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“Rest,” is the story of a young American soldier who dies in WW1 and ninety years later unearths himself from a grave in the European countryside. …


#horror #shortfilm Realm tells the story of a #gifted young woman who has the power to enter the soul of the #possessed and battle their inner …

2011 미스테리 단편 - [ENG ver.] Bongcheon-Dong Ghost - HORANG (봉천동귀신 영문판)

<i>(웹툰작가)</i><p>※ 올 여름 국내외에서 뜨거운 관심을 받은 호랑작가님의 미스테리 단편 작품 '옥수역 귀신'과 '봉천동 귀신'을 15,17일 양일간 영문 번역본으로 추가 게재해드립니다. 감사합니다.

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The Zombie Survival and Risk Analysis Quiz

The North American Necrological Research Institute (NANRI) wants you to be better prepared for the undead. You do not have to be a commando or …

Risk Analysis

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After the End

"For Rene Fustercluck, life was bad, the #Apocalypse was #awful and then... Gordon arrives..." This #funny #weird #animated (not for kids) …

Haunted Houses & Haunted Places

Find a Haunted House – True Scary Stories!<p>Welcome to Real Haunted Houses! Are you looking for a haunted house? We are working hard to create the most …

Best of The Exorcist

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven

Zombie Apocalypse Simulator (You are the zombie creator) :: Story Viewer

Welcome to Zombie Apocalypse Simulator. You are the Creator of the zombie virus. You must choose how it will spread. You can improve its traits and …

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Houses of the Holy: Episode 1

Three monsters stalk 1930s Berlin.<p>Reinhart Fohl is a senior clerk in Goebbels’ propaganda ministry, who’s recently made a dizzying discovery: the …

APOCALYPSE @Overkill_MSA: The Heretics (2017) Directed by Chad Archibald....

Nurse 3D

One Night Dead - A Choose Your Own Zombie Adventure for Adults

A Choose Your Own Zombie Story For Adults<p>Join Project O.N.D.<br>Already a member:Login Here<p>Google+<p>Home<br>• Story Sample<br>• Latest News<br>• Blogs<br>• Contact Us<br>• Log In

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A short one-room game based on Netflix's "Stranger Things"

Fear the Walking Dead Story Sync: Season 2 Episode 15

Look for the icon to see <%= %>'s answers<p>You can turn this feature off in the menu

Ground Assault: Zombie Outbreak

Would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

THE Zombie Survival Game!

• 1 569 539 citizens killed<br>• 3 845 764 zombies exterminated<br>• 122 361 acts of cannibalism<br>• and it's not going to get any better...


Interactive Horror Stories

Interactive Horror Stories is a collection of 6 horror stories in which you are the hero. In the style of Choose Your Own Adventure; you make …


A Free Massively Multi-Player Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse

A Massively Multi-Player<br>Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse<p>1,617,255 dead and rising<p>Latest News - 3rd July 2015<p>Urban Dead is <b>ten years old</b> today. Take the …