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Bowl I Canal Blue

A collaboration between color-experts Pantone, Denmark’s ROOM COPENHAGEN, and the renowned Holscher Design studio, the Pantone Universe collection of everyday home essentials is a practical way to bring an iconic hue home. The scientifically formulated Pantone-colored interior of Bowl I pops against a …

Interior Design

Try It Trivet

The modular, magnetic Try It Trivet presents many possibilities for table protection. The three segments can be linked together to support large pans or separated and used individually for multiple dishes. Designed by Dror Benshetrit for Alessi, each circular arc in this set is made of stainless steel …

Interior Design

Picardie Tumbler Set Of 18

Though it’s named for a quaint province in northern France, the Picardie Tumbler has multinational appeal. Thanks to the glass tempering process patented by Duralex in 1939, it’s more than twice as strong as ordinary glass and has a timeless design to match its enduring construction. Known as the …

Interior Design

Concrete Spice Tube Set Gray

This sleek Concrete Spice Tube Set features cork-topped glass tubes and base made from Culinarium’s specialized concrete mixture. Crafted with the utmost attention, each unit is cast in a handmade mold for a week, then burnished by hand and finished with a linseed oil sealant. Industrial, yet entirely …


Magnum 6 Knife Set Chrome

The colorful freestanding Magnum Knife Set by Italian designer Enrico Albertini balances effortlessly on any surface to store, display, and protect your kitchen essentials. The sharply designed set from Legnoart consists of six stainless steel utensils, cleverly concealed by the sculptural storage …

Interior Design

Geo Stripes Place Setting

Our Geo Stripes Place Setting brings Modern design straight to your dining table. Each bone china piece in this set of four is decorated with a complementary linear pattern.

Interior Design

My Plate Green

Practiced in the art of enlivening everyday essentials, Jansen+co conceived this colorfully distinct ceramic My Plate to stand out from other tabletop dwellers. A blend of industrial production and hand-finishing, this thoughtful Dutch design is microwave safe—promising a perfectly satisfying meal—and …

Interior Design

Fab Perpetual Calendar Multi

Good design is timeless. And everything’s more fun in color. The Fab Perpetual Calendar is proof positive. Inspired by the iconic Massimo Vignelli design, our version—created by Alex Lin of Studio Lin in collaboration with Fab—explodes with 31 different colors, and features Lin's interpretations of …

Interior Design

Times Square Column Sign 12”

This 12-inch Times Square column sign is a perfect replica of a New York City subway sign. Created by Underground Signs founder and New York-based artist Trevor MacDermid, the piece is fabricated from the same .063 aluminum that is used by the MTA and finished with a durable black powder coat. Each …

Times Square

XL Champagne Cork Side Table

Resilient, flexible, and waterproof, cork’s unique physical qualities make it a strategic material for all kinds of interior solutions. Stewart Rose tapped the hardy bark as the hallmark of his new design firm, XL Cork, which puts the stuff to work as handsome home furnishings. 110 times bigger than a


WOW Speaker Red

Designed by KAKKOii (which is Japanese for “cool”), this compact WOW Speaker plays music streamed from your Bluetooth-enabled device—eliminating the need for a confusing wired setup. Since it’ll play for hours before needing a recharge, you can easily use it on road trips, outdoor excursions, or any …

Interior Design

Verbarius Electronic Clock

The Verbarius Electronic Clock tells time the way people do, with a digi-display spelling out the time differently every minute: it’s either “forty-five minutes past four,” “fifteen minutes to five,” “four forty-five,” or “a quarter to five.” The clock’s loaded with five preloaded languages, but you …

Interior Design


Impress your guests when you transform food into works of art with Cuisine R-EVOLUTION. This molecular gastronomy kit includes 50 food additive sachets, an array of specialized tools, and a DVD with 50 exciting recipes, plus two additional stainless steel serving spoons. Prepare spectacular dishes …

Interior Design

Bar Tool Set

Entertaining? Well, having a well-stocked bar doesn’t stop at owning a few bottles of the good stuff. It extends to your barware too, and having everything you need to make sure the party’s running smoothly—and the drinks are moving swiftly. Designed by Fab, this bar tool set rounds up several …

Interior Design


Impress your guests when you transform drinks into works of art with Cocktail R-EVOLUTION. This molecular gastronomy kit includes 50 food additive sachets, an array of specialized tools and a DVD with 30 exciting recipes, plus two additional stainless steel serving spoons. Serve mojitos in large …

Interior Design

Duka Cocktail Shaker

Entertaining? Well, having a well-stocked bar doesn’t stop at owning a few bottles of the good stuff. It extends to your barware too, and having everything you need to make sure the party’s running smoothly—and the drinks are moving swiftly. Designed by Fab, this cocktail shaker will aid and abet in …

Interior Design

Whiskey Stones Black Set Of 9

Made from traditionally milled Vermont soapstone, the Teroforma Whisky Stones are soft against glass, resistant to temperature, and incapable of absorbing flavor. When chilled, they keep your drink cold, potent, and flavorful until the last drop. This set of nine delivers whiskey on the rocks, as …


Waiter's Friend

It’s a challenging world out there, which is why a true gentleman always arrived prepared—for anything, at any time. This combination bottle opener/corkscrew by Wild & Wolf is a waiter’s best friend, and sure to come in handy at any party or social function. Nothing breaks the ice like breaking open …

Interior Design

Bar10der Green

Party like a professional. The Bar10der is your own personal, pocket-sized bartender, in a compact, swing-out design that calls to mind a Swiss Army Knife. This ten-in-one mixology tool allows you to concoct your favorite cocktails whenever and wherever the spirit strikes. It consists almost …

Interior Design

Three Tier Pastry Stand

Take your cakes, hors d’oeuvres, and other treats to a whole new level with the Three Tier Serving Tray by Core Bamboo. Made from 100% organically grown bamboo, it’s an eco-friendly piece that brings natural style to any kitchen collection.

Interior Design

Traditional Fondue Set Cherry

It’s simple: Le Creuset enamel cookware is classic. This Fondue Pot is no exception. Made with cast iron and finished with vividly colored no-chip enamel, the party-ready set also includes a stand and burner plus six forks with color tipped handles. Gather round the ooey gooey goodness and enjoy a …

Interior Design

Square Hammered Copper Tray Sm

Catapulted to success by its original Moscow Mule mug in the 1950s, Old Dutch has continually expanded its collection of timeless copper serveware. Handmade from steel and plated in copper, this square hammered tray has the classic shape and charm of a vintage find. Complete with beautiful beveled

Interior Design

Swoop Entertainment 3 Piece Set

Consider Core Bamboo’s collection a countertop ode to the rapidly renewable, naturally antimicrobial wonder wood. A shapely presentation for your edibles, the Swoop Entertainment Set includes three curiously curved ceramic bowls that bear elegant contrast to an organically beautiful 100% bamboo tray. …

Interior Design

Revolution Champagne Flute Set

Raise a glass to minimalist innovation. Designed for use from either end (one for a toast, the other for a full glass), the Revolution Champagne Flutes give the illusion of your bubbly suspended in mid-air. This set was handcrafted in the Czech Republic by master glassblowers through a pure extrusion …

Interior Design

Revolution Water Wine Glass Set

These Revolution glasses are a lesson in Minimalist innovation. Designed for use from either end (one end for water, the other for wine), they give the illusion of liquid suspended in mid-air. Handcrafted in the Czech Republic by master glassblowers, these glasses are formed from a pure extrusion of …

Interior Design

Madrid Wine Set

Paşabahçe’s Turkish classic drinking vessels are constructed with pride—the kind that’s earned after 75 years of making superior, sophisticated glassware. Handcrafted from lead-free crystal, the Madrid Wine Set includes a stunning sculptural carafe and a dozen red and white wine glasses. Use the …


Glacier Ball

Invented by avid scotch sippers, Glacier Ball overcomes drink dilution. This silicone mold produces a long-lasting 2.5” sphere of ice—more volume and less surface area than any other ice form, meaning it melts more slowly to keep your drink cold and potent. Simply fill the form with water and squeeze …

Interior Design

Cocktail Hour Notebook

Seasoned cocktail shakers and novice mixologists alike will delight in a set of Cocktail Hour Notebooks—each one is a potent blend of vintage-inspired illustrations and creative recipes for classic and modern tipples. This set from Portland, Oregon-based Scout features volumes for rum, gin, and vodka.

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