sports Illustrated’s Rare 1000mm Zeiss Lens Used at the World Series Could Be Yours for $30,000

If you’ve ever dreamed of working for Sports Illustrated and photographing the MLB World Series, keep dreaming; it’s not likely to happen.

But, a lens …

World Series

The Inspiring Winners of the 2015 Mobile Photography Awards

The winners of the Mobile Photography Awards are really, really good.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Correcting Distortion in Architectural Photos Using Lightroom

There are many things that set professional architectural photos apart from others. Lighting, angles, sense of scale… all these things come into …


How to Take Care of Your Camera in Cold Weather

A Post By: David Shaw

Where I live, it gets cold. Not your “Brrr, I need to put on a sweater” kind of cold, but genuine, bone-chilling, …


This is How the Focussing System on Your Camera Works

If you are starting out as a full time photographer or you’re a serious hobbyist you ought to know how your camera focus system works. Depending on …


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Island Sunset


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The Arctic Show

The Arctic

Sunset on the Central Coast

Morning Light XVI

Guarding The Beauty



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Chained IX

How to Add and Remove Fog in Photoshop

Lighting Portraits to Bring Exposure to Homelessness in America

Photographer Aaron Draper wants people to see homelessness in a different light — literally. For his project titled Underexposed, he hit the streets …

Portrait Photography

Defying Gravity: How to Shoot 'Twisted' Coffee Splashes

Shooting splashes is always great fun, even if it’s a simple image with a coffee cup and a falling piece of refined sugar. Plus, there is always so …

Photography Blogs

Macro Photography: Finding the Minimum Focus Distance for a Lens

Macro photographer Mike Moats was one of our guest instructors on our Vanelli & Friends Photography Cruise to Cozumel Mexico. Earlier in the day I …

Macro Photography

What is Fine Art Photography and How to Do it?

Digital photography has changed the way people take photos, and how many are taking them. Anyone with a camera can be a photographer these days, and …

Fine Art