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Danish Muslims and Jews hit back at non-stun ban

Danish Halal and Det Jødiske Samfund (Jewish Society) met with Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Dan Jørgensen to discuss the issue …


US poultry org revises well-being guidelines

The guidelines have been widely adopted by chicken farmers and processors to ensure all US chickens are being properly cared for and treated …

Conheça os certificados em Bem-estar Animal e Abate Humanitário oferecidos pelo Steps

O Programa Nacional de Abate Humanitário (Steps), em parceria com o Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento (MAPA), oferece dois tipos de …

New Head for Purdue Center for Animal Welfare Science

Poultry News

22 January 2014

US - Purdue University associate professor of animal sciences Candace Croney will lead the newly created Purdue University

European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Horsemeat: one year after -> actions announced and delivered!

European Commission


Brussels, 14 February 2014

Horsemeat: one year after -> actions announced and delivered!

About a year ago, the horsemeat scandal …


Undercover Exposé: Animals Locked in Cramped Cages, Piglets Fed to their Mothers at Kentucky Pig Factory

Pigs Confined in Iron Maiden-like Gestation Crates

Sows confined in cramped cages known as gestation crates were fed ground up intestines from piglets …


Denmark Muslims and Jews slam halal slaughter ban

New Programme Supports Animal Welfare at Slaughter

Poultry News

04 February 2014

CANADA - The Canadian government is backing a new programme designed to promote the welfare of animals at …

Animal Welfare

Study calls for global reduction in livestock antibiotics

The report, written by 26 international scientists and published in The Lancet, claimed the decreasing effectiveness of antibiotics in treating …


Conference sees launch of beef sustainability principles

The conference, held in Brussels, saw the coming together of food industry leaders to discuss the issues of beef production and sustainability. …


Animal Welfare Not a Trade Barrier says WTO in EU Seal Case

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) today released its first panel ruling on animal welfare in the trade dispute between Canada and Norway challenging …

Animal Welfare

Halal industry questions new RSPCA labelling initiative

The RSPCA this week urged MEPs to sign a Written Declaration tabled in the European Parliament, which calls for compulsory method of slaughter …



Posted on 13/03/2015

European animal welfare organisations and political parties have been criticising the stunning of slaughter pigs with carbon …


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Working together drives new ‘Canadian advantage’ in farm animal care

(Ottawa) 16 Oct 2013: Consensus-based approaches and innovative models for …


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National framework, Codes and assessments fuel progress in farm animal care

(Ottawa) 23 Oct 2013: Major building blocks are in place to advance Canada …


La WSPA y CENAPRED sientan bases para incluir animales en protocolos de emergencia

La Sociedad Mundial para la Protección Animal (WSPA) y el Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres (CENAPRED) celebraron con éxito el foro “Retos y

Investment of public funds in intensive animal production

On 13th November 2013, MEPs Sidonia Jędrzejewska (EPP), Karin Kadenbach (S&D) and Martin Häusling (Greens/EFA) hosted a lively panel discussion at …


MEPs call for mandatory labelling of non-stunned meat

The proposal has been backed by the UK welfare charity the RSPCA and, if passed, will require all meat and poultry products from non-pre-stunned …


Why caged chickens have 'less stressed' lives than free-range

• Study found enclosed hens less likely to suffer from pecking or fractures• 
High profile campaigns have pushed up free range egg sales dramatically

US body calls for better chicken welfare

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recently wrote to Mike Brown and Mike Helgeson, the president and incoming …


Caged hens are 'happier than free-range'

Research from the University of Bristol suggests birds kept in 'enriched cages' have higher welfare standards

Free-range eggs might be the product of choice for the animal welfare-conscious shopper, but new research suggests hens kept in indoor cages are happier.

Birds raised in “enriched cages” had …

University of Bristol

Coalition Notifies Iowa Factory Farm of Intent to File Clean Water Act Lawsuit over Repeated Manure Spills

Large Sow Breeding Operation Continues to Have No Clean Water Act Permit Despite Repeated Illegal Spills

A coalition of community, environmental and …

Clean Water Act


February 09 2015

Today, February 9th, we’re bringing together seafood industry stakeholders for a Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) meeting to …


ITC SONAR Kolkata Shows Leadership in Animal Welfare in Bengal

KOLKATA — ITC SONAR Kolkata are leaders in the Bengal hospitality industry for switching to purchasing cage-free eggs. In doing so, the hotel joins …


Animales reciben ayuda de la WSPA tras inundaciones en México

La WSPA, en conjunto con socios locales, brindó atención médica a más de 3.000 animales y entregó alimentos a 25.000, luego de las inundaciones

Cooperation in Europe – Eurogroup for Animals and the pig farming sector join forces

Posted on 15/11/2013

Over the coming years, Eurogroup for Animals and the Dutch steering group ‘Boars2018’ will cooperate closely in Europe. By doing …