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By Engadget | Bookending the week with a look at our top stories from the past 7 days.

Anki Overdrive blends robotic racing with video game hooks

Back in February, Anki gave us a sneak peek at Anki Overdrive, the second generation version of its robotic race cars. It's introducing new toy vehicles, new gameplay mechanics, a new app and new modular race tracks that let players design their own custom race circuits. Today, Anki has announced …


The iPhone 6 Plus won't fit Fallout 4's Pip-Boy (and I'm sad)

Thanks a lot, Bethesda. After the outfit's first E3 media briefing, I pre-ordered the Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4 because of course I want to put a real-life version of the game's stat-tracker and menu system on my forearm. All good, right? Well, I'm also in the market for a new phone and was …


Disney Infinity might make its way to Microsoft's HoloLens

It's only natural for an entertainment corporation as massive as The Walt Disney Company, with IP holdings that span the likes of Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm, to be exploring the potential of virtual reality. It's something John Vignocchi, VP of production at Disney Interactive, the division behind …

Walt Disney Company

Living with the Galaxy S6 Edge: Is that curve worth the cost?

Samsung launched two Galaxy S6 models this spring, but let's face it: The spotlight was really on the curvy, attention-grabbing S6 Edge. I know I was dead-set on trying that one-of-a-kind smartphone as soon as I could. However, I couldn't help but wonder if it was really, truly worth the $100 …


Acer rolls out a curved, super-wide display with AMD's gaming tech

You can get desktop PC displays that are curved, super-wide and gaming-friendly, but all three at once? That's tricky. Thankfully, Acer thinks it has an answer. The company has just launched the 34-inch XR341CK in the US, giving you a curvy, 21:9 aspect ratio LCD with AMD's anti-tearing FreeSync …


A closer look at Apple Music

Apple Music is here. Finally. Now that the folks in Cupertino have steered Music to a successful launch, it now has to prove to the world they've actually something worth paying for — after all, there are like 80 other streaming music services (maybe not, but it feels like it) fighting for the …

Fall Out Boy

Dear Veronica: Real-Life Trek Tech?

Summer is in full swing now, which means that parents are trying desperately to figure out what to do with their errant teenagers. How about teaching them to code? There are lots of options out there, and I cover some of my favorites in this week's episode.

Plus, we get to hear about what …

Phil Plait

Toyota bets on hydrogen with the FCV Mirai

Its name means "future" in Japanese. The FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) Mirai is Toyota's $57,500 bet (not counting clean fuel incentives) on a future where hydrogen vehicles roll into fueling stations just as easily as their gasoline-powered counterparts. It wants another Prius moment, but the desire to …


The best of Public Access Vol. 3: the Atari ST, virtues of HD Audio and more

You can learn a lot from someone's personal gadget arsenal, whether at home or on the road. This past week on Public Access gave us a glimpse of your technological inclinations and taught us quite a bit. Miné Salkin's at-home gear is all about enabling multimedia storytelling and journalism, and …


AMC's 'Humans' is an android story that's really about us

Early on in AMC's newest sci-fi show, Humans, a teenager wonders aloud if there's any point in going to college and spending years training to be a neurosurgeon. After all, why invest all that time and work when an advanced android, which are commonplace in the show's world, can be programmed with …

Science Fiction

Researchers have broken the capacity limits of fiber optic networks

You can allay those fears that the fiber optic network of that delivers your internet is going to overload. At UC San Diego's Qualcomm Institute, engineers not only broke the supposed limits of fiber optic data transmission — they utterly smashed it, increasing the power of optical signals almost …


How a file format brought an industry to its knees

MP3. It's the format that revolutionized the way music's been consumed since the late '90s. When Karlheinz Brandenburg, a German acoustics engineer, discovered that an audio file could be compressed down to one-twelfth of its original size without distortion, he created the file-shrinking …

Entertainment Industry

'Sailor Moon' in a post-apocalyptic pigeon-dating simulator

Hatoful Boyfriend is a pigeon-dating simulator. You read that correctly and, yes, it means exactly what it sounds like. However, Hatoful Boyfriend is also much more than a pigeon-dating simulator: It's a dark tale of science experiments gone awry and a formerly human world now run by birds. In Hatoful

Sailor Moon

Going 'off the grid' with BioLite's BaseCamp stove

Tent? Check. Sleeping bag? Check. Spare battery packs to stave off the fear of being disconnected from the grid? Double check. Earlier this month, I loaded up the aforementioned gear for a quick weekend camping trip. It was honestly more glamp than camp, since we drove right up to our spot in …


Red Bullshit: How 'Destiny' lost support of its biggest fans

Last week, Destiny developer Bungie was riding high following the reveal of the game's biggest expansion to date, The Taken King. Gamers were excited to learn about the new subclasses, missions, weapons, armor and, most importantly, a new raid focused on Crota's vengeful dad, Oryx. But as E3 2015 …

Activision Blizzard

'The Last Guardian' is a stripped-down sort of beautiful

The Last Guardian needs to be perfect. Fans of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus have been waiting for this, the third game from director Fumito Ueda, since it was announced in 2009. As issues with its production went public and development appeared to slow to a crawl, The Last Guardian entered the …


Gmail's most useful experimental feature, 'Undo Send,' gets official

For anyone who's ever sent an angry/pathetic/embarrassing email that they've instantly regretted, Gmail's experimental "Undo Send" feature has been a lifesaver. Now, it's becoming an official part of Gmail on the web. The feature lets you instantly retract an email shortly after you've hit the send …


Sony's wafer-thin, Android-powered 4K TVs will start at $2,499

Spring has come and gone without any sign of Sony's promised X900C and X910C TVs, but those super-thin 4K sets are finally on their way... well, almost. The slimmest of the bunch, the 0.19-inch thick X900C series, is now slated to arrive in July at hefty prices of $2,499 for a 55-inch model, and …


Cockroach-inspired robot can squeeze through tight spaces

Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed a robotic cockroach that can crawl through the tightest of gaps. The team began by studying actual cockroaches, observing how they moved through the densely packed rainforest floor. While some obstacles are pushed past or climbed over, the cockroaches …


This is E3 2015 in motion

A picture paints a thousand words. A video does even more again. A gif... well, somewhere in the middle. So let's join the cosplayers, tour some of the elaborate booths and dodge around the people-in-suits-that-didn't-want-to-be there. E3 2015 is all about The Business, but it also has to be fun.

Gaming Conventions

Redefining the purity ring

"I know that we can't change people's behavior," says Irina Rymshina, "but in later life they may want children and they certainly don't want cancer. I think that we can help them." She's talking about Hoope, a wearable device that, it's hoped, will be able to put an STD clinic on your thumb. If …


Women, LGBT least safe on Facebook, despite 'real name' policy

Despite Facebook's insistence that its "real names" policy keeps its users safe, a new report reveals that Facebook is the least safe place for women online. And things are turning more explosive, as stories emerge that Facebook has been changing its users' names without their consent -- and the …


At E3, I saw the missing pieces of the VR puzzle

The excitement around virtual reality may have started when Sony unveiled Project Morpheus last year, but last week's E3 was its coming out party. The thing is, I've been around long enough to remember the hype and subsequent commercial flatline over gaming in stereoscopic 3D. So going into this …

Virtual Reality

T-Mobile's new early upgrade plan lets you swap phones even more

These days, T-Mobile's not just trying to trip up its bigger rivals -- it's sprucing up some of its own features, too. The carrier just announced an improved way to handle early upgrades, and it could work out great if you're like us and can't stand holding onto the same phone for too long. The …


Dear Veronica: Super Awkward Grandma on Facebook

I think we all know that family and social media don't always mix: just because you love them, doesn't mean you like to hear what they have to say about climate change, gun laws, or whether or not they prefer pie to cake (pie is clearly better, you filthy monsters).

For this week's episode, we cover …


Foursquare and Swarm: Breaking up is never easy

More than a year ago, Foursquare decided to split its app in two. The main app was now focused on location discovery, while Swarm was created to handle the social check-in side of things. The reason? To streamline the two seemingly disparate functions so that each feature could flourish without …


The road to Mars: NASA's next 30 years

What will NASA be up to by 2030? The space agency (and even President Barack Obama) hopes it will be close to launching a manned mission to the surface of Mars. But, before that's possible, there's a whole lot of puzzle pieces to fit together. In fact, some of those pieces haven't even been …


Supercade: inside the Louvre of arcade museums

Most museums don't stimulate your senses with an onslaught of sounds and blinking lights. They definitely do not accept quarters as payment to fully enjoy the artwork. Despite this, the Supercade is a museum that takes great pains to restore one of the most important moments in video game history: …


Younger generations don't fear the robot revolution

With every new bot on the block, we're inching closer to sharing our homes with machines. DARPA's recent Robotics Challenge wasn't about finding the best personal robot companion, but hinted at a future where they will run free (albeit very slowly) and rush to save lives when disaster strikes. But …