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Watch this breathtaking, close-up clip of a distant comet's surface

It was a landmark feat: a space mission entered the orbit of a distant comet for the first time.<p>The European Space Agency’s Rosetta rendezvoused with …


Why do we pass gas? - Purna Kashyap


Why are fish fish-shaped? - Lauren Sallan


Oldest Rocks on Earth Found

Scientists have found the oldest known rocks on Earth. They are 4.28 billion years old, making them 250 million years more ancient than any …

A journal retracted a controversial paper about CRISPR. The damage might already be done.

A scientific journal just retracted a controversial study that claimed the gene editing tool CRISPR causes a number of unintended mutations, but it …


There's a previously undiscovered organ in your body, and it could explain how cancer spreads

Ever heard of the interstitium?<p>No? That’s OK, you’re not alone — scientists hadn’t either. Until recently.<p>And, hey, guess what — you’ve got one! The …


A stem cell patch could heal hearts damaged by cardiac arrest

The Beat Goes On<p>The human body has an extraordinary capacity to heal itself: livers can regenerate when damaged, one kidney can learn to do the job …

Super Materials of Tomorrow [INFOGRAPHIC]

Scientists have discovered a whole array of new materials that promise to change the world. Welcome to the Industrial Revolution 2.0.


Scientists now know when the first stars formed in the universe

Using a compact radio antenna 10 years in the making, researchers have discovered evidence of the oldest suns in the known universe. They’ve …

Resurrection Biology: All About De-Extinction

No longer the stuff of science fiction, we are on the verge of being able to bring extinct species back from the dead. But does this mean we should?


'A national disgrace': Australia's extinction crisis is unfolding in plain sight

More than 1,800 plant and animal species and ecological communities are at risk of extinction right now • Interactive: Wombats, sharks, possums, frogs: Australia’s animals at risk of extinction<p>Global warming wiped out the Bramble Cay melomys – the first mammalian extinction in the world to be …


We knew the flu season would be bad. Why aren't we better prepared?

Whether you got a flu shot or not (or whether you have a strong opinion on flu shots, or not), the flu doesn’t really care. Because thousands, every …

Plastic nanoparticles may be more common than we think

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Electricity generated from renewables surpassed coal power in Europe last year

Renewable Europe<p>Europe is making impressive strides in the clean energy revolution. The continent as a whole was able to produce more electricity …

Scientists find link between liver disease and cystic fibrosis in children

QUEENSLAND scientists have worked out what causes liver disease in children with cystic fibrosis, a breakthrough with the potential to help extend …


How long will human impacts last? - David Biello

Meet The Frog That Barfs Up Its Babies

These extinct frogs used to barf up their babies—and now scientists are trying to bring them back from the dead. Here's the scoop from Gross Science.

How your digestive system works - Emma Bryce

What happens during a stroke? - Vaibhav Goswami

Every two seconds, someone in the world has a stroke. One out of every six people will have a stroke at some point in their lives. Strokes deprive …

Farming has a huge impact on the environment. Enter carbon trapping.

Food for Thought<p>Globally, our food system is thought to account for as much as a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, making it a huge contributor …

A CRISPR future: five ways gene editing will transform our world

A CRISPR Future<p>Over the past few years, CRISPR has been making headlines. Experts predict that this gene editing technology will transform our …

Other Earths: The Best Exoplanet Candidates for Life [INFOGRAPHIC]

The discovery of Proxima b means that habitable exoplanets are right in our backyard. Here's a look at the most promising real estate in the galaxy.

Scientists just cloned monkeys. Humans could be next.

A World’s First<p>Since the birth of Dolly the sheep in 1996, scientists across the globe have used the same technique to clone nearly two dozen other …


How good bacteria control your genes: Chemical signals from gut bacteria influence gene regulation in the gut lining

Chemical signals from gut bacteria influence gene regulation in the gut lining<p>Scientists have discovered a way that bacteria in the gut can control …


This Is What The Entire Known Universe Looks Like in a Single Image

Whoa.<p>Isn't it beautiful? This is an illustrated logarithmic scale conception of the observable Universe with the Solar System at the …


INFOGRAPHIC: The most remarkable breakthroughs from 2017

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The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the globe

Arctic air temperatures are increasing at a “phenomenal rate” – double the rate of global temperatures, according to the 2017 edition of the National …

The End of Everything: A Timeline of the Death of Our Universe

“There is some light — literally — at the end of the long, long tunnel.”

The science of cells that never get old

What makes our bodies age ... our skin wrinkle, our hair turn white, our immune systems weaken? Biologist Elizabeth Blackburn shares a Nobel Prize …

Women in Science

One way to end meth addiction? Alter the DNA of addicts using gene therapy

Addiction Antibody<p>In a major step forward in addiction treatment, a group of scientists at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has …