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How Reliable Are Psychology Studies?

A new study shows that the field suffers from a reproducibility problem, but the extent of the issue is still hard to nail down.

No one is entirely clear on how Brian Nosek pulled it off, including Nosek himself. Over the last three years, the psychologist from the University of Virginia persuaded …


Interstellar, Science and Fantasy

Although I like science fiction, I did not see Interstellar until fairly recently—although time is such a subjective sort of thing. One reason I …

Science Fiction

Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site

When hacker group Impact Team released the Ashley Madison data, they asserted that “thousands” of the women’s profiles were fake. Later, this number …

Ashley Madison

Say hello to machines that read your emotions to make you happy

“BRIAN? How are you, Brian?” The voice is coming from a screen dominated by a vast blue cartoon eyeball, its pupil dilating in a way that makes it …


Dinner and Deception

IT’S 4:25 p.m. I make my way through the kitchen, past the prep cooks, up to the locker room on the second floor. Getting dressed takes 10 minutes. That leaves 20 to get “family meal” before the porters break everything down. At 4:55, I’m ready. Lineup is in five minutes — “live at five.” I …

Dining Rooms

Quentin Tarantıno on White Supremacy, Obama, and Why He Doesn’t Worry About a Transformers Future

We’re five months from the release of The Hateful Eight. How close to finishing are you?We’ve got a little bit more than an hour finished right now. I …

Mo Farah, Usain Bolt, and the World Championships

Malcolm Gladwell and Nicholas Thompson discuss the World Track and Field Championships, which are underway in Beijing.

Nicholas Thompson: Malcolm, it’s a pleasure to be chatting with you about track again. And, wow, what a spectacular opening weekend at the World Championships.

Malcolm Gladwell:

Usain Bolt

Ways to think about cars

Cars are going to change a lot in the next few decades. Electricity on one hand and software on the other change what a car is, how it gets made and …

The IP Strikes Back: ‘Star Wars’ Land and the Inexorable March to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Back in 2004, when I was in my twenties and the future still opened before me like an endless golden avenue (one on which that vague, distant shadow was surely a trick of the light), I spent a lot of time playing Star Wars Galaxies. This was, self-consciously, an act of escape. The future might have …

Star Wars

Musings on Markets: Storied Asset Sales: Valuing and Pricing "Trophy" Assets

Storied Asset Sales: Valuing and Pricing "Trophy" Assets

Pearson PLC, the British publishing/education company, has been busy this summer, shedding …

Why food should join books and music in the cultural canon

One summer afternoon in the city of Sumter in South Carolina, three men – a farmer, a scholar, and a landscape architect – stood in a field boiling …


Karl Marx to Taylor Swift and back again

“The means of production is now in the hands of the workers,” as Ted Leo once sang and every Marxist philosopher has written about at one point or …

Taylor Swift

The 3 Most Common Arguments Against VR and Why They’re Wrong

Since beginning my journey learning and writing about VR in 2011, I’ve talked with hordes of believers and critics alike. Through it all, I’ve found …

Virtual Reality

Shtetl-Optimized » Blog Archive » Common Knowledge and Aumann’s Agreement Theorem

The following is the prepared version of a talk that I gave at SPARC: a two-week high-school summer program about applied rationality held in …

Steven Pinker

Why the time is right to re-examine the L.A. freeway

In 1981, a young writer named David Brodsly described the Los Angeles freeway as one of the city's indispensible metaphors, “one of the few parts capable of standing for the whole.”

He argued that the freeway had expanded “the realm of the accessible” for drivers in Southern California — that it was …

Los Angeles

A Short Course in Superforecasting, Class I

Philip Tetlock: Welcome. There really should be two people on stage here. Barb has been, not only my life partner, she's my research collaborator on …


This Is Our Youth: The Olympic-Industrial Complex and Katie Ledecky

You should forgive an auld fella for his presumption, but it seems that, because of her spectacular success at swimming faster than anyone else in the world over a whole bunch of distances, Katie Ledecky already is being cast as one of the American idols — in every reality-TV sense of the term — of …

New England Journal of Medicine

In Praise of Fast Food

Related Content

A recent report found that fast food restaurants are serving up antibiotic-resistant pathogens that ...

I have a recurring dream …

Fast Food

Remembering to respect the preferences of the poor

Over the next few days, our bloggers will be discussing "Poor Economics", a new book by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo about their work in


Science Reveals Why Calorie Counts Are All Wrong

Carmody's findings also apply to industrial processing. In a 2010 study people who ate 600- or 800-calorie portions of whole-wheat bread with …

Healthy Eating

Lessons from a year’s worth of hiring data

I ran technical recruiting at TrialPay for a year before going off to start my own agency. Because I used to be an engineer, one part of my job was …

Job Interviews

Preview Ryan Adams’ Covers Of Taylor Swift’s “Style” & “Blank Space”

Ryan Adams has now finished recording and mixing an entire cover album of Taylor Swift's 1989. He's been documenting the entire experience on …

Ryan Adams

The New Yorker’s James Wood on Why He Regrets Being So Hard on David Foster Wallace

The Nearest Thing to Life is the latest collection from James Wood, the English literary critic and New Yorker writer. The book consists of several of …


Don't Hate the Phone Call, Hate the Phone

Our telephone habits have changed, but so have the infrastructure and design of the handset.

One of the ironies of modern life is that everyone is glued to their phones, but nobody uses them as phones anymore. Not by choice, anyway. Phone calls—you know, where you put the thing up to your ear and …


Scott Adams Blog

Like many of you, I have been entertained by the unstoppable clown car that is Donald Trump. On the surface, and several layers deep as well, Trump …

Scott Adams

Stop Trying To Be Creative

I recently finished a story I’d spent several months obsessing over. When I pitched the piece to my editor, I knew that I’d found a worthy subject, …

University of Pennsylvania

Game Theory Says R.A. Dickey Should Throw More Knuckleballs

Of all the strategic elements of baseball, few are more fascinating than the poker game between pitcher and hitter. Each participant knows his …

Game Theory

The Army’s Confederate cowardice

Last month South Carolina, the cradle of the Confederacy, at last decided to stop honoring rebellion and lowered the Confederate flag at its …


The Real Cardinal Way: How Cluster Luck Is Once Again Propelling St. Louis’s Astonishing Success

On Sunday, an opponent of the St. Louis Cardinals scored, which was starting to seem like a lost art. Between a Todd Frazier RBI groundout in the fourth inning the previous Wednesday and Elian Herrera’s homer in the third inning Sunday, Cardinals pitchers went 38 innings without allowing a run, the …

Matt Harvey