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Golden Gate Bridge - 50th Fiasco Firsthand (1987)


A Year in Discovery: The 58 Greatest Finds of 2016 | Atlas Obscura

BBC History - WW1 Interactive Guides - World War One Centenary

20 December 2014<p><b>What really happened at the Christmas Truce?</b> Dan Snow explores the remarkable peace<p><b>Perilous life of a pilot at war</b> Did pilots have the most dangerous job in WW1?<p><b>Playing football to win the war</b> How the British used the beautiful game to win<p><b>What's your World War One story?</b> Find out …

Psychic Tests

You are here: Psychic Tests<p>The following are psychic tests and games designed to measure your degree of psychic abilities (or spiritual gifts) or to …

The Obscured Origins of Valentine’s Day *Updated 2016

– Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate romance and love, stupidity and consumerism. However, the origins of this weird candy-heart festival with …


Wednesday Jul 4 3/2c<p>See what happens in an American fight club and during the time-honored Pasola in Indonesia where teams joust on horseback.

Horror beyond imagination: The most haunting account of the trenches you'll ever read - from a brilliant anthology by Birdsong author Sebastian Faulks

• <b>Some teenagers clamoured for excitement of war - before realising the truth</b>• <b><br>Fast-moving warfare in 1914 quickly bogged down into war of</b> …

Inside Scientology

Church of Scientology

Dangerous Mega-Cults


What Happened Today

On this day in 2005, John Paul II, history’s most well-traveled pope and the first non-Italian to hold the position since the 16th century, dies at …

A DNA Day Quiz

It’s been more than 60 years since Francis Crick and James Watson described the double helix structure of DNA. And a little over a decade since …


TIME and Space | By Jeffrey Kluger<p><i>Editors note:On Nov. 29, 2016, Google released a major update expanding the data from 2012 to 2016. Read about the</i> …

CMS Photos - CERN Document Server

Liberty and the American Revolution

Infinite Idiocracy in Insanely Indifferent Times

HR Giger Necronomicon with tons of awesome pictures and art http://ItsMyURLs.com/Overkill_MSA

symbolismofoddfe00ford<p>erebusoverkill<p>The Rockefeller Files<p>erebusoverkill<p>Tragedy and Hope; A History of The World in Our Time - Carroll Quigley (1st …

Necronomicon: The Book of the Laws of the Dead (plain/text)

Necronomicon: The Book of the Laws of the Dead (color)

National Archives |

A study of ancient Japanese bones might challenge our ideas about human nature

The skeletons told an alarming tale: One belonged to a woman who died with her hands and feet bound. The hands, chest and knees of another were fragmented and fractured — likely evidence of having been beaten to death. Stone projectiles protruded ominously from skulls; razor-sharp obsidian blades …

“Magnolia” and the Raining Frogs

<b>“Magnolia”, in my opinion, is a superb movie and an all around perfect example great filmmaking. So when I have the opportunity, I like to show it to</b> …

The Legend of Bunnyman

Easter’s Origins

<b>*Pagan roots, fertility, spring, the equinox, and similar goddesses make up the real “Easter”. Bottomline, the truth is that Easter has nothing</b> …


lighting up the space for mental health<p>What are the stories we tell about mental health? This little list seeks to contemplate the questions. This …

Mind Space Apocalypse

September/October 2000 - ASA Footnotes

<b>NIMH Awards $2.7 Million to Continue Minority Fellowship Program</b><p><i>by Edward Murguia, Outgoing Director, and Alfonso Latoni, Incoming Director, ASA</i> …