Going Global - 2014

By Emmanuelle Pratt | A selection of quality posts from the 5/6/7 students of Mil Lel Primary School in 2014

2014 Students’ Final Reflections On Blogging – Global Explorers


Eliza: Jordan On A Journey Poetry Voki – Global Explorers


Kids Teaching Kids – Global Explorers

<b>By Holly</b><p>Yesterday some children from our local High School came to visit our school. These children have English as their second language, their …


Ella: He Thinks He’s Sooooo Great!…100WC week 1 – Global Explorers

“Finally we can make a start on the investigation.” The cop stated, (not very enthusiastically!)<p>“First we must visit the crime scene, then we may …


Halloween Monsters Project – Global Explorers

Our Halloween Monsters Project is finally completed! We had lots of fun creating monsters, writing descriptions about them, and exchanging …


Piper: Endangered Animals – An Issue I Care About! – Global Explorers

Hello this post is about endangered animals.This is to make people more aware of the animals around them so they can keep them safe. Here is a short …

Endangered Species

Wil’s Poetry Voki – Global Explorers


Estelle: My Favourite Part Of Our School – Global Explorers

It is a picture of the big tree with my friend Levina jumping off. The tree is very old, I think it was planted when the school was founded in 1867.

Jacob: Did You Know That Horses Shiver When You Tickle Them? – Global Explorers

Did you know that horses shiver when you tickle them under their shoulder? My name is Jacob. On that day, I was at the race track. We call the race …


Jennieva: My Competition Writing Text – Global Explorers

I used to believe that friendship could last forever. I was wrong.<p>I sat there, on a branch of my oak tree, admiring the magnificent sunset that was …


Student Blogging Challenge 2014: Learning So Much From Others! – Global Explorers

We are all loving The Student Blogging Challenge, and we have all been learning many new blogging skills. A huge thank you to Miss Wyatt and Miss …


#inequality: Piper’s Post – Global Explorers

Through the Student Blogging Challenge, we are participating in Blog Action Day 2014 (BAD2014). The theme of BAD2014 is inequality.<p>We reflected about …


Harry R: My Incredibox! – Global Explorers

Skyping Lisle, Illinois – Global Explorers

On Thursday morning last week, two classes, somewhere in the world, pretended it was…<p>halloween!<p>Our class and Mrs Sutton’s class in Lisle, Illinois, …


Jye: A Man Called Jim Went Swimming 100WC – Global Explorers

There was a man called Jim he went <b>swimming.</b> And on his way he saw a <b>cat</b> on the side of the road. Jim <b>lifted</b> the cat off the side of the road: its back …


Global Read Aloud: a shared book across 15 time zones and 16,000 kilometres – Global Explorers

This week, we are starting (early) the Global Read Aloud for 2014. This incredible global reading project was created in 2010 by Pernille Ripp, an …


Holly: The Under Water Maze – Global Explorers

I couldn’t believe it. One second I am surfing with Jarrod, and the next I’m inside of a tube, going down…<p>Down…<p>Down…<p>I’m almost, but not quite …


Bri – 100WC Lord Of Nulth – Global Explorers

He was shocked to find a frail girl. He expected fear or even anger in her eyes but all he saw was pity. This girl was like nothing the Lord had ever …


Levina: My Favourite Place At School – Global Explorers

My favourite place at school is the big tree because its very old and has been at Mil Lel for a long time! It’s fun to climb, when you’re a year 7 at …

Ben: Amazing Chooky Dancers! – Global Explorers

Yesterday the 26th of August 2014, the 5/6/7 class travelled to the Sir Robert Helpmann theatre to enjoy the active and humorous chooky dancers! But …


Harry H: Happy Halloween! – Global Explorers

Jack: Orange, Soft, Crocodile, Pepper & Forgot 100WC! – Global Explorers

One day I went to a forbidden forrest. I saw fluffy <b>orange soft</b> rabbit his name was Dan. He was running away from a <b>crocodile</b>. The rabbit ran and hid …


Wade – Fluffy Rainbow Unicorn 100WC – Global Explorers

He was shocked to find, a fluffy rainbow unicorn he was a bit confused. “Put this thing in the cage” said Lord of Nulth. “But sir it’s” “it’s what?”, …


Published! – Global Explorers

Well, the lovely people at <b>The Poetry Object</b> thought that the 5/6/7s’ poem “Summer Storm” was so good, they wanted to publish it as a <i>Teaching Story</i> on …


Saige: Remember… – Global Explorers

By Saige<p>Remember those who fought for us<p>And our country.<p>Those who risked their lives for us to live in a free country.<p>Lots of soldiers died.<p>Some …


Zoe – My Favourite Place At School – Global Explorers

This is my favourite place at school because when it is in mid-spring it has really nice flowers!It is also a really good shade tree and is a good …


Hamish: Lord Of Nulth 100WC – Global Explorers

He was shocked to find a animatronic Zebra, red lit eyes flashing on and off. Its metal limbs jerking in a peculiar fashion. And strapped to it was a …


Harrison – what happened when I googled myself! – Global Explorers

<b>Mr Bogush is a teacher that has assigned kids to do activities. I am going to do 1 of the activities.</b><p><b>Activity 2: GOOGLE YOURSELF :). What you had to</b> …


Ben’s Review of the Djuki Mala Performance (a.k.a The Chooky Dancers) – Global Explorers

<b>Chooky Dancers</b><p>On the 26th of August 2014, the 5/6/7 class travelled to the Sir Robert Helpmann theatre to enjoy the active and humorous Chooky …

Hip-Hop Dance