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12 Added | 1 Magazine | 9 Followers | @expendables3fan | The Expendables 3 Fan Page is about The EX3 Movie that is going to release on Aug15'th2014.Just stay tuned for New updates.

#TheExpendables4 Cast Jackie Chan are so many movies in film industry which are releasing there next instalments day by day. We’ll discuss about #JackieChan Presence in #EX4. What Cast Jackie will have? How will he play as an Actor in Expendables 4? Also catch review on #EX3.

#TheExpendables3 Budget before you step into the theatres or if you’ve seen the explosive film, then you must be thinking about The Expendable 3 Budget . How much it costs to make the movie like #EX3? I can give the answer in one line. But That's just not my attitude. So, Lets start calculating the Expendables 3 price from the beginning.

#TheExpendables3 Plot Summary art and filmography, the main base is depends on its story, plot and subject. In in this movie, #EX3 Plot Summery is very very important because whole movie depends on it.Expendables 3 Plot is basically good written, well explained the need of new heroes.

#TheExpendables3 Movie Review you watch #EX3…?? Come on! Why are you waiting…?? Just read following article and grab the nearest theater in your city and watch The Expendables 3….!! Here, we’ll have Full #TheExpendables3Review including its script, trailer and screenplay. Most awaited action movie of the year.

#TheExpendables3 # BoxOffice Takings: First Day International Report & Results Hit a long journey of devotees and hard work finally time has come to measure that what you have done..?? You must be excited to see #EX3 Box Office Takings. Here at this blog we will keep you updated with everyday Expendables 3 Box Office Results.

#TheExpendables3 Villain to talk about #EX3 Villain #MelGibson in details. In every movie Villain is the integral part of that film. Movie without Villain, Hero star will have 0% value. This trend is following from old era to now. From play acts on stage to silver screen. Many innovation are done script writers also performs there best to set new idea in modern film but, no one of them replaced one role or topic in the film. This is Villian in The Expendables 3 .

#TheExpendables3 Tickets day is coming nearer to nearer….!! I am so excited to watch #EX3. And I hope you are also. :-) We’ll soon be giving away The Expendables 3 Movie Tickets in your area. So stay updated with us….!!

The Expendables 4 Rumours going to be a best way to watch movie. I am talking about “#TheExpendables3″. Movie is not released yet but rumours about #TheExpendables4 are popping out. The Expendables 4 is the next instalment of #Expendables series. Now, This things are coming out not only audiences but stars also taking interest in Expendables 4 cast and in Rumors news. #EX3 Catch news about #PierceBrosnan and #HulkHogan

Are you downloading or watching #TheExpendables3 Full Movie Online? and Law is on your way After #EX3 Leak, Now, as we’ve analysed and reported in the previous article, millions of people has already downloaded The Expendables 3 Full Movie Online which is in Pirated format, leaked format, Even If you Download The Expendables 3 Full Movie 3gp format, Its illegal.

is playing the role of Lee Christmas:Barney’s favourite Friend in #TheExpendables3 movie. Our knife expert in #TheExpendables2 is back in action. But who can forget his sunglasses? Here, we’ll discuss about Jason Statham #EX3 Sunglasses. we’ll also discuss about Jason’s Expendables 3 Workout and how much Jason Statham Expendables 3 Salary is. We’ll also have a look at his talks on The Expendables 3.

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