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Cool Maps [kool maps] <i>noun</i>: A collection of creative maps that use the Esri Mapping Platform to demonstrate how solutions can be enriched with the …


Name generators is a name generating site, where you can generate funny and unique names, there are a bunch of naming generators. you can make pimp names, …


Timeline JS3 - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use.

In the next window, click the blue "publish" button. When asked, "Are you sure…?" click OK.<p><b>NOTE: The following has changed as of 21 November …

85 registered widgets available to explore

Machine learning infographic

Find out more about machine learning through interactive tests and examples and share your results on twitter on facebook.

BBC Taster - Casualty: First Day

Casualty: First Day<p>We caught up with the Producer of Casualty: First Day, Wendy Wright, to get find out a bit more about the interactive drama.<p><b>How would you describe Casualty: First Day?</b><p>It’s an interactive episode of the popular BBC One primetime drama ‘Casualty’. Told in the first person, the …

Compare Countries With This Simple Tool

Drag and drop countries around the map to compare their relative size. Is Greenland really as big as all of Africa? You may be surprised at what you …

Lost & Found Sound

Big Mamma Revisited<p><b>Only Available in Archive Formats.</b><p>The Loon Call<p><b>Only Available in Archive Formats.</b><p>Twentieth Century Wars on Tape<p><b>Only Available in Archive Formats.</b><p>Vermont's Archive of Folk Songs<p><b>Only Available in Archive Formats.</b><p>Walkin' Talkin' Bill Hawkins<p><b>Only Available in Archive Formats.</b><p>West …

San Francisco

Live Earthquakes Map

DATE/TIME<p>REGION<p>MAGNITUDE<p>DEPTH (in km)<p>SOURCE<p>DETAIL<p>Saturday April 29 2017, 05:41:21 UTC<p>6km NW of The Geysers, California<p>0.9<p>2.5<p>USGS Feed<p>Saturday April …

Dior and Glitch Textiles (and other updates)

Dior's Cruise 2015 Collection Featuring Fabric by Glitch Textiles I'm incredibly proud to announce Glitch Textiles' involvement in Dior's 2015 Cruise …



Man in the High Castle

Seventeen years after the Allies lost World War II, pirate radio stations broadcast in secret, keeping the memory of a former America alive.

Sept. 19, every year since 2002

What does Danielle Sampson have that you don’t? Plans, that’s what! Danielle was the first to write in this year with plans for an event celebrating …

Eye See You

Contact Sheet

• Do some crime.*<br>• Enter your ransom note text in the box to the right.<br>• When done, click "Generate Ransom Note".<br>• A printable ransom note will be created …

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Youtube Instant - Search as you type

What is Youtube Instant?<p>Youtube Instant is a website that allows you to quickly search and play youtube videos. The player loads the required video …

Random Pattern Generator

Codegena Random Pattern Generator tool is a unique tool that automatically creates amazing background patterns which you can download in any …

Stranger Things Type Generator - mind_space apocalypse - Nelson Cash


Emoji Party - ☠🔫🔪<p>Join the party. An audio-visual interactive emoji experience!<p><p>website


Emoji Book

Emoji Book is a project to bring together artists & designers from around the world within one simple constraint - to interpret and illustrate an …

Bubble-like water bottle you can eat


World Population Clock: 7.5 Billion People (2017)

World Population: Past, Present, and Future<p>(move and expand the bar at the bottom of the chart to navigate through time)<p>The chart above illustrates …

This Interactive Virtual Reality Experience Relaxes You in Minutes

Imagine leaving a stressful day behind and slipping into a magical forest of calming lights and sounds.<p>That's the vision of LUMEN, a relaxing virtual …

Virtual Reality