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Hierarchical Bayesian Neural Networks with Informative Priors

In [2]:<p>In [5]:<p>Next, we loop over each category and fit a different BNN to each one. Each BNN has its own weights and there is no connection between …

Deep Learning

Schwarzites: Long-sought carbon structure joins graphene, fullerene family

The discovery of buckyballs surprised and delighted chemists in the 1980s, nanotubes jazzed physicists in the 1990s, and graphene charged up …

University of California

Another step forward on universal quantum computer

Researchers have demonstrated holonomic quantum gates under zero-magnetic field at room temperature, which could enable the realization of fast and …

Quantum Computing

工程フローからみた「どんな会社が?」~半導体関連 | Chem-Station (ケムステ)

Academics created a periodic table of mind-blowing tech, and it's a handy guide to how the world will change forever

Academics at Imperial Tech Foresight (ITF), an offshoot of Imperial College London, have been working to bring to life nebulous and intangible technological advances in a way you've never seen before.<p>They have created a table of disruptive tech, taking inspiration from the periodic table of …

Imperial College London

What colour is water?

The kids were right! It turns out that reaching for that blue crayon to colour in water is the right choice after all.<p>We usually think of water as a …


Using nanowires to build all-optical logic gates

A team of researchers at Aalto University in Finland has found a way to use nanowires to build all-optical logic gates—a major step toward building a …




対象物に電子線を照射して拡大した像を得る<b>電子顕微鏡</b>は非常に小さいものを見ることが可能で、2018年時点で電子顕微鏡における<b>分解能</b>の世界記録は300k<b>eV</b>の高出力の電子線を照射する電子顕微鏡で実現されている「0.5オングストローム(0.05ナノメートル)」となっています。コーネル大学で応用物理学の教授 …

Electric Vehicles



Puzzling results explained—a multiband approach to Coulomb drag and indirect excitons

Exciton transport offers great promise to researchers, including the potential for ultra-low dissipation future electronics.<p>An exciton is a composite …







スマートフォンから電気自動車までバッテリーを用いた機器が周囲に溢れ、その大容量化が急務になっている。こうしたなか、主力のリチウムイオン電池の懸案だった発熱問題の解決や、大容量化に向けた取り組みが加速している。シリコン素材やリチウム金属の活用、そして量産化が期待されている「全固体電池」まで、その研究開 …

邪悪なコストを伴うコバルトは消える運命に? 「新しいバッテリー」が社会を救う|


アリババ・グループ・ホールディングの会長、ジャック・マー。PHOTO: QILAI SHEN/BLOOMBERG/GETTY …

Quantum physics can help explain much of the world’s suffering

• the world exists independent of the human mind, and<br>• no causal influence can spread faster than the speed of light.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum physics may be even spookier than you think

<b>Atom (Sergey Nivens via Shutterstock)</b><p>A new experiment hints at surprising hidden mechanics of quantum superpositions<p>Philip Ball<p>May 27, 2018 6:00pm (UTC)<p>This article was originally published by Scientific American<p>It is the central question in quantum mechanics, and no one knows the answer: What …

Quantum Physics


帰ってきた「日本製鉄」 複雑な社名の歴史

These bricks are made out of desert sand but are as strong as concrete

After air and water, usable sand is the natural resource that we use the most of. It's what entire cities are made of and it's running out.<p>A group of …

1991年に「21世紀のユビキタスコンピューティング」を予言した論文「The Computer for the 21st Century」



ビジネスマンが大学教員になる方法。(後藤和也 産業カウンセラー/キャリアコンサルタント)

4月から短期大学の専任教員に転職した。前職では人事・採用の担当者として多くの若者と接していたが、さらに若い学生たちと日々交流することとなり、大変刺激的な生活となった。私事であるが、会社員から大学教授になるという、ちょっと珍しいキャリアについて書いてみたい。<p><b>■大学教員になるための資格は?</b><p>「大人になったらなりたい職業」の調査結果によれば、男の子の第1位は「学者・博士」であり、2位「野球選手」、3位「サッカー選手」を抑えての堂々の首位となっている(「「大人になったらなりたい職業」男子は学者が15年ぶり1位 女子は食べ物屋がトップ 第一生命調査」 産経ニュース 2018/1/5) …


Scientists use graphene to squeeze light to just one atom thick paving the way for tiny switches and sensors

Breakthrough in light compression heralds dawn of a new age of technological possibilities<p>Graphene is regarded as one of the ultimate materials we …

If you can’t explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand it

In the early 1960s, Richard Feynman gave a series of undergraduate lectures that were collected into a book called the Feynman Lectures on Physics. …

Genetic tests reveal tragic reality of Atacama 'alien' skeleton

When the mummified remains of a six-inch humanoid were found in an abandoned mining town in Chile’s Atacama desert 15 years ago, speculation on its origins ran wild. The skeleton, which was sold to a private collector in Spain, was so bizarre it appeared in a documentary as potential evidence for …


Japanese scientists invent floating 'firefly' light

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese engineering researchers say they have created a tiny electronic light the size of a firefly which rides waves of ultrasound, and could eventually figure in applications ranging from moving displays to projection mapping.<p>Named Luciola for its resemblance to the firefly, …