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Madden correctly guesses the final score of the Super Bowl

Madden NFL has correctly predicted the winner in nine of the past 12 Super Bowls, but may have pulled off its most remarkable tout yet — nailing both the winner and the exact final score.<p>The New England Patriots just triumphed over the Seattle Seahawks, 28-24. On Monday, <i>Madden NFL 15</i> said that's …

These are the CIA’s tips for spies on how to avoid detection at airports

Let’s get one thing clear: The two secret CIA documents published today by Wikileaks will not make you a clandestine officer.<p>Both reports are aimed at teaching CIA agents traveling undercover to avoid unnecessary scrutiny at airports. The first, “Surviving Secondary,” dated September 2011, explains …

Obama Administration

Butterfly Valley Is Not Only Turkey's Most Perfect Beach, But An Actual Butterfly Wonderland

In Turkey's Butterfly Valley, a lush gorge winds down to a stunning blue-water beach. And while we'd recommend visiting this verdant paradise based on its looks alone, the rocky oasis is <i>also</i> home to more than 80 species of butterflies, including the exotic Jersey Tiger, which is really just an … [16]

Racing cancelled at Extreme Sailing Series

<b>The Extreme Sailing Series in Sydney failed to live up to its name when the extreme conditions proved too much for the first day of the event and</b> … [14]

WhatsApp Messages Are Being Cited In Nearly Half Of All Italian Divorce Proceedings

In Pietro Germi's Oscar-winning 1961 comedy of that name, the unfaithful protagonist, unable to divorce his smothering wife, plots to kill her. If it had been set in 2014, he could have just let her stumble upon his WhatsApp account.<p>The instant messaging service acquired by Facebook this year for …


The Chinese Economy Is Facing A $6.8 Trillion Nightmare That Could Get Worse

<b>Six-point-eight trillion dollars.</b><p>That's according to a report from China's National Development and Reform Commission and the Academy of Macroeconomic Research, written up here in the Financial Times. The report says that amount has been "ineffective investment."<p>For sure, $6.8 trillion is a …

Chinese Economy

'Far Cry 4' Is A Card That Ubisoft Can Only Play Once

I’ve recently taken some time out of saving the world and romancing elves in Dragon Age: Inquisition to finally fire up Far Cry 4. With both games released on the same day, and both receiving high praise, it can be hard to know which one to pick up and start first, though your past experience with …

These Startup Dudes Want to Make Women's Private Parts Smell Like Ripe Fruit

The creators of 'personalized probiotics' think everyone should be able to biohack their own odors.<p>[<b>Author's note</b>: After the publication of this story, I learned that some of the statements quoted in this article about the purpose of Sweet Peach Probiotics were made in error. Please see the update … [17]

An inner Sydney coffee spot that really takes their caffeine seriously

People might tell you Melbourne is the country's caffeine capital, and those Victorians sure know how to whip up a mean latte. But if you're in the …

Apple Pay already fuels 1 percent of all Whole Foods transactions

How big of a success is Apple Pay? Just three weeks after its launch, Apple’s mobile payment system is already a player at Whole Foods, where it represents almost 1 percent of all transactions.<p>Whole Foods has already processed more than 150,000 Apple Pay transactions, according to CIO Jason …

Apple Pay