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Adobe Releases Flash Pro Replacement App Animate CC

As promised in December, Adobe has released Animate CC, their renamed Flash Professional app. The company made the move in recognition of HTML5’s replacement of Flash as the main form of web animation.

On releasing the renamed product, the company also added a long laundry list of new …


Jeremy Bailenson Peers Into the Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is getting a lot better at simulating the real world. Just how good is it going to get, and how fast? And what’s the best way to deploy the technology for consumers and businesses alike?

The Wall Street Journal’s Geoffrey A. Fowler spoke to Jeremy Bailenson, co-founder of Strivr Labs …

The Future

Currently @NewMuseum is a residency and exhibition by American conceptual artist @CherylDonegan. Donegan is presenting works from her career, bringing together key projects that have continued to inform her practice. The exhibition will also premiere EXTRA LAYER, a collection of outerwear produced in cooperation with @printalloverme, which will be unveiled in early April 2016. Donegan often used her body as an apparatus to parody the conventions of commercials and music videos while considering the politics of self-representation. Longtime Chief Curator @Guggenheim (and newly appointed Chief Curator @brooklynmuseum), @nespector took an early look at Donegal’s video work in @frieze_magazine, noting that this 'sassy New York video artist, emphatically situates her own body at the epicentre of her production’. Photo: Maris Hutchinson/EPW studio. The exhibition runs until April 10. @ New Museum

All of the World's Money and Markets in One Visualization

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All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization

How much money exists in the world?

Strangely enough, there are multiple …


Uber Drivers Plan Strike During Super Bowl Weekend

Uber has slashed driver wages in the last month, with some reportedly earning less than minimum wage. Now drivers are planning a protest in San Francisco right when they could be significantly increasing their hourly pay.

The city expects roughly 300,000 visitors to begin pouring in this weekend for …

Super Bowl

My Bathroom Mirror Is Smarter Than Yours

When I couldn’t buy a smart mirror and made one instead

Sometime late last year I realized that I wanted my ordinary bathroom mirror to be more like …


Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists

Please note: Taking part in a Kadenze course as a Premium Member, does not affirm that the student has been enrolled or accepted for enrollment by …

Machine Learning

Memphis Meats, Cultured Meat Company Makes Global Debut

San Francisco, CA – Memphis Meats, which is growing meat grown outside a live animal (i.e., “cultured meat”), will make its global debut on Feb. 4 in …


New York Classical Review

Robert Ashley’s final opera “Quicksand” premiered at the Kitchen Thursday night.

Robert Ashley was not only our most important contemporary opera …

The Arts

List: Nihilistic Password Security Questions by Soheil Rezayazdi

Illustration by Francisco Baudizzone- - -[Originally published October 2, 2015.]- - -What is the name of your least favorite child?In what year did …


The burrito that wraps up excellent VR design fundamentals

In a typical video game, to exit a play session you press the start button, and select “exit” from a menu.

In Owlchemy Labs’ VR game Job Simulator …

Game Programming

“The Future is Self-Organized” at Limerick City Gallery of Art


Lisa Oppenheim: Gramma - Exhibitions

Lisa Oppenheim: Gramma

Press Release

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery is pleased to announce its first exhibition with new gallery artist Lisa Oppenheim, on view …


Inflated Appetite: An exploration of food as pneumatic shape-changing interfaces

By Lining Yao and Jifei Ou

Every January, when other schools are resuming classes after the holiday break, MIT does something a little different: the …

MIT Media Lab

Werner Herzog Believes Animation is More Convincing in Virtual Reality Than Live-Action

Legendary director and provocateur Werner Herzog has some thoughts on the future of entertainment.The post Werner Herzog Believes Animation is More …


'Job Simulator' is Exactly as Awesome As This New Trailer Makes it Look

While shooters and adventure games are a natural fit for VR, Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator is one of the most unique VR titles to date. It’s a …


America's Sudden U-Turn on Highway Fonts

Clearview is out, Highway Gothic is (back) in. Critics want to know why.

In a notice posted in the Federal Register on Monday, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration announced a small change that has huge implications for the nation. The agency terminated an order it had issued back in 2004 …

Texas A&M

Code Like a God in Virtual Reality Video Game ‘Loop’

All images courtesy the artist

Our increasingly digital lives, full of social media, games, films, and other web products, are mostly designed and controlled by others. But what if we could wrest some of that control back, giving users sovereignty instead of granting it to businesses?

That’s the idea …

Virtual Reality

Google ships five million Cardboard virtual reality devices

(Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's (GOOGL.O) Google said it had shipped 5 million units of the Google Cardboard viewer, a wearable device that allows users to experience virtual reality through mobile apps.

The company, which launched the Cardboard viewer a year and a half earlier, said on Wednesday that …

Virtual Reality



Virtual Reality

Brenda Laurel: Keynote

Interactive Media

Microsoft’s clever curved keyboard for iOS looks very smart

This curved keyboard provides thumb accessibility even on large screens. (credit: The Verge)One of the enduring high points of Windows Phone and …


Why I (Sometimes) Miss Williamsburg's Infamous Murdered Slumlord

Exterior of 315 Seigel Street (courtesy Mark Suppes)

The first time I met Max Stark was the first time he came to the door to collect the rent, around …


Chinese Potato Salad

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Easy Chinese style potato shreds salad—a basic cold dish popular across the country.

You may find that recently I posted lots of super easy …

Chinese Food

Chinese Scallion Pancake—Simplified Version

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I love to serve my family green onion scallion pancake as breakfast or with other meals when I cook porridges or congee. Honestly, scallion …

Red Bean Paste Pancake

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Red bean paste Bing (豆(dòu)沙(shā)饼(bǐng)) is a great variation of Chinese scallion pancake. Unlike the crispy and savory texture of scallion …

Liangpi—Cold Skin Noodles

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Famous Xi’an food-Liangpi (cold skin noodles) has been my best memories in university life. I have been eating this dish all the summer of this …


Chinese Scallion Pancakes (Congyoubing)

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Chinese Scallions pancake also known as green onion pancake or Congyoubing is one of the famous and traditional Chinese street foods and is …

Kung Pao Cauliflower

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Cauliflower stir-fried with Chinese Kung Pao sauce.

Recently I am quite addicted to spicy sweet and sour taste or more accurately Kung pao …