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How Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and Slow Food Theorists Got It All Wrong

You’ve probably never heard of Rachel Laudan. This column hopes to change that. Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, Mark Bittman, Jamie Oliver—these are …


Economists Offer These 10 Career Tips for Today's Graduates

Millennials, America's favorite generation to hate, have racked up a lot of problems since the last recession. They've tallied obscene amounts of …


The Hypocrisy of the Internet Journalist

I’m selling you out as hard as I can,
and I’m sorry.

It’s been hard to make a living as a journalist in the 21st century, but it’s gotten easier over …


I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here's How.

“Slim by Chocolate!” the headlines blared. A team of German researchers had found that people on a low-carb diet lost weight 10 percent faster if …


Hollywood in China: Selling Out or Cashing In?

Are Hollywood filmmakers really selling out to China -- and Chinese censorship?


Layers Of Reality

A Conversation WithSean Carroll[5.28.15]We know there's a law of nature, the second law of thermodynamics, that says that disorderliness grows with


Do we really want to fuse our brains together?

You already know that we can run machines with our brainwaves. That’s been old news for almost a decade, ever since the first monkey fed himself …


The Kindle Finally Gets Typography That Doesn't Suck

A new font, Bookerly, and a totally new layout engine have made reading a Kindle e-book more like print than ever.

Amazon's Kindle e-reader is a lovely single-purpose gadget, with an industrial design ethos that, in its singular focus on the purity of e-reading, even Dieter Rams could love. The iOS …


How Big is Minecraft? Really, Really, Really Big

Which is bigger, 'Minecraft' or Godzilla? Or Earth itself? Watch this video to find out.The post How Big is Minecraft? Really, Really, Really Big …


Web vs. native: let’s concede defeat

I feel it’s time to revisit the web vs. native debate, and concede defeat — or, at least, concede that the web cannot, and should not, compete with …


Conspiracy String Theory: How New Technology Killed American Men's Tennis

A dearth of contenders near the top of the sport. No highly-ranked young players, either. Depending on who you ask, American men's tennis is either in a prolonged slump or a chronic drought—far removed from the glory days of Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi, and even underwhelming when compared to the …


Hacking the nervous system

Standfirst: One nerve connects your vital organs, sensing and shaping your health. If we learn to control it, the future of medicine will be electric. …


Purple Reign

When the great granddaddy of opinion journals, The New Republic, abruptly vanished in a sad, squalid burst of pixel dust and management theory last …

Raype: What the “R” Stands for in “George R.R. Martin”

George R.R. Martin is creepy.

There! I said it! In days of yore, before the Striding Elves sailed West to Sygmagfhdflkglll, and giants did waylay …

Humans are doing democracy wrong. Bees are doing it right

It will be interesting to learn next week what proportion of the UK vote is now postal. Because postal voting boosts the turnout, people seem happy to ignore the risk of in-family coercion, or the fact that a vote may not be private. Thirty years ago it was assumed that postal voting was for the …


I Let IBM’s Robot Chef Tell Me What to Cook for a Week

If you’ve been following IBM’s Watson project and like food, you may have noticed growing excitement among chefs, gourmands and molecular …


Wearing a Suit Makes People Think Differently

Formalwear elicits feelings of power, which change some mental processes.

Some psychology research in recent years is making an old aphorism look like an incomplete thought: Clothes make the man… Yes? Go on?

Clothes, it appears, make the man perceive the world differently.

A new study looks …


What to Learn in College to Stay One Step Ahead of Computers

Computers and robots are already replacing many workers. What can young people learn now that won’t be superseded within their lifetimes by these devices and that will secure them good jobs and solid income over the next 20, 30 or 50 years? In the universities, we are struggling to answer that …

College & University

A better way to deliver innovation to the world - The Washington Post

L. Rafael Reif is president of MIT.

In 2012, MIT researchers introduced a liquid-impregnated surface that made the inside of a bottle so slippery that ketchup would flow out freely to the last drop.

Today, LiquiGlide, the company spun out from this advance, has 30 industrial customers and has …


“Mad Max” Is A Feminist Playbook For Surviving Dystopia

What might happen if women’s rights evaporate has been examined in nightmare detail. Mad Max: Fury Road offers a solution.

If you’re going to bring feminist propaganda to the masses, there are worse ways than in a giant exploding truck covered with knives. In case you haven’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road

Women's News

Rust Polo Sw490


With its slim, well-defined cut and unique rust shade, this cotton-linen polo shirt makes an excellent seasonal option whether worn on its …


A Culture of Candor

The Idea in Brief

No organization can be honest with the public if it’s not honest with itself. But being honest inside an organization is more difficult than it sounds. People hoard information, engage in groupthink, tell their boss only what they think he wants to hear, and ignore facts that are …


This is your brain on Whiteness: The invisible psychology of white American ignorance explained

The contrast in media narratives about Baltimore and Waco are undeniable—but many white Americans are blind to them

Earlier this week, outlaw motorcycle clubs engaged in a daylight gun battle in Waco, Texas. This combat involved hundreds of people. The mall where the riot occurred was left …


The Black Swan Theory of Drafting Pitchers

I wrote yesterday about the how the shelf life of draft rankings affects the finished product, using my “guy” from this year’s draft, Vanderbilt …

Black Swans

Top 10 data mining algorithms in plain English

Today, I’m going to explain in plain English the top 10 most influential data mining algorithms as voted on by 3 separate panels in this survey paper.

Data Mining

Human Resources: Work Friendship and the Hidden Legacy of ‘Mad Men’

The last episode of Mad Men is over a day old, which means — in Internet time — it aired during the Korean War. All of the recaps have been filed and all the “Shakermaker” jokes have been logged, and the predictable question of “What did it all mean?” has been answered in all the predictable ways. …

Mad Men

Furious and Furiosa

The day after the local release of Mad Max: Fury Road, the Herald Sun’s front page screamed ‘Save Our Women’. At first glance, the notoriously …


The Trouble With Scientists - Issue 24: Error

Sometimes it seems surprising that science functions at all. In 2005, medical science was shaken by a paper with the provocative title “Why most …

Scientific Research