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Patagonia's Big Business of #Resist

On February 16 of this year, the outdoor industry transformed. This wasn’t due to a first ascent, a remarkable new piece of gear, or some surprise merger of iconic companies. Rather, what happened that morning was the most mundane of modern American rituals: a conference call. Around 15 minutes …

Staten Island

Introducing Relic Scout

You Can’t

Having three daughters has been particularly challenging lately, as the girls move into the pre-teen years. (Spoiler: I know it will get harder.)Our …

Gloria Steinem

Catwoman by Jae Lee https://t.co/CW8cynrX0R

Robots and AI are inevitable (for business) · Jason Dettbarn

Wired featured an article today on the impact of robotics and AI on our economy. The article paints a pretty dismal picture of where our economy is …

246- Usonia 1 - 99% Invisible

Frank Lloyd Wright was a bombastic character that ultimately changed the field of architecture, and not just through his big, famous buildings. …

The changing American diet

From Flowing Data, an animated infographic that shows how the American diet has changed since 1970. We eat less beef, potatoes,

Watch Sleater-Kinney's Career-Spanning 'Austin City Limits' Set

Relive beloved punk band's triumphant reunion tour with seven-song gig<p>Sleater-Kinney recently wrapped up the North American leg of their reunion …

Austin City Limits



Vintage Photos of Everyday Life in 1950s New York Discovered in Attic 50 Years Later

These vintage photographs capture a timeless energy and diversity that is characteristic of the sleepless streets of New York City. The recently discovered antique portraits showcase the city in the midst of the 1950’s, as seen through the Rolleiflex lens of the undiscovered photographer Frank …

Street Photography

2015 Best Of on Apple Music

Long-Lost Color Photos from 1939 Reveal Life in England on the Brink of WWII

After the death of his grandmother in February of this year, Barney Britton found an unexpected treasure while cleaning out her attic: a wooden box filled with dozens of 35mm slides documenting his grandparents' honeymoon trip in 1939. Although Britton's mother remembered seeing the photos as a …

European History

This Google Employee Has A Brilliant Time Management Strategy

Create and protect your Make Time, people.<p>I recently wrote an email to our team that posed a simple challenge in time management. The response I got was unexpected, and I was urged to share it with more people—so here we are. Some of my fellow Googlers went so far as to make a video for those of us …

Time Management

Sylvan Esso - Coffee (Live on KEXP)

A New, Minimalist Economy

The first time I heard the question, I was sitting in the living room at my mother-in-law’s house. We had tuned into MSNBC for Tammy Strobel’s …


What Is A Commonplace Book & Why You Need One

I<p>often tell people they should always carry a notebook on them to jot down notes and ideas whenever they strike. Even though I’d like to take credit …

Run The Jewels team up with TV On The Radio, bring the heat to The Late Show

So far, the musical guests on <i>The Late Show With Stephen Colbert</i> have been a little hit or miss, with the newly minted late-night bridesmaid hosting …

Caroline Rose: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Productivity expert David Allen on getting things done in a digital world

David Allen can sound something like a guru. The author of the productivity bible <i>Getting Things Done</i> likes to talk about "mismanaged inputs," the things that "pull on your psyche" and the nirvana people experience when they fully empty their email inbox.<p>"Have you ever tasted what it was like to …


José González: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Jason's 2015 Campaign

Every day, 1,400 kids under the age of 5 die from water-related illnesses. Let's help change that!<p>My birthday is around the corner. I don't usually …

Noisey - VICE Video: Documentaries, Films, News Videos


An Oral History of Sick Of It All, Part I: Early Days, New Beginnings, and Swastikas

"It was kind of a mixed-up time as far as the politics goes."<p><i>Photo courtesy of Sick Of It All</i><p>In the here-today, gone-tomorrow world of hardcore punk, Sick Of It All stand alone. They are in their third decade of touring and recording, and have released 10 solid full-length records with barely a …

An Oral History of Sick Of It All, Part II: NYHC Comes Alive, Metal Crossover, and the In-Effect Effect

"Everybody went crazy, but everybody was so cool. There wasn’t any fighting, it was the coolest shit ever and I was sold on hardcore."<p><i>Photo courtesy of Sick Of It All</i><p><i>In the here-today, gone-tomorrow world of hardcore punk, Sick Of It All stand alone. They are in their third decade of touring and</i> …

Beastie Boys

CanTheySeeMyDick.com is a surprisingly informative website about the NSA

Yes, John Oliver sat down with Edward Snowden in Russia to talk about dick pics (among other topics), but even if that moment seemed farcical, it's actually very educational in that it guides people through the functions of various surveillance programs within the (presumably) relatable context of …

National Security Agency (NSA)

The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things

You don’t have infinite money. Spend it on stuff that research says makes you happy.<p>Most people are in the pursuit of happiness. There are economists who think happiness is the best indicator of the health of a society. We know that money can make you happier, though after your basic needs are met, …

How comic book movies kill the deep, mythic history of comic book characters

The first comic book I fell in love with started an affair that has never faltered: <i>The Avengers #57</i>. The issue is a continuation of a two-part story. …