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Earth - Forget webs, spiders also make slingshots and 'silkhenges'

View image of A nursery web spider (Pisaurina mira) (Credit: Clarence Holmes Wildlife/Alamy)<p><b>Bondage spider sex</b><p>If they did not have to mate with females, male spiders would certainly avoid them altogether. Females are larger, more aggressive, and often eat their suitors before or after sex.<p>These …


Think organic food is better for you, animals, and the planet? Think again

What we eat is seen as more important than ever. And everywhere we are urged to go organic: we are told it is more nutritious, it improves animal welfare and helps the environment. In reality, that is mostly marketing hype.<p>In 2012 Stanford University’s Centre for Health Policy did the biggest …

25 scientific images so gorgeous you can't even handle it

National Science Foundation

These 40 underwater photos will change the way you see the ocean

Ocean Art Contest<p>From alien-like pelagic squid to spooky mantis shrimp, the winners of the 2015 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest provide a …

24 Jokes Only Psychology Nerds Will Find Funny

Hmm...Pavlov. That name rings a bell.

Ryan Gosling

These 23 Tweets Will Make You Feel Better About The World

"You live on a tiny blue dot, lost in a sea of stars, and every speck of life around you is improbable and wondrous. Why can't you see that?"


Why Mantis Shrimp Send Secret Messages Using Twisted Light

In the oceans, secret messages are being exchanged all the time. Some are obvious if you look closely enough, or at the right angle, or with sharp enough eyes. But mantis shrimps—a group of belligerent crustaceans—exchange signals that are <i>so</i> secretive that only they can see them.<p>Mantis shrimps have …

This is your brain on horror films

Ever wonder how the maestros of horror film so adeptly tug at your worst fears? How do they keep you guessing, on the edge of your seat, until …

This Timelapse of Pills Dissolving to Dance Music is Pretty Unsettling

YouTube channel TimeLapseBlog had some expired pills lying around the house, so instead of throwing them out, they put them to good use. Watching …


Horrific 80s movie characters getting on with age

The Periodic Table of Elements Scaled to Show The Elements’ Actual Abundance on Earth

When you learned about The Periodic Table of Elements in high school, it probably didn't look like this. Above, we have a different way of …

These GIFs Show the Freakishly High Definition Future of Body Scanning

General Electric<p>1 of 4<p>General Electric released images on Wednesday from its first clinical trial of a next generation body scanner that captures …


Balance is key.

Pathology of the brain.

Dogs have bacteria on their paws that make them smell like corn chips, which is commonly referred to as "Frito Feet".

True love.

Breathtaking Science Images Spotlight The Beautiful Inner Workings Of Our World

Beauty can be found in some pretty surprising places, from a cat's tongue and a fruit fly's brain to the uterus of a pregnant mare. All you have to do is take the time to look for it.<p>That's the theme of the 2015 Wellcome Image Awards, which spotlight the year's best science imagery.<p><b>(Scroll down for</b> …

Rubbing your dog's ears releases endorphins, which makes them feel really good.

Verrückt is the world's tallest water slide. The 17-story, 168-foot-tall ride is located in Kansas City, Kansas.

Puppy dog eye contact: the hormonal stuff of bonding

Oh, those puppy eyes.<p>Just by gazing at their owners, dogs can trigger a response in their masters’ brains that helps them bond, a study says.<p>And …

Excellent quotes by Warren Buffet.


Scientists grow kidneys of aborted babies in animals

Science publications are hailing research breakthroughs in a new life-saving procedure that harvests the organs of aborted children and transplants …

DIY Hanging Lounge Chair

I know I always get pretty excited about the projects on here but, seriously, this is one of my favorites! I’ve had a hanging chair on my to-make …


6 Important Things To Know About How Your Brain Learns

<i>This post originally appeared on the Crew blog.</i><p>Whether you want to learn a new language, learn to cook, take up a musical instrument, or just get more out of the books you read, it helps to know how your brain learns.<p>While everyone learns slightly differently, we do have similarities in the way our …

Harvard Medical School