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The Most Creative Hashtags on Instagram

Even though sometimes hashtags are used to get more followers, they also allow you to become a part of the creative dynamics which express a certain photographic style and is not about getting more likes but generating a gallery of high quality images.

Instagram is a tool which allows you to …


. . Simple, and frugal (perhaps). But never empty. . #sejkko_lonelyhouses . . @ Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal

. . The flying blanket that became a home. . . Have a wonderful weekend 💖 . . @ Aveiro - Portugal

. . Sometimes strong winds blow by the ocean, and two billion sand grains chase me, running much faster than I can. They block my view of the sea. . I quickly make my way to a lonely coastal shelter. A place deep inside of me. Through its window, I can see the ocean clearly again. . #sejkko_lonelyhouses . . @ Birre Cascais

Sony's Clever Trick For Taking A Photo Without Touching The Camera

No hands. No timers. No remotes. Just wave your hand for the perfect way to take a lowlight shot.

Anyone who has taken a photo in low light knows that it’s very easy to take a blurry shot. That’s because your camera’s shutter needs to remain open for a long time to suck in all of the photons it can. …


Camera Modes Explained

If you’re just learning about your camera, then chances are you’ve taken a look at the top of your camera only to become immediately confused. …


What Are You Shooting For? 5 Goals That’ll Make You a Better Photographer

Photographer Helena Price shares what she’s focusing on this year

Fashion Photography

Fujifilm XF16mm lens ~ picture samples and first thoughts

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a couple of copies of the new Fujifilm XF16mm prime lens so far. The first was a pre production unit I picked up …


ReSnap expands its ‘smart’, automated photo book creation platform

ReSnap, a company that automatically creates a book of photographs from a range of sources, has announced an update for its beta platform, which it promises is now smarter than ever.

This time last year, ReSnap launched its beta that allowed you to create a photo book from a wide variety social and …

Deep Learning

The Pentax K-3 II: Pixel Shifting, GPS, Compass, and Star Tracking

Ricoh today announced its new Pentax K-3 II DSLR, the successor to the K-3 of 2013. The camera packs a number of new features, including pixel …

GPS Tracking

10 street photographers to follow in 2015

Recently there was a list published for the most influential street photographers in which, both me and my brother and APF Co-founder Vineet Vohra …

Street Photography

A look at VSCO Film | VSCO Grid™ | VSCO Journal™


Advice for young photographers

Markus & Daniel Freitag

David Göttler

“Okay! Good! There, to the left, a little higher, a bit more, good!” David Göttler yells up the rock face to his friend, world champion French

Mont Blanc

Beyond the sand | Más allá de la arena | Playa de Las Arenas, Valencia | My entry for my friends at @movilgrafias and their #inspiredgrafias. This one's inpired by @serjios, a great source of inspiration for me!!

#HSallstars 🌟 @ Flatiron District, NYC

Won't get tired of this place. 🌝 @ 동대문디자인플라자 DDP

Camera obscura

Thomas Struth | The Talks

Mr. Struth, do you think we overcomplicate the act of looking at art?

That is most certainly the case. The point isn’t really to be able to describe …

Prince Philip

Review: Zhongyi Lens Turbo Adapters ver II for Fuji X mount cameras (FX)

Zhongyi Lens Turbo for the Canon EF – Fuji X-Mount I recently was sent a Canon EF – Fuji X Lens Turbo Adapter from a Hong Kong Based company called …


The Most Expensive Camera Lenses

We hope you’ve got deep pockets…

Well, to be honest, we don’t expect anyone to be able to purchase a lens like the ones listed here in this post. But …


How To Make A Travel Mag As Visually Appealing As The Destinations

Most travel magazines are like clichéd old tourist postcards. Not the new Afar.

If most travel magazines are like a tired "Wish You Were Here" postcard, the new Afar is like ripping a bespoke, hand-lettered sign off of some exotic city wall, then bringing it back in your luggage. It's not just …

South America Travel

iPhone travel photography: Julian Calverley's cameraphone landscapes

Travel Photography

Really Right Stuff L Plate for the Fuji X100T - Mini Review

Really Right Stuff L Plate for the Fuji X100T – Mini Review

One of the few things I dislike about the Fuji X100T is the placement of the memory …

Memory Card

New Zeiss Sony lenses have built-in OLED displays

There's a new line of Zeiss lenses on the way for Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras, and they come with a weird twist. The full-frame autofocus Batis lenses have built-in OLED screens that can display information like depth of field or the distance of the focal plane from the camera. Zeiss calls the …


Best Small Micro Four Thirds and Mirrorless Camera Bags


Visual Supply Co

What is VSCO Film?

VSCO Film is a powerful collection of film emulation tools that work within Adobe Lightroom to deliver a beautiful film look and …


Adobe Unveils Lightroom CC: Speed Boost, RAW HDR and Pano, Face Finding, and More

Adobe today announced its latest version of Lightroom, called Lightroom CC. The update brings faster performance, some revamped tools, and a set of …