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3 Dutch Sisters.


No Way Out



Second Lights

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.::Sunset Explosion::.

After The Rain

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The Old City of Mostar

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Sand Harbor

Landscape of Wooded bridge

Hofvijver The Hague

A Promise



Autofocus Microadjustment: Ensuring Consistently Sharp Images

Modern lenses are small miracles. They don’t defy the laws of physics, but they sure come close. Are you getting all you can out of your lens, though?


10 competitions to keep your photography inspired

Winner of the Take a View, Landscape Photographer of the Year, Mark Littlejohn

Entering photography competitions is a great way to maintain a level of …


10 things every landscape photographers should know about their craft

A good landscape photograph doesn’t just capture what you saw when you took the shot. It brings back a whole host memories and the emotions that you …


5 Must Know Keyboard Shortcuts for Lightroom

10 Tips for Better Cityscape Photography

A Post By: Richard Schneider

This article is based on the new eBook: Landscapes, Cityscapes & Photography Tricks – 50% off for a limited time …


How to Survive as a Photographer in Today's Industry

There was a time in which anyone who could light a photo well was of value, but those people are of no value anymore, says artist rep Maren Levinson. …


Shooting Simple Product Photos with Printer Paper and a Window

Indian photographer Kunal Daswani created this short and sweet beginner’s tutorial on how you can easily shoot a product photo using natural window …

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How to Protect Your Camera in Extreme Weather

A Post By: Anne McKinnell

If you love to photograph nature, you surely know how unpredictable, and often hostile the elements can be. While we may get …



sunrise perth

The Marvel

How to Color Grade Video in Photoshop

Two ways