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Some Thoughts From Gianni Versace


How Vintage Stores Are Reinventing Themselves For a New Generation of Shoppers

As shoppers are increasingly more fashion-conscious and digitally savvy, the traditional vintage store is getting a modern-day update.Spark Pretty …


UHY Hacker Young study shows HMRC 'targeting' small businesses

A recent study shows that small businesses are being targeted by HMRC as a result of pressure to collect billions more in taxes.<p>An accountancy group, …

Small Business

Retail Woes: A Bankruptcy Timeline

Why Do Ads and Editorials Depicting Violence Happen in Fashion?

There is More to Modern-Day African Fashion Than Traditional Caricatures


The French "Photoshop Law" is in Effect ... Now What?


It’s Not What You’ve Got, It’s What You Do With It That Counts

I am now in my second year of not making any new clothing purchases. Apart from picking up my new winter coat last December I’ve been really good. …


Where It Was Designed, Is Not Where It Was Made

I spotted this at the Arndale not so long ago.<p>I suppose that if at any point a company can actually make a connection to ‘made in the UK’ it is …


The Race To The Bottom

Lidl’s spectacularly popular ‘cheap as chips’ prosecco deal last month was a timely reminder how much life has changed. And Aldi is clearly trying to …


How Am I Doing? August 2017

August has been another quiet month. Actually, that’s a lie. There is no such thing as a quiet month. If all you are looking at is photoshoots then …


Planned Obsolesence

I learned a new phrase recently. Planned Obsolescence. And whilst I don’t usually fall for conspiracy theories this is one I can well and truly …

Fashion Industry

The Responsibility of Education To The Future Of Fashion

One of the most important things I discovered when I went to university was that my eyes were opened to the problems of fast fashion. My background …


Creative Block

Creative block is a given. It’s a real problem if you depend on your creativity for your income, or a part of your income. And sometimes that …


How Am I Doing? July 2017

July was a revisit to our new friend Orlagh, one of Maverick Models newest recruits. I find one shoot is never enough. It can take take all day to …

Overload – Again

How do you deal with social media overload when you’re the one responsible for it? I don’t have the answer to that one. But to be honest, I have …

Handmade AND Cheap?

Does expensive always mean a considerately produced product? Not necessarily. Take any couture brand then look at where their factories are. But …


This Is Why Buying Stuff Will Never Make You Happy

"After moving down to London, I spent the first three months in an very edgy state and my spending was out of control. When feeling particularly …


Brand Upcycle And Repair – Warning Converse Heavy

Upcycle is a very real thing in my life. It’s largely how I manage my own wardrobe because cutting your costs without cutting your ethics is a very …

Routine Is The Enemy Of Creativity

One of the best aspects about being self employed is that there is no such thing as a normal day. I am very anti-routine. It doesn’t suit my …


June 2017 – How Am I Doing

Sometimes photoshoots are like buses. Nothing for ages and then three come along at once. That’s June.<p>Mid month I was heading down south for some …

UK must address giant trade deficit, IMF warns

Britain needs to save more, train up its workers and become a more competitive economy to try to bring down its very large current account deficit, the International Monetary Fund has warned.<p>Analysts studied 28 of the world’s largest economies and found the UK has the biggest deficit, running at …

The Designer Struggle: Profit vs. Popularity

Today, buzzworthy collections from established and up-and-coming designers are instantaneously replicated by fast-fashion companies while wise teens …

New York Fashion Week

Launching gig economy review, Britain's May seeks to regain authority

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Theresa May tried to wrest back control of Britain’s political agenda on Tuesday by reviving her pledge to introduce sweeping social reforms at the launch of a report on how to better protect workers in the “gig economy”.<p>May wants to signal that it is business as …


LOÉIL: The Brand That Makes Zara Look Original


UPDATED: Did Former Vogue Director Lucinda Chambers Just Get Herself Sued?

Is Gentrification a Threat to Fashion Capitals?

Waves of young creatives are abandoning New York and London for lower rents and a better quality of life in places like Berlin and Los Angeles. …


M&S fashion chief will leave behind £1.7m as she departs Halfords

Britain’s biggest clothing retailer could compensate Jill McDonald for missing out on payouts from previous employer<p>Jill McDonald, the boss of Halfords, is missing out on £1.7m of bonuses from the bikes and car parts retailer as she jumps ship to Marks & Spencer.<p>However, the executive, who will …

British Airways