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Are you capable of killing

Home > Intelligence > Science > Psychology Quizzes<p>Many people would be surprised how much things in their life can make an impact on how they handle …


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APOCALYPSE @Overkill_MSA: Crime & Killers - Cults & Cannibals - Murders &...

Serial Murderers and Their Victims

The Psychopath's Bible


Female Psychopathic-Killers

Dozens of women and children rescued in human-trafficking sweep in California that nets 474 arrests

A multi-agency crackdown on human trafficking in California last week ended with hundreds of arrests and dozens of victimized women and children being rescued, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced.<p>The sweep, named “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild,” lasted from Jan. 26 to Jan. 28 and …


Holly Bobo Murder Trial Delay Sparks Reaction Among Local Tennessee Residents | International Business Times

The West Tennessee community where Holly Bobo disappeared in 2011 was still reeling from her murder more than six years later. Thanks to an …


Baby's coffin found with organs, without body

- Authorities in North Philadelphia have a tragic mystery on their hands.<p>People walking on the 3000 block of W. Clearfield Street just after 9 p.m. …



White Collar Crime Risk Zones

<i>White Collar Crime Risk Zones</i> uses machine learning to predict where financial crimes are mostly likely to occur across the US. To learn about our …


Buying Guns and Drugs on the Deep Web (Documentary)

Death Row Information

APOCALYPSE @Overkill_MSA: Dismembered body discovered in San Bruno

Story Time: How I escaped From A Serial Killer

NamUs - National Missing Persons Data System

State Resources<p>Articles<p>Videos<p>DNA Testing of Unidentified Remains<p>The University of North Texas Health Science Center is coordinating with medical …

2015 Reported Violent Crimes by City in Los Angeles County, California

Reported Crimes by City<br>Los Angeles County, 2015<p>Photo courtesy of Rookie23 &<p>Past Statistics for: 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 …


National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

Robin Williams, Tupac arrested on drug charges near Payson

- Authorities say two suspects named Robin Williams and Tupac were arrested near Payson after troopers found over 100 pounds of marijuana in their …

Famous People who were Murdered

Today in the History of Crime

• <b>1834-02-26</b> 1st US interstate crime compact (NY-NJ) ratified• <b><br>1854-09-14</b> Allied armies, including those of Britain & France, land in Crimea• <b><br>1898-07-08</b> …