Going Global - 2015

By Emmanuelle Pratt | A selection of quality posts from the students in the 4/5 class at Yahl Primary School.

Duncan’s Maths Curse Problem – Global Explorers

Brodie” Could this be the last 100 Word Challenge? – Global Explorers

Swish swish! As the paddles wadded through the water each stroke made them closer to the enemy territory. “Steady now row backwards” ppppoooouusshhh… …

Swish Swish

Beavers (Bebras) Computational Thinking Challenge – Global Explorers

Are you persistent?<p>Do you strive for perfection in your tasks?<p>Will you work away consistently until you achieve your goal?<p>If your answer was a …


The Shared Maths Curse – Global Explorers

This week, we read <b>The Maths Curse</b> by Jon Cieszka. Here is a video of the book if you haven’t read it:<p>We partnered with our buddy class for this cool …


Megan’s upgraded spelling quiz – Global Explorers

This is my new scratch me made a second one because some of them did not work or had glitches. To make are quizzess even better we got feedback on …


Mount Gambier Library Rhino Display – Global Explorers

African Inspired Artwork In The Library Foyer.<p>Our Infographics.<p>More Artwork!<p>I am very proud of the work the children produced:<p>beautiful …


Robogals Bring Engineering Fun To 4/5s – Global Explorers

Our first week back in Term 3 was full-on! The kids were introduced to a very exciting literacy project – A Tale Unfolds, from the U.K – which will …


Global Read Aloud 2015 – Fish In A Tree – Global Explorers

Our Global Read Aloud book for 2015 is <i>Fish In A Tree</i>, by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. Before we started reading, we had a look at the following word cloud, …


100 facts for 100 years of ANZAC – Global Explorers

<b>Did you know that…</b><p>… during the war, thousands of Australian children gave up their free time to knit socks for the soldiers at the front?<p>… Grandpa …

Royal Family

Lily O’s Monster Reflection – Global Explorers

I liked the monster project because I got to connect with other people from a different place through Skype. I loved doing the monster project …


Kelly’s Monster Reflection – Global Explorers

I liked the monsters project because we had buddies and we draw pictures and we got to Skype Queensland and show our buddy’s our pictures. And the …


Bradyn’s Homophones Comic – Global Explorers


Chunking for Addition by Abbey | Abbey's adventurous blog

This is Ella’s and my chucking to addition presentation.<p>It took a long time to get it right. We had to start again a few times.

Emily’s thinglink image | Emily's awesome blog

I have been learning about Thinglink. this is my Thinglink image. Thinglink is when we can get a Thinglink image that is interactive.


Zac’s summary of THE DEMON DENTIST – zac's donuts

The demon dentist is a book about a boy called Alfie that has not gone to the dentist since he was 3 years old.<p>the main characters are Alfie’s dad, …


My maths curse – leave your solution in a comment!

Green Town by Mollie – Mollies awesome fairy blog

blop blop blop went the bubbles in the sea as I <b>swam</b> down the <b>pipe</b>. Then I came to a different world and I herd a <b>green horse</b>, “neigh! neigh!” went the …


Oriana’s Spelling Quiz on Scratch – Oriana rose's mythical blog

I have fixed my mistakes from my comments. The feedback that my friends gave me, helped me to fix my mistakes in my scratch game.The feedback told me …


Will’s Carta Marina – Here Come The Monsters!


Nikita's blog » Blog Archive » My Thinglink by Nikita

child convict voki by natalie – Natalie's Blog

Lily B’s very own Flappy Bird game! – lily Beths mythical blog!

Lilly’s tingle story | Lilly's blog

Once upon a time there was a girl called Emily. “My tongue tingles!” shouted Emily and a boy called Alex. “My tongue tingles too!” shouted Alex and …


my comic – Ethan's Fantastic Blog

This term i have been learning about homophones and I have made a comic about homophones. We learnt that homophones are similar words that sound the …


My maths curse – leave your solution in a comment! | Ella's Blog

Brianna’s Monster Project Summary

November 9, 2015<p>I liked the monster project because I got to connect to others through a skype lesson. i loved the monster project because i got to …

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