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How Teachers Leverage Mobile Technology

Ed Tech Insights<p>Despite widespread acknowledgment of the advantages of mobile computing, students in nearly one-third of classrooms do not have …

Mobile Technology

Teacher - Getting Started With EnglishCentral

Before his coma he spoke English; after waking up he's fluent in Spanish

<b>(CNN) —</b> Life's been full of uncertainties for Reuben Nsemoh lately.<p>Ever since he suffered a concussion in a soccer game, the suburban Atlanta teen's worried about why it's so hard for him to concentrate. He's fretted over whether he'll ever get to play his favorite sport.<p>But the biggest stumper of …

Language Learning

Textbooks for teaching with EnglishCentral

We offer teachers so many options for adopting a blended approach and using EnglishCentral’s platform with printables and support their in-class …


Independent study more useful than contact hours, study suggests

Undergraduates frequently complain that they don’t have enough contact hours. But a major study in the UK suggests that students develop skills …


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How expats cope with losing their identity

After years away on a foreign posting, coming ‘home’ can be overwhelming and isolating. Here’s how many people cope with fitting back in.<p>Last week, we identified an important, but often overlooked problem of being a long-term expat: how a foreign posting can affect your sense of identity, belonging …


Computers have altered children's ability to imagine

Art of Technology Schools competition shows dramatic changes in kids' creative thinking<p>Posted by Stephanie Broad | October 29, 2016 | …

Internet Safety

12 Different Ways to Guarantee Blended Learning Engagement

Teachers and parents are always looking for the right scenarios to promote blended learning engagement. We see the potential in creating forums and …


Evaluating The Impact Of EnglishCentral: New Research

EnglishCentral is constantly being evaluated by professionals in the field. One recent study is by Shane Dixon of Arizona State University</i> …


Common Mistakes

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Marbles in a Jar

Rate This Recipe<p>Rating: 5.0/<b>5</b> (4 votes cast)<p>This is an idea for improving the co-operative spirit in the classroom (or as some may refer to it, …


Banning smartphones from classrooms could damage education, warn researchers

Banning smartphones from classrooms may do more harm than good, a new study suggests.<p>Last year, the Department of Education's discipline tsar Tom Bennett began a wide-ranging inquiry to see how schools could improve behaviour, which included looking at whether students should be stopped from …


Should Pedagogy Always Drive Technology?

By Matt RenwickAn elementary school principal argues for the importance of letting technology shape education.

Primary Education

English For Call Centers

Our Director of Education visiting an English for Call Centers location.EnglishCentral is the online leader in helping students of English speak …



Like us to receive a FREE video lesson every day<p>Today's FREE video lesson - Like us to receive a FREE video lesson every day

Educators say acquiring language skills key to becoming global citizens

As area school officials prepare students to become global citizens, acquiring foreign language skills remains a critical though challenging endeavor …


Age-based curriculum in United States leaves millions of students unchallenged

Millions of students across the United States are not challenged enough by an American educational system that overemphasizes age-based curriculum, …


‘Our Technology Is Our Ideology’: George Siemens on the Future of Digital Learning

Postsecondary Learning<p>‘Our Technology Is Our Ideology’: George Siemens on the Future of Digital Learning<p>By Marguerite McNeal     Aug 11, 2016<p>George …


As Google Steals Its Education Thunder, What Can Microsoft Do?

In schools across America, the operating system inside its computers is once again changing. Whereas Microsoft played the role of disruptor the first time around, in this chapter, Google is disrupting Microsoft and threatening to drive it out of most U.S. K–12 schools.<p>What’s so striking about this …


Study Finds Scarce Use of Technology for Learning in U.S. Classrooms

← Note from a SmartLab First Grader<p>Georgia's WTVM Reports on Phenix City SmartLabs →<p>A new study released by AdvancEd found that, despite the rapid …

The man who launched iPlayer wants to revolutionise school video

Who says learning has to be dull and boring? Knowledgemotion is here to answer one of the biggest problems with education<p>British startup …


Learning Language: What’s most important?

Think about this question. <b> What do you think is the answer?</b>Watch the video below. You’ll be surprised by the answer!When students learn language, too …

Machine Learning

The Importance Of Pronunciation For Language Learners

Pronunciation is very much a “must” skill for any English language learner. There are many important reasons all students need to focus on correct …

Language Learning

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6 Common Misconceptions About Blended Learning

By: Dr. Tammy Stephens. When implementing blended learning, stakeholders may have preconceived notions about this model of learning. Here are answers …


Inside the Online School That Could Radically Change How Kids Learn Everywhere

Emily Duggan, 16, spends most afternoons at a dance studio tucked behind a shopping plaza near her home in Exeter, New Hampshire. Blond and doe-eyed, …