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Don’t want a robot to steal your job? Be creative

If we don’t want machines to take over our jobs, we’re going to have to get creative. Literally.<p>Cheap computing power and rapidly advancing AI mean that machines already outperform us on tasks that involve retaining, processing, and repeating rule-based information. Traditional schooling, however, …


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Innovation and creativity in the workplace

<b>Workplace designers seek to help organisations by applying their own inventiveness. Dr Peggie Rothe of Leesman discovers what extent these hard and</b> …

The Workplace

Help Employees Innovate By Giving Them the Right Challenge

Companies trying to create a culture of innovation often seem to rely on office decor like ping-pong tables or multi-colored bean-bag chairs, or one-off events like hackathons. But most of us who want to be more innovative would like to do so in our day-to-day work. What should we be focusing on?<p>In …


16 brilliant innovations tackling poverty around the world

Getting to the root of poverty means solving various issues along the way, and inventors are up for the challenge.<p>Poverty isn't just inadequate access to income — it manifests in a lack of access to health services, education and vital goods. It can also lead to societal instability, allowing …

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Gary Marcus: Defining Creativity

Kurt Andersen talks with Gary Marcus about what science knows, and doesn’t know, about creativity. Marcus is the director of New York University’s Center for Language and Music, and the author of "Guitar Zero" a book about how the brain learns.<p>Marcus is skeptical of tests that measure creativity, …


Nearly all UK cities lagging behind European average for productivity

The UK’s major cities are lagging behind their European competitors in terms of skills, innovation and productivity, claims a new report from the …


Why Multilinguals Are More Creative And Have Sharper Minds

Good news multilinguals, if you haven’t had the chance to step into the creative world or try your hand in business, maybe it’s time that you …

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Get out of my face! We're more antisocial in a shared office space

If we all work side by side in an open-plan office or “hot desk”, moving from place to place, it’s sure to increase collaboration! It turns out that …

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Leadership Traits that Stop Innovation in Its Tracks

The pace of digital disruption is increasing by the day. And as the saying goes, change is the only constant.<p>Digital disruption challenges business …


Farmers Use Slack and Share Memes At Work, Too - Motherboard

Running a dairy farm is a 24-hour a day job. So when the manure-separator pump—used to filter waste that's reused as fertilizer—got clogged at 3 AM on Aaron Wickstrom's dairy farm, he got out of bed to fix it.<p>"The equipment will send out an SMS alert to about five of us, and we [were] all too, I …


How happiness improves business results

In business the concept of happiness is likely to make some groan, roll their eyes or be dismissive. But increasingly we can’t ignore the evidence …


You Don't Need To Act Like A Startup To Innovate

<b>Published Date:</b> 2016-09-05 13:50:39 UTC <b><br>Tags:</b> Chief Innovation Officer, Growth Strategies, Innovation, Innovation Culture, Strategic Planning, …


The Neuroscience of Creative Flow

What makes us have especially productive sessions — those minutes or hours when you’re so immersed in what you’re doing that everything melts away? What exactly is going on in our brains to make us feel so focused?<p>These are exactly the questions that drive Dr. Heather Berlin, a cognitive …

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Peer-to-peer knowledge initiative set to launch

The search is on for businesses to join a new peer-to-peer knowledge sharing platform launching in the autumn.<p>Fresh Thinking Labs aims to provide …


Cognitive bias cheat sheet

Information overload, lack of meaning, the need to act fast, and how to know what needs to be remembered for later.<p>Great, how am I supposed to …

Cognitive Science

How you can ride the wave of workplace change

For the average job-seeker or any parent wondering what kind of livelihood awaits the next generation, the current headlines are the stuff of anxiety …


Creativity might be playful – but it's also work

The view that art is essentially unworldly and creativity is play has a long history, dating back to the Romantics in the 18th century. According to …


An Anti-Creativity Checklist for 2015

Five years ago I published a version of this tongue-in-cheek checklist on that highlighted how organizations kill creativity. It really touched a nerve​—​people flooded the post with examples from their own organizations of how their managers and colleagues stifled innovation. Even clichés …


Pat Perry: How to break down 'boxes' and workplace barriers

One of the traditional sayings in business is to “Think out of the box.”<p>It is a request by some organizational leaders to rally their team to think …


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Make It OK for Employees to Challenge Your Ideas

Kodak. Sears. Borders. The mere mention of any of these companies brings to mind the struggle to stay relevant amid today’s technology and boundless alternatives. But behind each of them lies a deeper story of at least one leader who is or was “sheltered” from the reality of their business.<p>This …


Outsmart Your Own Biases

Suppose you’re evaluating a job candidate to lead a new office in a different country. On paper this is by far the most qualified person you’ve seen. Her responses to your interview questions are flawless. She has impeccable social skills. Still, something doesn’t feel right. You can’t put your …

Critical Thinking

Innovation Shouldn’t Be Career Suicide

On Memorial Day, Remembering Leaders of Yesterday and Today | Women’s Learning Studio

My father was a decorated World War II veteran, and Memorial Day is certainly about remembering all of our fallen veterans, but for me, especially my …

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Agile Scrum Methodology for Managers

We’ve all failed at some point to sell agile or the scrum methodology to our managers. They weren’t interested, or we couldn’t show them how scrum …