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An awesome McThor cosplayer is going to show up in the next 'Thor' movie and he didn't know it

Chris Hemsworth won't be the only God of Thunder you see in the next "Thor" movie. Pay attention close when "Thor: Ragnarok" hits theaters next November and you may spot a Ronald McDonald-themed Thor in the film.<p>INSIDER caught up with Brandon Isaacson — known as McThor in the cosplay world for …

You can't Hypnotize Me!!! #cats #cute #catlovers #gifs #animallovers ...

Things you can do in a haunted house

Guitar Solo Faces Make A Lot More Sense When Guitars Are Replaced With Giant Slugs

diddly doodly

This guy is a flippin ninja. (How shampoo commercial girls get their hair to perfectly flip over their shoulders)

Probably the only Parks and Rec blooper I've never seen on here. And the best.

A pool during an earthquake

For what dark deeds have you summoned us, master?

Balls of Steel.

Miss BumBum reveals the shocking damage caused by fillers

Andressa Urach, 27, was runner-up in Brazilian rear end beauty contest<br>But model was hospitalised after cosmetic gels 'rotted' her muscles<br>Wounds got …

Detecting prey under three feet of snow is the kind of skill keep you alive..

Dangerous? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely.

Whenever Someone Mistakes Me For A Socially Competent Person And Starts Flirting

South Korean Actress Taemi's Incredible First Ceremonial Pitch