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Are Photographers, Influencers the New Unpaid Interns of the Fashion Industry?

Fashion retailers who struggled to stay afloat in 2017

Vivian Hendriksz<p>Friday, 22 December 2017<p>London - 2017 was not an easy year for most businesses - especially not for UK retailers. Economical and …

Rita Ora

Fashion Nova Won the Internet and Is Transforming the Way Millennials Dress


Claire’s Accessories could be filing for bankruptcy very soon

Claire’s could be on the verge of bankruptcy with $2billion of debt, it has been claimed.<p>The shop which has helped millions of girls and young women …

Midtown Manhattan

Microplastics are 'littering' riverbeds

Microscopic plastic beads, fragments and fibres are littering riverbeds across the UK - from rural streams to urban waterways.<p>Scientists from the University of Manchester tested river sediments at 40 sites throughout Greater Manchester and found "microplastics everywhere".<p>There is evidence that …


Retail Can Work - The Rise of the Independent

13-03-2018<p>As multiple stores like New Look, Maplin and Toys ‘R’ Us become the latest retail casualties on the high street the latest statistics …


London's East End 'fashion district' gains £2m funding

Manufacturing projects across London’s East End have gained £2m investment from the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund regeneration programme, to …


The Prettiest Faux Fur Pieces From New York Fashion Week

There once was a time when finding a chic faux fur was nearly impossible. But more and more designers are putting social responsibility first (we see …

Women's Fashion

T K MAXX, Boohoo, Not On The High Street Among Online Retail Giants Caught Selling Real Fur Advertised As ‘Faux’

British consumers are being misled into buying real fur from fox, rabbit, chinchilla and mink, falsely advertised as fake fur, an investigation by …

Animal Rights

Why Is No One Questioning the Plastic Fashion Trend?

At the same time as our national psyche awakens to the urgent dangers of plastic pollution, does it not seem entirely bizarre that the fashion trend …


How can we make manufacturing more appealing to young people?

Does the UK’s younger generation really not have the same work ethic as the older one? Or is it just that manufacturers are not presenting themselves …

Social Media

Runway Shows are Only as Successful as the Number of Impressions They Receive

Are Your "Made in China" Luxury Goods Just as Luxurious?

Made in China

Amazon and the Power of the Private Label


The World’s First Digital Supermodel Has Arrived, Here’s What You Need to Know

Shudu, the model behind the page @shudu.gram is being called one of the most beautiful models on Instagram. Although new on to the scene, Shudu has …

Dolce & Gabbana

This Is Not “Art” or “Fashion,” It is Objectification


How Am I Doing? November and December 2017

You will probably agree that the remainder of 2017 has flown by at an alarming rate. December is just a haze and I can’t believe that in just a …

Social Media


I am not a big fan of making New Year Resolutions. You should start as you mean to go on and not wait until the first day of the year to make that …


The Trouble With Self Employment

Self employment comes with many advantages. You are your own boss. You get to do things your own way. Your quality of life is better. You can work …

Tax Preparation

Resolutions Again

Well I’ve already broken my resolution to improve my social media. Come to think of it, was it even a resolution? I’m not sure. I’m thinking now that …

Small Business

Doing Something Better

I recently had the opportunity to look more closely at some of our textiles industry sustainability issues through a workshop by Resyntex. Those of …

Fashion Industry

Fashion Wants Creatives to Just Keep Quiet

Why Is It So Hard for Clothing Manufacturers to Pay a Living Wage?

H&M promised to make sure the people who make the company’s clothes can live on their pay, but the benchmarks have shifted.<p>In the garment industry, stories about workers who barely eke out an existence on “starvation wages” are legion: Factory workers in New Delhi often describe living in makeshift …

New Delhi

Is the Fashion Industry's Newly-Published Blacklist Legal?

Fashion Industry

Do 'dead' models live on in fashion magazines?

A fashion photographer in LA asks if female models are still posing as dead bodies and sexual objects in magazines.<p><i>Video Journalist: Hannah Gelbart</i>

Cheap Fashion Still in Demand as Primark, Uniqlo Sales Rise & Forever 21 Seeks Expansion

The Size-Inclusive Fashion Movement Is At A Tipping Point And 11 Honoré Is Leading The Way

When Kathryn Retzer, Patrick Herning and I were finishing our interview about how their startup 11 Honoré is both laying the foundation and paving the way for size-inclusive fashion, their moms were walking out of their holiday photo shoot. For the founders, this mission is personal.<p>“I’ve been …

Prabal Gurung

Thanks to Condé Nast Italia, You Can Now Get an "Influencer" Degree

The Odd Sock Myth

I am a great believer in odd socks. Allow me to explain.<p>At a recent Resyntex workshop, socks came up as being one of the likely biggest culprits of …