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Mars breakthrough: Amazing picture that shows Red Planet could have once teemed with life

NASACrust-like rocks deep in the crater are evidence of<p>Data and images sent back by the NASA Mars Curiosity Rover - an all terrain space probe …

Earth Science

A colossal megastructure built by alien intelligence? Probably not, but it’s sure to be amazing

For the past few days, the media has been abuzz with one of the most peculiar astronomical observations for many years. As described in a recent …

Asteroid that could wipe out LONDON on course for hair-raising pass of Earth TODAY

51DEGREESNORTH•YouTubeThe asteroid is large enough to destroy a city<p>Most asteroid passes classed as "near-Earth" by Nasa fly by at millions of miles …


Oxygen on Exoplanets May Not Mean Alien Life

Although scientists have long considered oxygen a sign that life exists on an alien planet, new research suggests the element could be produced …


This photo shows all and in order, the planets in our solar system

MARS, the red planet. Here is my logo

MARS, the red planet. Here is my logo

First trailer and new images for Fast & Furious 7

Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for <b>Fast & Furious 7</b> (or <b>Furious 7</b>, as it is titled in the States), which sees James Wan (<b>The</b> …