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Bacon, selfies, face palm, and “Mother Christmas” are coming to emoji

The Unicode Consortium has accepted 38 new emoji characters as candidates for its next update‚ scheduled for release in mid-2016.

How are the characters chosen? “Some are chosen based on expected high frequency of use or because they are highly popular requests from online communities,” it said. …


Pickled Peppers

Cut large chiles into 1/4" rings. Pierce small chiles 3-4 times with a skewer. Pack all chiles in a clean 1-qt. jar.

Bring vinegar, all remaining ingredients, and 1 1/2 cups water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 5 minutes. Pour hot brine over peppers; seal jar. …


Sweet and Sour Cherry and Buckwheat Crumble

Had kasha or soba? You’ve tasted buckwheat. The flour has an earthy, mineral flavor that pairs especially well with tart fruits, like these cherries.


Preheat oven to 350°. Toss cherries, sugar, vinegar, and cornstarch in a large bowl; transfer to a shallow 1.5-qt. baking dish.

topping and …


How to Cook Crispy Tofu Worth Eating

Tofu is my favorite food, which makes me an outlier. People don't like tofu. And I get it. There's a lot of bad tofu out there, and it's easy to dislike when it's soggy, mushy, or bland. But great tofu—tofu with a tender center surrounded by a well-seasoned, crisp crust—is one of the most …


Edgy Veggie - Takeout-Style Broccoli in Garlic Sauce


If Chinese Takeout is on my table, it’s usually because I was too busy, tired, or lazy to cook (or any combination of the three). I’m going to …


The Oregon Trail Generation: Life before and after mainstream tech

We’re an enigma, those of us born at the tail end of the '70s and the start of the '80s. Some of the “generational” experts lazily glob us on to Generation X, and others just shove us over to the Millennials they love to hate — no one really gets us or knows where we belong.

We’ve been called …

Oregon Trail

Crispy Baked Peanut Tofu

One bite in and I knew I hit the jackpot with this one. If you’ve been in search of the perfect crispy, baked tofu recipe, this is the one for you! …


Tempe Manis: something to change your mind about tempeh

It was Tami from Vegan Appetite who first brought to my attention the difference deep frying makes to the flavourRead more...

Vegan Recipes

Vegetarian Shan Noodle Salad Recipe

A popular dish served in various ways throughout the country, this is a simplified version of a sticky noodle dish I enjoyed at Shan restaurants …


Nam Prik Pao (Roasted Chili Jam) Recipe

Add this extraordinary paste to just about anything for an added wow factor (it’s great on toast). I would like to spread it on my life.

Thai Chilli …


Pan Seared Lemony Tofu Slices with Fresh Herbs and Za’atar

I begin every post here in my head with the same basic sentiment: this is one of my favourite something-or-other. Alas, the dairy version of this …


This Is Still Our Favorite NYC Video Of All Time

It has come to our attention that this amateur video, which surfaced on YouTube and went viral back in 2013, is not immediately familiar to every New …

New York

France to ban food waste in supermarkets

Supermarkets must donate unsold goods to charity or give away the food to farms for use as animal feed or compost after French MPs voted to ban the


Vegetable Ramen

Vegetable Ramen is a simple and easy-to-make meatless Monday meal all instant ramen lovers must try. (For you devout carnivores, just add your …


Dyna: A Model of Dynamic Human Shape in Motion (SIGGRAPH 2015)

The Spectacular Seda Monastery

High in a treeless valley in China's remote Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture lies the the largest Tibetan Buddhist school in the world. Founded in 1980, the Seda Larung Wuming Tibetan Buddhist Institute consists of a few main buildings and a tens of thousands of small dormitories built on the …


Plan a Night to Stay Awake and Shoot the Stars

If you have ever been in a remote enough place and looked up at the night sky, you know how magical the universe can be with countless stars dotting …

Travel Photography

david toop

Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual, 1978 / Lost Shadows In Defence Of The Soul

Catégories :

• le coeur du monde

2CD: 6 page digipack + 40

Tofu Egg Curry • Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes

In my childhood home, egg curry was a perennial favorite. My father, whose family hails from India’s Konkan coast, had a very special and flavorful …

Vegan Recipes

5 delicious Vietnamese herbs to grow and eat

Vietnamese Balm – Kinh Giới. Photo by Todd Porter and Diane Cu-Porter

You may know today’s guest bloggers, Todd Porter and Diane Cu-Porter, from their


Time Lapse Mining Automatically Creates Flawless Videos from Photos Found Online

Time lapse is possibly the best way to show change over time, be it the construction of a skyscraper or an otherwise unnoticeable change that occurs …

Time-lapse Photography

Sound Sampler #1 ~ ASMR Sounds by Sophie (over 70 ASMR trigger sounds, high quality sound)

Pre-thoughtcrime: Russian think tank app catches protestors before they protest

Issac Asimov's Harry Seldon used "psycho-history" to predict the future. Tom Cruise used "precogs" in Minority Report. And now a pro-Putin think tank …


Holly Herndon’s right-now sound - The Washington Post

These days, seizing the day requires great focus. Having devoted ourselves to our trusty pocket computers and their miraculous capabilities, we’ve become distracted, delighted and exhausted.

The music of Holly Herndon feels like a head-on response to this new reality. On her terrific sophomore …

Audio Quality

Frieze Street Style: Koons Bags and Bowl Cuts

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Over the last few days, art collectors and aficionados flocked to Randall’s Island for the annual Frieze Art Fair. As …

Jeff Koons

Squeaky Jean

Yamaha party!

Self-Driving Trucks Are Going to Hit Us Like a Human-Driven Truck

The imminent need for basic income in recognition of our machine-driven future

Late last year, I took a road trip with my partner from our home in New …