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By Engadget | Bookending the week with a look at our top stories from the past 7 days.

Here come the K-Cup drunks

My desire for a mechanized mixologist is as strong as an overproof rum. Much to my chagrin, and despite a long history of inventors toiling to perfect the drink-mixing machine, the practice is still largely the domain of human beings. That said, two Kickstarter projects are offering a new, more …


The business of eSports in numbers

It takes about 50 years for a "game" to become a "sport," according to Andrew Paradise's calculations. He's an entrepreneur who recently joined the wave of investors getting in on the eSports game: His app, Skillz, allows mobile-gaming fans to win real money while playing some of their favorite …

League of Legends

Nest Cam review: a slightly better Dropcam

Keeping an eye on your family, pets, neighbors and maybe a thief or two is the pitch for the Nest Cam. The evolution of the Dropcam Pro WiFi camera isn't much more than a modest hardware upgrade with the Nest name now attached. And while the $199 device shoots higher-quality images and features a …


Luxury smartwatch maker Olio adds 24k gold to its repertoire

Back in March, Olio introduced a new kind of smartwatch to the world: the Model One. Olio aimed to set itself apart from other smartwatches by going premium; really premium. We're talking surgical-grade stainless steel, precision forged housing, leather sourced from Italian tanneries and basically …


Living with Cortana, Windows 10's thoughtful, flaky assistant

"Hey Cortana, give me a printout of Oyster smiling."

It's a joke, couched in a bit of memetic stoner humor, but I couldn't help myself. After all, Cortana -- the digital assistant baked into Windows 10 -- feels like a potent mashup of Google Now's worldliness and Siri's charm. Scheduling reminders? …

Microsoft Windows

'Henry' is Oculus' first, emotional step to making AI characters

If you've ever spent time in the company of young children watching colorful and cartoony TV shows geared to their innocence -- say something on Sprout or Nick Jr. -- then you'll know what it is to live in the world of Henry. The computer-animated virtual reality short about a lonely hedgehog is …

Virtual Reality

Windows 10 review: the best of Windows 7 and 8

The best thing about Windows 10 is that it's simply Windows, through and through. It's as if Microsoft realized that devaluing the desktop in Windows 8 was akin to sacrilege, and Windows 10 is its penance. At its core, it's a union of the best qualities of Windows 7 and Windows 8 -- the desktop …

Microsoft Windows

This year's Moto G feels like another cheap champion

It's a little hard not to look at the Moto G as one of the less interesting devices we saw today -- after all, it got unveiled in India while plenty of us were sleeping and it was quickly overshadowed by the unlocked beauty of the Moto X Style. Motorola clearly doesn't see it the same way. The Moto …


The Moto X Style Pure Edition hands-on

So if you've ever wished you could get a Nexus 6, but with all the Moto Maker customizations, you're in luck, cause that's pretty much what the Moto X Style Pure Edition is. It's got the same basic shape and design as the Moto X you love, just super-sized to 5.7 inches. At its thickest, the Moto X …


tl;dr: Engadget is launching mini review videos!

Never accuse us Engadget editors of not knowing who reads our site. That's the whole point: We know you guys, and we know that you don't always read through to to the end (and that some of you, unfortunately, don't read at all). So for all of you -- the folks who like to write "tl;dr" in the …


OnePlus 2 is a $329+ metallic upgrade with a beefed-up camera

Almost exactly 15 months ago, the OnePlus One made its debut as a $299 flagship smartphone to wow the geeks; and it's even been lowered to $249 as of last month. That, of course, is to make way for the company's next act, the OnePlus 2 (we were asked to stick with "2" instead of "Two"). This update …


PotBotics: better cannabis recommendations through science

Medical cannabis, recreational cannabis; it's getting hard to tell the two apart -- even in states where only the former is allowed. Just look at your local dispensary. If it's anything like my local weed shop, your cannabis choices are governed more by the brand name and relative THC content than …


'Pixels' is somehow even worse than I thought it could be

When the first trailer for Pixels hit I was worried that the movie was going to be a "steaming pile of cinematic garbage." Now that I've actually seen the Adam Sandler and Kevin James vehicle, I can say that was still far too generous a prediction; it's actually much, much worse. Pixels' real …

Adam Sandler

ASUS Chromebook Flip review: small, solidly built, well-priced

I'm sick of reviewing Chromebooks. What was once the source of fierce debates about the future of computing is now a commodity: Most models have the same specs, the same internals and more or less perform the same. There are a lot of them, and most aren't particularly good or particularly bad. …


Despite recent challenges, Makerbot opens new factory in NYC

The past few months haven't been easy for Makerbot. But it doesn't seem like the restructuring and sizable layoffs are affecting the company's progress. Today it announced the opening of a new, 170,000-square-foot manufacturing center in New York City. For Makerbot, it means being able to double …

New York City

A very surreal check-in at Japan's robot hotel

Welcome to Henn-na Hotel. Here's what happens when you try to check into a hotel that's (mostly) run by robots.


Dear Veronica: Is tech rejection our future?

This week, we kick things off with the poll results from last week's episode. You guys had some strong feelings about kids and cursing!

Next, my friend and Sword & Laser co-host Tom Merritt (of Daily Tech News Show) weighs in on a question about the anti-technology generation. Will our future spawn …

The Future

The business of eSports in numbers

It takes about 50 years for a "game" to become a "sport," according to Andrew Paradise's calculations. He's an entrepreneur who recently joined the wave of investors getting in on the eSports game: His app, Skillz, allows mobile-gaming fans to win real money while playing some of their favorite …

League of Legends

Two Wii U devs on why 'indie' doesn't have to be a curse word

Developers Dave Proctor and Alex Rushdy of 13AM Games are in the middle of an impassioned conversation about the Wii U and independent development.

"I think the industry is getting into a habit of unsustainably large development, where it's like, 'Ugh, of course the Wii U can't run Assassin's Creed

Nintendo Wii

Moto X Play hands-on: a little G, a little X

It's fair to say that the Moto X Play is the phone that no one expected from today's big event. Think of it as something between a Moto G and a Moto X. It's got the specs of a mid-ranger like the original Moto X, but has the pop-off covers and more practical design of the Moto G line. It's actually …


What it's like to use Samsung's Tizen-based 4K TV (in a non-4K world)

It's not easy getting a massive 65-inch TV inside a Brooklyn apartment. But, oh, is it worth the trouble. In this case, I'm talking about the Samsung JU6500, a 4K (3,840 x 2,160) smart TV powered by the company's newly minted, homegrown Tizen OS. Unless you were dead-set on Android TV, the set …


Immigrating to the US was hard, but tech will make it easier

When I arrived in the US just after New Year's Day in 1999, I didn't think I would stay. I came here for school and fully expected to return to Malaysia after I was done. Except I didn't. I met my future husband, found new friends, stumbled onto an exciting career and I knew, deep in my heart, that …


Garmin's Vivoactive fitness tracker isn't for everyone -- and that's okay

There may never be a wearable equivalent of the iPhone -- a must-have gadget that sparks a fundamental change in how we live. Instead, the future of wearables is all about niche products that may be right for some, but won't necessarily be everyone's cup of tea. That's my main takeaway after …


Dell's latest tablet is designed for war zones

If your typical day involves saving someone's life or trekking around a glacier, a regular tablet may be a bit... dainty. That's why Dell has just buttressed its Rugged series with a brand new model, the Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet. The company is pitching it as an extreme tablet, saying it's …


Riding the $3,000 pickup truck of electric scooters

Scooters are known for having more storage space than the average motorcycle. Because the engine is actually connected to the rear wheel, that leaves a lot of room under the seat for stuff. It's convenient, but it still limits the utility of the bike when you want to buy more than some milk and …

Electric Bikes

The human cost of global spyware sales

This year a number of major news stories released information on world governments buying, selling and using surveillance technologies on their citizens. These stories, reports -- and in some cases, hacktivist breaches and data dumps -- have served to verify the acquisition and use of spyware on …


'Mortal Kombat' and 'NBA Jam' documentary needs your help

In the 1990s, one name ruled the arcade scene: Midway Games. From Mortal Kombat to NBA Jam, Revolution X, NARC and San Francisco Rush, you knew what you were going to get when you popped a few quarters into a cabinet: fast, loud, aggressive games. But what's the story behind those titles? How did the …

Mortal Kombat

This is Minecon: the biggest 'Minecraft' fan convention

Inside the main convention hall, children scurry left and right with foam diamond swords raised high above their heads. Eyes wide and mouths agape, some of them rush toward a blocky reimagining of Big Ben, where Minecraft's formidable Ender Dragon can be found wrapped around the clock face. Below, …


Nintendo was right about the Wii U. We were wrong.

With the announcement of the Wii U, everyone thought Nintendo was wrong. Hell, we thought Nintendo was out of touch, foolish and doomed for producing a gaming-focused, two-screen console that wouldn't be able to compete technologically with whatever Sony and Microsoft offered in the new generation. …