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Do 'dead' models live on in fashion magazines?

A fashion photographer in LA asks if female models are still posing as dead bodies and sexual objects in magazines.<p><i>Video Journalist: Hannah Gelbart</i>

Fashion Photography

Cheap Fashion Still in Demand as Primark, Uniqlo Sales Rise & Forever 21 Seeks Expansion


The Size-Inclusive Fashion Movement Is At A Tipping Point And 11 Honoré Is Leading The Way

When Kathryn Retzer, Patrick Herning and I were finishing our interview about how their startup 11 Honoré is both laying the foundation and paving the way for size-inclusive fashion, their moms were walking out of their holiday photo shoot. For the founders, this mission is personal.<p>“I’ve been …

Prabal Gurung

Thanks to Condé Nast Italia, You Can Now Get an "Influencer" Degree


The Odd Sock Myth

I am a great believer in odd socks. Allow me to explain.<p>At a recent Resyntex workshop, socks came up as being one of the likely biggest culprits of …


How Am I Doing? September and October 2017

The key to the delay is in the title of this update and the date on which I posted it – mid November. I literally had nothing to write about in …

Is Fashion’s Endless Gifting a Potential Haven for Tax Evasion?


Are Photographers, Influencers the New Unpaid Interns of the Fashion Industry?

Fashion Industry

Some Thoughts From Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace

How Vintage Stores Are Reinventing Themselves For a New Generation of Shoppers

As shoppers are increasingly more fashion-conscious and digitally savvy, the traditional vintage store is getting a modern-day update.<p>Author:<p>Publish …

UHY Hacker Young study shows HMRC 'targeting' small businesses

A recent study shows that small businesses are being targeted by HMRC as a result of pressure to collect billions more in taxes.<p>An accountancy group, …

Small Business

Retail Woes: A Running List of Fashion Bankruptcies


Why Do Ads and Editorials Depicting Violence Happen in Fashion?


There is More to Modern-Day African Fashion Than Traditional Caricatures

Black History

The French "Photoshop Law" is in Effect ... Now What?


It’s Not What You’ve Got, It’s What You Do With It That Counts

I am now in my second year of not making any new clothing purchases. Apart from picking up my new winter coat last December I’ve been really good. …

Winter Fashion

Where It Was Designed, Is Not Where It Was Made

I spotted this at the Arndale not so long ago.<p>I suppose that if at any point a company can actually make a connection to ‘made in the UK’ it is …


The Race To The Bottom

Lidl’s spectacularly popular ‘cheap as chips’ prosecco deal last month was a timely reminder how much life has changed. And Aldi is clearly trying to …


How Am I Doing? August 2017

August has been another quiet month. Actually, that’s a lie. There is no such thing as a quiet month. If all you are looking at is photoshoots then …


Planned Obsolesence

I learned a new phrase recently. Planned Obsolescence. And whilst I don’t usually fall for conspiracy theories this is one I can well and truly …

Product Design

The Responsibility of Education To The Future Of Fashion

One of the most important things I discovered when I went to university was that my eyes were opened to the problems of fast fashion. My background …


Creative Block

Creative block is a given. It’s a real problem if you depend on your creativity for your income, or a part of your income. And sometimes that …


How Am I Doing? July 2017

July was a revisit to our new friend Orlagh, one of Maverick Models newest recruits. I find one shoot is never enough. It can take take all day to …

Ferguson, MO

Overload – Again

How do you deal with social media overload when you’re the one responsible for it? I don’t have the answer to that one. But to be honest, I have …


Handmade AND Cheap?

Does expensive always mean a considerately produced product? Not necessarily. Take any couture brand then look at where their factories are. But …


This Is Why Buying Stuff Will Never Make You Happy

"After moving down to London, I spent the first three months in an very edgy state and my spending was out of control. When feeling particularly …

Brand Upcycle And Repair – Warning Converse Heavy

Upcycle is a very real thing in my life. It’s largely how I manage my own wardrobe because cutting your costs without cutting your ethics is a very …


Routine Is The Enemy Of Creativity

One of the best aspects about being self employed is that there is no such thing as a normal day. I am very anti-routine. It doesn’t suit my …

June 2017 – How Am I Doing

Sometimes photoshoots are like buses. Nothing for ages and then three come along at once. That’s June.<p>Mid month I was heading down south for some …

London Bridge