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Backyard plastic bubble in Surrey is Canada’s first biodome

METRO VANCOUVER -- The 3,000-square-foot plastic bubble in Tom Colclough’s Surrey yard is packed with 6,000 strawberry plants that require no soil …


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Kale, Avocado, Tangerine, and Sesame Salad

Forgive me, belly. I’ve done you wrong. I mean… I’ve done you so so so right, but wrong wrong wrong.I’ve done you with too much macaroni and cheese. …


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Google launches $100 Chromebit dongle that turns your TV into a Chrome OS computer, shows off flipping Chromebook

Google is making a big push into Chrome OS today. The company just announced a $100 TV dongle that turns any TV into a Chrome OS computer, as well as new Chromebooks.

The new ASUS ‘Chromebit’ is the most interesting announcement. Due this summer, the dongle attaches to your TV via HDMI and turns …

Google Chrome

Chinese Cumin Tofu

Cumin is commonly used in our family dishes. Here is my father’s cooking for Chinese cumin tofu.

I don’t know about other regions in China, but in …

Chinese Food

New ARM-powered chip aims for battery life measured in decades

The number of things getting plugged into the "Internet of Things" has already reached the point of satire. But there's a new, extremely low power …


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Vegetarian Oyster Sauce

Q. Where can I find vegetarian oyster sauce? Any recommended brands? Thanks!

Beverly K, Illinois

A. While those of you who are vegetarian Asian food


Microsoft Aims To Kill Google Chromebooks With $149 Windows 10 Laptops

Despite a lacklustre start, Chromebooks are becoming relatively popular in the super-budget end of the portable market. This has worried Microsoft for some time. After all, with a Google-centric experience, not to mention an operating system in the form of Chrome OS, there’s little if anything to …

Microsoft Windows


Driverless Audi busted for DWD (driving while driverless) on Day 2 of cross-country trip

The second day of Driverless Audi’s awesome cross-country trip to find itself saw a number of highlights and lowlights.

Pulling into the parking lot …

Driverless Cars

Ranking Robert A.M. Stern's Contributions to the NY Skyline

Robert A.M. Stern, the celebrated designer of dozens of massively expensive residential buildings in New York City (and elsewhere), has always had …

New York


Albert Oehlen | Malerei

on Juni 10 | in Ausstellungen | by Sabrina Möller | with 3 Comments

Es ist ein Moment der Erleichterung, ein fast schon spürbares Aufatmen: der Tod …


Chinese Eggplant with Garlic Sauce

Chinese eggplant with garlic sauce, or “fish fragrant eggplant” (yuxiang qiezi) is a familiar dish in many American Chinese restaurants and buffets …


Spicy Griddled Tofu "Steaks"

This dish is inspired by street food we found during our trip to Xi’an. It was “tieban dofu,” or griddled tofu, using Xinjiang spices like cumin and …

Spicy Black Bean Twice Cooked Potatoes

Fall is a great season for comfort food, and potatoes are definitely comfort food. So what recipe could I do with potatoes that hadn’t been done …


Video Feature: Inside the F 015, Mercedes’s Self-Driving Car

ALAMEDA, Calif. — Autonomous car technology is now so far along that some auto executives have said they expect a completely self-driving car — one that requires no human intervention — to appear in public use within five years.

But what kind of car will we want once no manual driving is necessary? …


The 7 most insane pieces of classical music ever written

In 1962, György Ligeti thought it would be a great idea to compose a work for ten performers, each responsible for 10 metronomes. It was all part of …

Poland Steels for Battle, Seeing Echoes of Cold War in Ukraine Crisis

KALISZ, Poland — For evidence of how much President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has jangled nerves and provoked anxiety across Eastern Europe, look no farther than the drill held the other day by the Shooters Association, a paramilitary group that, like more than 100 others in Poland, has …


Nigeria hires mercenaries to fight Boko Haram in election push

It was one of the most notorious private armies of the late apartheid era: a company of South African mercenaries who fought brutal wars to crush African rebels on behalf of governments and private corporations.

The company, Executive Outcomes, was disbanded in 1998 after criticism from Nelson …

News (South Africa)

With $2M In Funding, Bento Creates A Smart And Personalized Android Home Screen

If you’re like most smartphone users, organizing your apps is a little bit of art and science — picking those which you’re most likely to use and putting them on your home screen, while bundling the others into easily navigated folders or pages. Even if you manage that, the apps you most commonly …


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This Is What Netflix Looks Like Running On An Original NES Console

Netflix is available to stream on practically every modern device, from handhelds to gaming consoles. Now, it looks like the streaming service will work — albeit not well — on an original Nintendo Entertainment System. According to Polygon, a few of the company’s engineers hooked the service up to …


Retired US Marine claims he spent 17 years on MARS protecting five human colonies from Martians

The retired officer, known only as Captain Kaye, also claims to have served in a secret 'space fleet' run by a multinational organisation called the …