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Mind Space Apocalypse



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The X-Files

Why we explore

This website is a "not-so-conventional" blog about Space Exploration. It has been made as a personal project to discover and learn a little bit more …

Space Exploration

Drake equation: How many alien civilizations exist?

Play with our interactive graphic to work out how many intelligent civilizations there could be in our universe.<p>Are we alone? It is a question that has occupied mankind for centuries.<p>Today, we live in an age of exploration, where robots on Mars and planet-hunting telescopes are beginning to allow …


WorldWide Telescope Web Client

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Galaxies Galore, Games, and More


Galaxy Hunter: A cosmic photo safari

Explore the Hubble Deep Fields from a statistical point of view.<br>Watch out for the booby traps of bias, the vagueness of variability, and the …


Mission Mastermind

Planet Impact

Telescopes from the Ground Up

BBC Space – Explore the planets, black holes, stars and more

Solar System<p>Discover the planets, moons and other amazing sights in the Solar System.<p>The space shuttle<p>Look back on the world's first reusable spacecraft.<p>Mars life search<p>Methane plumes may be an important clue.<p>Stargazing LIVE star guide<p>Download your free guide to the stars and get the most out of …


Seamless Security

Unlock the Web<p>Introducing UnifyID, a service that can authenticate you based on<p>unique factors like the way you walk, type, and sit.<p>Unlock the …

Live Earthquakes Map

DATE/TIME<p>REGION<p>MAGNITUDE<p>DEPTH (in km)<p>SOURCE<p>DETAIL<p>Wednesday November 1 2017, 04:17:42 UTC<p>14km E of Healy, Alaska<p>1.4<p>100.7<p>USGS Feed<p>Wednesday November 1 …


Interactive map of volcanoes and current volcanic activity alerts in the United States

The U.S. Geological Survey's Volcanoes and Current Activity Alerts map shows the location and activity levels of all volcanoes in the United States. …

U.S. Geological Survey

Alaska Volcano Observatory

<b>ALASKA VOLCANO OBSERVATORY DAILY UPDATE</b> <b><br>U.S. Geological Survey</b> <b><br>Sunday, September 10, 2017, 11:10 AM AKDT (Sunday, September 10, 2017, 19:10</b> …

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

<b>New USGS publication: Lava inundation zone maps for Mauna Loa, Island of Hawai‘i, Hawaii</b> <i><br>October 27, 2017</i><p>Lava flows from Mauna Loa volcano, on the …



Latest Lightning Strikes on Google Maps — iWeatherNet

⚡️ Live <b>Street-level Lightning Map</b> for Atlanta and DFW<p>When thunderstorms develop, remember to watch this page or our regional lightning maps to see …

Google Maps

Real-Time Lightning Map

WWLLN: Volcanic Lightning Monitor

The table below lists all monitored volcanoes. The distance is calculated from each volcano to each lightning flash detected by WWLLN over the …

Google Earth

Smithsonian Institution - Global Volcanism Program: Worldwide Holocene Volcano and Eruption Information

Site & Database News<p>Database updated (4.6.3). General updates to volcano lists and eruptions, current eruptions updated through 31 October 2017. Over …


World Wide Lightning Location Network

This map shows the WWLLN streaming stroke locations with a 30-minute delay in the data. It can also be viewed in a full window (click) for a larger …

Internet Explorer


Blue Book Archive

Interactive graphic: See every satellite orbiting earth


How Far is it to Mars?

If the Earth were 100 pixels wide,<p>Low Earth Orbit<br>Hubble & the ISS<p>GPS Satellite Orbit<p>100 pixels<p>(12,756km)<p>The Moon would be 3000 pixels away.<p>27 …

Mars Mission

ISS: International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is a space station in low Earth orbit with the purpose of being a laboratory, observatory, factory, and a …


NASA Exoplanet Archive

The first space mission to search for Earth-sized and smaller planets in the habitable zone of other stars in our neighborhood of the galaxy.<p>K2 is a …

Night Sky Planner | Night Sky Network

In the Sky<p>Harvest Moon on September 5-6?<p>Current Sun and Moon Data<p>Moon<p>% of full<br>Age: % <br>Hemisphere<br>Moonrise: <br>Moonset:<p>Sun<p>Sunrise: <br>Sunset:<p>Video<p>What's Up …