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Simplify Outdated Corporate Processes

Unlike suburban housing developments or modern cities, organizations don’t grow with some sort of rational, master plan. They evolve naturally over time. In urban areas, this organic development leads to a chaotic mess of narrow, twisty, confusing streets and dead-ends instead of a broad, easy to …




贝太厨房<p>2013-7-27发布<p>主料<p>牛腩肉 300g<br>• 番茄 2个<p>辅料<p>杏鲍菇 2个<br>• 菜椒 1只<br>• 洋葱 1只<p>调料<p>香叶 2片<br>• 桂皮 1块<br>• 绍兴黄酒 30ml<br>• 番茄酱 30ml<br>• 白砂糖 10g<br>• 盐 3g<br>• 油 15ml<p>步骤<p>1. 牛肉洗净,切成厚1cm、肥瘦相间的长方形厚片。西红柿、杏鲍菇、绿菜椒分别洗净,切成滚刀块备用。洋葱剥去老皮,切成滚刀块备用。<p>2. 中火加热平底锅中的油至5成热,将牛肉片放入锅中煎至金黄取出备用。原锅翻炒香叶和桂皮至散发香气,放入洋葱爆香。<p>3. 中火加热砂锅,待砂锅有热度后放入炒过的洋葱、香叶、桂皮、牛肉,加入绍兴黄酒翻炒片刻,调入番茄酱和白砂糖翻炒均匀。<p>4. 注入1L水,加盖烧开后调成小火焖煮30分 …





1. 土豆削皮煮熟,碾碎后放入碗中,加入面粉、盐、发酵粉和油,做成面团后,加盖放置30分钟发酵。<p>2. 把面团分成3份,每1份用两张牛油纸夹住,放在圆形烤盘中,按照烤盘的形状做成圆形面饼,揭去上面的牛油纸。<p>3. 将酸奶油分别淋在3块面饼上。<p>4. 分别将每一张饼放在已预热的烤箱底部,用240度烤制10分钟。<p>5. 将土豆煎饼分成8份,卷起后用牙签固定。


主料<p>北豆腐 400g<p>辅料<p>青蒜 2棵<br>• 猪绞肉 50g<br>• 红辣椒 2枚<br>• 大葱 1段<br>• 老姜 10g<p>调料<p>料酒 15ml<br>• 酱油 15ml<br>• 白砂糖 5g<br>• 油 30ml<br>• 盐 适量


贝太厨房<p>2013-7-24发布<p>主料<p>白朗姆酒 45ml<p>辅料<p>青柠 1/4 个<br>• 柠檬 1/4 个<p>调料<p>苏打水 150ml<br>• 薄荷 1 枝<br>• 碎冰 1 杯<br>• 白砂糖 10g<p>步骤<p>1. 柠檬和青柠切角备用,薄荷洗净取下嫩尖,其余部分放入玻璃杯中。<p>2. 在玻璃杯中加入白砂糖,和薄荷一起捣碎,然后把青柠角和柠檬角分别挤出果汁滴入杯中,同时把青柠角和柠檬角也放入杯中。<p>3. 在杯中加入碎冰,倒入白朗姆酒,然后倒入苏打水,最后用薄荷的嫩尖作装饰即可。


1. 芥蓝洗净,择掉老叶,将根部老皮削掉备用。大葱取葱白切成细丝。红菜椒和老姜也切成细丝。将葱丝和红菜椒丝放入白开水中浸泡,使其卷曲。<p>2. 将生抽、白砂糖倒入锅中加入少许水(50ml),投入姜丝并煮开制成调味汁备用。<p>3. 大火烧开煮锅中的水,加入盐和1茶匙油,放入芥蓝大火煮至沸腾,捞出芥蓝沥干装盘。<p>4. 在芥蓝上淋上调味汁,摆上葱丝和红椒丝。将剩余部分的油用大火加热至冒烟,淋在葱丝上即可。







Do You Work Until You’ve Earned Enough, or Until You’re Just Too Tired to Work More?

In an experiment, people who were paid in chocolates for choosing to listen to unpleasant noises “overearned” by <b>6.48</b> chocolates, on average: They earned <b>10.74</b> but ate just <b>4.26</b> (they weren’t allowed to take any home), revealing a persistent tendency to mindlessly accumulate unneeded rewards, says a …

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Summer Street Style 2013

Everyone likes the cool girl with killer style she has a talent for putting together an ensemble that catches the eye and very often, a camera. Take a peek at our most covet-worthy looks and where to get the similar goods.<p>Everyone likes the cool girl with killer style — she has a talent for putting …


Leave It to Miley Cyrus to Rock the Sexiest New Nail Idea—Take a Look!

In case her video for "We Can't Stop" didn't drive this point home for you, Miley Cyrus is all about the sexiness now—part of that being bright red lips and red nails. And while she took a break from the red lippie at a party in Miami over the weekend, she rocked such a sexy new twist on red nails. …

Tour de France Live Blog 2013 Stage 5

Australia's Simon Gerrans of Orica-GreenEDGE has retained the yellow jersey after a long day in the saddle from Cagnes-sur-Mer to Marseille.<p>Britain's …

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31 Easy DIY Projects You Won't Believe Are No-Sew

In the world of crafting, you might feel somewhat constricted by not owning a sewing machine. Here are some creative ways to get around it.